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Ever since the Equestria Games, Spike had often considered Princess Cadence as an aunt figure. Now, following Tirek's rampage, he decides to pluck up his courage to confess what he feels to her.

*special thanks to yodajax10 for his contributions and for thefriendlyelephant of deviantart.com for the cover photo.

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He thinks of Cadence as his aunt, but for Spike what he think to him at Princesses Luna and Celestia?

Comment posted by Jarkes deleted Sep 26th, 2014

4480930 Canon? Celly equal mom and Woona equal aunt. Fannon? Twily equal mom and Caddy equal aunt.

Comment posted by Jarkes deleted Sep 26th, 2014

Since you've altered Tirek's fate in the new version of Equestria Healing Process, you might want to consider slightly editing this since it mentions his original fate in the beginning (and I'm starting to think that you probably should have stuck with the original "banished into the sun" thing).

5119799 In the next chapter, I'm going to have the princesses send Tirek's head be sent to the sun as a final punishment of sorts along with the rest of his body being fed to Cerberus. *I'm combing the original versions with the new version as I want this to be a win-win situation for both of us, Jarkes.

Since I believe Twilight and Spike are more siblings than mother and son, that would make Cadence and Spike in-laws rather than aunt and nephew.

Awesome Story Dude! :rainbowkiss: This story is so awesome that I'm now gonna portray Spike as Cadence's Loving Nephew in any MLP-Related Story that I create from now on, at least for the ones that aren't Equestria Girls-Related because Spike is a Dog and Cadence is a Human or ones that may have to do with Spike x Cadence because that's my choice and no one can change that. :yay: I will be adding this to the Favorites list right now.

Well, that's your opinion.

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