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While having tea with Fluttershy, Rarity notices that there is somewhat of an ant problem in her friend's cottage.

Inquiries into why this is the case are more difficult than expected.

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A delightful subversion of expectations-- away from how I expected them to be subverted!

i like to keep em guessing

Is anyone else slightly curious as to how Discord's gonna hide Spike and Trixie's deaths from Twilight and Starlight?

I wonder how big an ant colony would be needed to reduce a body to bones. Also, "emotional support ants" gave me a giggle. I can almost imagine it making sense to Fluttershy. When it comes to Fluttershy, everything is about emotional support.

Hey, Discord, Applejack has pigs!

I second that notion. Don't get me wrong, this was absolutely an enjoyable read, but it's kinda hard to focus on its idiosyncrasies when there's a colossal cloud of Fridge Horror hanging over it.

just at a random guess and not from experience whatsoever, a size of two to three thousand individuals is typically good for disposing of a body via ant colony. of course, variations apply for size of body being disposed of.
Applejack also takes good care of her pigs, and feeds them a very selective diet. I think she'd notice if something... unapproved entered into their feeding.

Okay, but how many pounds of ants do they have?

Regidar, I need measurements here.

Ah... subversion. Fluttershy hiding away sugar that hasn't yet been properly tidied up in the cabinet? Oh why that's just the absolute worst! The end of all things sacred! A sign of the end times! Discord barging in with the dead bodies of Spike and Trixie tucked away in an obviously bloody bag, and then informing Rarity about the manner in which they were killed (hilariously mind you) like a deer simply waiting for the bright headlights of a car to run it over? Yeah, that's just a normal Tuesday where they're from.

All that aside. I loved this story, Regidar. 10/10, would accidentally commit a felony again.

Twist: "Sugar" is just Fluttershy's term to call her cocaine.

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