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I'm alaoel, but you can call me Aioli if you prefer. I'm pretty new to the mlp fandom, but I'm really enjoying my time here - especially getting to know everyone.
I mostly write (and enjoy reading) stories about angsty, emotional ponies - especially angsty, emotional ponies with apple cutie marks. I probably take it a little too seriously. If you like dense prose and introspection, you might like my stories.
Feedback on any of my work is appreciated - preferably, as brutal as it needs to be.

(characters, feelings, memories)


UPD8S! (will all come in three) (or some other both literally and thematically relevant subtitle) · 9:21pm April 1st

Hey! Hope you're all doing well! Things are good in alaoeland. There's been about 2.5 new fics uploaded here since the last upd8s, so we've got a bit to get through!

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It's a great story. Web fiction in general never gets the attention or praise that it deserves and fanfiction is even more of an uphill battle - you pretty much end up writing for yourself and the handful of likeminded people who happen to walk by. You've managed to really use the opportunities and limitations of the site in some laser focus to present genuine feeling and emotion - you've done it better than a lot of stories that I've read. Better than books I've seen on store shelves and above all that somehow managed to do it in a lot less words. I could try and gush more about the way you managed to structure it but I don't think I have the right vocabulary - it's just incredibly well put together.
I'll only promise to stay awesome if you do too!

I’m very flattered you consider Frag/Ment/Ed exemplary irrational fiction. Stay awesome!

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