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Thanks to a head cold, Coloratura cancels her upcoming appearance at the Friendship Festival in Canterlot. However, the decision saved her from being put at the mercy of the Storm King, but unfortunately, fellow music artist Songbird Serenade was not so fortunate. Now, Coloratura attempts to console her friend as she deals with the trauma surrounding the Storm King's invasion.

Cover art belongs to jhayarr23 of deviantart.com

Written at Canterlot KC 2017 in Kansas City, MO

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The "D'aawws" are strong with this one.

You've been using Rara continously this year. I guess she has become you most prominent character to use. And as for the story, it's very touching and I like the interactions between Rara and Songbird.:heart:

Could be an appropriate picture:

I always think that Songbird is a lot more older than Rara and that Rara looked up to Songbird's singing voice when she was younger
(This has nothing to do with the story):twilightsheepish:

Hearing me say this seemed Songbird to snap out of her despair.

it would read better if it went. Hearing me say this seemed to snap Songbird out of her despair.

awesome story it is so cute

Everypony is still recovering from the Storm King invasion. But they have each other to lean on.

Wait a minute. Does this take place before, during, or after the film? It doesn't say in the description. Everyone's going to get confused.

8525177 It takes place after the film.

8525547 Thanks for answering.

Songbird is a royal singer. Coloratura is a civilian singer ,aren't they?
You should think more about their status to write!

Sweet little story. Good work.

Maybe they could talk about the Manechester bombing...

And now I ship them.

Aww poor Songbird Serenade she really must be very scared after what happened during the movie sometimes it can be very terrifying if something like this ever happened it's a good thing rara was there to comfort her 😊

This was a very good one-shot.

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