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The years have been unkind to Rarity. She has lost everything. Now, at rock bottom, Rarity searches out her estranged sister Sweetie Belle who is now residing in Manehatten. Unbeknownst to her, Sweetie Belle has totally moved on from her simple life in Ponyville and Rarity discovers that she may not have room in her heart for her big sister any longer...

I'll also add, although it ought to be obvious, this is a pony adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire by the very talented Mr. Williams. But you can expect some glaring differences all the same.

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this is a good story so i will follow but also becuse :moustache::heart::unsuresweetie: bestship.

Points for going back to the classics, although the title seems like a missed opportunity for clever equestrian punning in a way that I'm having trouble putting a finger on. A Streetcar Neighed Desire?

(If this were Pinkie instead of Rarity, it would totally have to be "A Sweetcart Named Desire.")

3723690 Good point. I didn't want to go too punny though, this is overall a sad story :fluttercry:

3723631 :yay:

3723568 I know, hey! SpikeBelle makes the most sense for our little dragon friend. But I get why he's so hung up on Rarity too :duck:

Oh no...Spike is gonna be Stanley Kowalski? I don't know if I can take it!

The Manehattan setting sort of clashes with the original play, doesn't it? Wouldn't it have worked better as New Horseleans or something?

In my "Tennessee Walking Horse" parody fic I refer to this play as "A Streetcar Named Want It-Need It."

Just read the plot of the Broadway play you're basing this story out of. All I have to say is good luck. I'm curious how this will play out. I'm also curious how you will write Spike's character in this. :fluttershysad:

3724392 Aw dayum! I love it! Want it need it! That's so good!!!
Buuut... I still feel like I'd be making a joke and this story is sad so I don't think (Although I'd love to) I'll change it :applejackunsure:
Also, those names sound really cool and now I'm cursing that I'm not imaginative with places so I just chose somewhere already on the map, although with Babs in this story later... (Spoiler :pinkiegasp:) Besides, the pony version is automatically clashy in terms of setting due to Rarity being from Ponyville which Flight To The Finish confirmed is a uniquely diversified town in Equestria.:twistnerd:
(Great feedback btw, I'll apologise in advance for Spike :fluttershyouch:)

3725814 You guys are making me feel bad about Spike in this story... :raritydespair:

Great story. Waiting for more.

Sperktakulatory story!


No problem. Be creative! Stretch those pegasus wings and fly!

But please read my story???

3726769 Sure thing! I'll need something to read before bed tonight so it goes straight to the top of the list :twilightsmile:

update soon! my favorite pairing is here and i must read more!

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