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I like Twilight Sparkle

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Yes now let's get back inside

:facehoof:. Is there a reason the paragraphs are so weird? For the poem chapters, I get it. But this isn't a poem as far as I can see.

cold, the kind that
pulls out strands of your soul
stretches them out long
into the bitter air
like entrails left to dry
empty memories and shallow
emotions of him
where it starts and ends
she doesn't know

it's this kind of cold
frigid, unforgiving
where seconds is all you have
it places a perspective on life
when you're trying to dull the pain
where it sinks into your bones and
your soul and everything
all you have is to think
and remember
and walk

Hey. You just described Indiana weather the last few days. No seriously. It feels that cold out with the wind chill.

Really? It didn't read like one. More like a chapter from a normal story, and not a poem. Not that it's a bad thing of course.

that’s fine,
Fimfic isn’t the most optimized place for poetry and most people here aren’t really going to get it.

BTW I looked up the weather in Indiana and it really isn’t close to what I’m describing here, tbh. I’m used to winters of -40C where you feel it in your bones. The kind of cold that exposing your skin for 30 seconds makes it burn. -26C isn’t really quite there yet.

Wow. These are great. The titles are really beautiful too, they manage to add perfectly to the themes of the poem and also just be... really beautiful phrases.

Aww, I'm really flattered you think so. I wanted to emulate track names for a lot of emo songs, and I'm glad that came through.

we're terrible for each other, aren't we Starlight?

That hits hard. Its the realization that your relationship is toxic and unhealthy yet you can't let each other go.

Always appreciate you taking the time to comment!

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