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Shortly after becoming Twilight Sparkle's student and Trixie's friend, Starlight Glimmer is reunited with her mother, Aurora Glimmer. But, Twilight and Trixie must team up and find a way to help repair the bad blood between the both of them.

*Chapters Edited once again by SuperPinkBrony12.

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pretty good start though i would advise coming up with a more distinct name for her mother...Aurora is a good first name though

This look interesting : your story is going into my tracked stories right now

Great starting Chapter can't wait for the next one keep up the great work

Seems to fast paced. Twilight and Trixie really aren't accepting Starlight's reasons. If she doesn't want to see her mother, she just doesn't.

Seems a bit repetitive in some places, fast paced and lacking substance. The mother wants to hide her identity but the guards don't recognize her and nothing comes of it yet it is mentioned repeatedly, she knows where her daughter is yet doesn't go to her and insists the Princesses help. This is a good idea, just needs an editor.


Fun fact: Aurora was Starlight's planned name. Then it turned out the name was copyrighted by Disney, so the showrunners used Starlight instead. I think the writer might have named her mother that as a bit of a continuity gag about this whole situation. If that's the case, then well played.

7532332 I've already asked my chief editor, SuperPinkBrony12 to look at each chapter.

7532703 It is a continuity gag. If they were not going to include the name Aurora in the show's canon, then I would in a head canon.

Nice story I am hyped for more

Alright, so far so good. But I hope Starlight's exaggerating.

nothing against this story but i really hate the whole friendship lesson stuff since season 6 started. they're treating it like its litterally a lesson with notes and everything plus it makes twilight feel so wasted as a character. this is the same twilight who spent the first two seasons pretty much falling into various situations with her friends. now she's suddenly like the master of friendship and because wings she's taken seriously.

i just really want someone like bon bon or lyra to say "you don't know what you're talking about at all..." or someone say " just stop being evil!"

the way they treated discord's reformation was much better since they didn't treat it like a student teacher thing he just started talking to fluttershy and noticing the effects of his actions

Both ponies acted wrongly in the situation. Aurora declined Starlight's offer of friendship, and Starlight took the rejection the wrong way and became bitter.

Well Trixie it's time to perform the miracle of miracles!

Now I'm sure Starlight's father was Hoofdini. That'd explain a lot, but still I await for your take on it. I can't wait for the show to begin!:rainbowdetermined2:

7544574 I don't think that would be possible. Hoofdini lived a long time ago when Trixie and Starlight were both fillies, so I highly doubt that he would be Starlight's father.

7544994 Well, we don't know Hoofdini's exact age, but he did look to be in his mid 40's, maybe pushing 50 in that flashback.

7544994 Well it was just guess. Still though I can't wait to hear more about the father, Aurora, and Stars past.:raritywink: I'm loving this. My only gripe is the wait between chapters. :rainbowlaugh:

I don't like how Hoofdini's ghost (if it is his ghost) treated Starlight. He seems to be placing all the blame on her and treating her like a foal. He's ignoring the fact that Aurora made mistakes too.

Well now this is a interesting plot twist, great work!

7551373 Special credit also goes to SuperPinkBrony12. It was mainly his idea for the plot twist.

Holy BOLD batman!

Starlight got too edgy to fast.

Not sure I approve of you putting the cider thing back in when I editied it out, I don't think we need to further edge Starlight into woobie territroy with a drunken father.

7562266 Well, first of all, I wanted to put the chapter over 1,000 words since that is a standard I use. Secondly, in the next chapter, Starlight is going to learn a lot of the friction that was between her father and mother that does involve alcohol.

Furthermore, the issue with was drawn from my personal life as my father had battled with alcoholism since he was a teenager, thus, causing tension between he and my mother. Last summer, he went to Pennsylvania for a 30 day rehab and ever since then, he has been sober.

What I wanted to show with Starlight's father was what could have happened had my father stayed on the path he was on, which would result in him doing something stupid because of his intoxication.

I hope you understand why I did put this back in because it is very important to me.

7562318 Well then, I think this would warrant bumping the rating up to Teen. And it would've probably been best to put that information in the spoiler tag like this.

7562334 I think a Drama tag might also be warranted at this point, and depending on what happens next chapter a Dark tag.

Trixie is awfully supportive and Twilight is being very sensitive despite Starlight's clear disgust with her own mother. I like how this is going.:raritywink:

Maybe Hoofdini's not the only ghost lingering around with a personal connection to Starlight?

I just hope we're not going to use the truth about Starlight's father as an excuse to make Starlight and her mother magically reconcile. I'm fine if they agree to let go of the past, but after everything they've been through I don't think they can just go back to how they were overnight. It would take months, maybe even years of therapy and family counciling to do that. :eeyup:

7598690 Well, I don't think it's been directly confirmed in show. And the comics are secondary canon, meaning they can lose out to the show's canon if the writers have a different idea in mind. Plus, who's to say that pony isn't Trixie's foster mother or just a pony from the orphange she viewed as a motherly figure? Just for the sake of arguement.

Was Teddy a reference to "My Little Pony Tales"?

Hmm. I have mixed feelings here. I understand both Star and her mother's point of views. Still both were stubborn, or in Starlight's case, being stubborn beyond reason. :raritydespair: I'M TORN!!

So, if this isn't complete what is there left to do?

7607265 I am thinking of doing a follow up over the next couple of months. This is the first in a short series of stories concerning Starlight and Aurora.

Read this today. It was pretty great.

Pretty great.


Well Starlight Glimmer has to remember to not just tKe Her meds when she is feeling bad, but all the time.

Wait, so Sweetheart helped Celestia through her depression? The depression from the first year of Luna's banishment? The banishment that took place a thousand years prior to this story's time? How is she still alive?

I mean, there are plenty of issues/questions I have, but that's the biggest one.

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