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A flutterstalker tale of unrequited love. Or is it? Can Fluttershy win over the Lord of Chaos?

This is a silly little one shot. It's not meant to make sense in terms of anything, it's purely for entertainment.
As this is my first fimfiction, I'd appreciate some feedback if possible! ^.^

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Um...wow. Thought it was a little weird seeing Fluttershy so...creepy and seductive and that really made her seem out of character. Usually in Fluttercord fics you see Discord doing that.
The writing was well done, though:

but as she watched the pony laying across his chest

I think you mean "as he watched."
Even though the plot made me shiver, I'd say this was pretty good.

This is cute. It's like those Flutter-rape stories that litter /mlp just with less fetish guessing and more happy endings. :yay:

Awe that was just cute I like this story :yay:


Thanks :twilightsmile:

I thought a little role reversal couldn't hurt :raritywink:

I like this role reversal :raritywink: Sometimes, I like to believe that the Element of Kindness isn't as naïve or innocent as one would think.

Wow, this was awesome!:pinkiehappy:
Can anyone tell me if there are any other fics were Fluttershy acts like this?


Glad you liked it. I discovered Flutterstalker when I was reading a fimfic which sadly doesn't seem like it will ever be finished. Here's a link;


As I was searching for this to respond to you, I found something else called The mare who Molested me. I don't know what its like though...

No problem and thanks!
The only other fic I've read were Flutters is like this is "Flutterape".

3340421 this needs to be made into a full blown story
Not just a oneshot

Frendship my ass they practically did it.

Sorry for late replies...
Friendship with benefits :raritywink:

You never know....:unsuresweetie:

Alright this was downright adorable. I kind of wish it was more than just a one shot though. :yay:

aww this was so cute, wish that Fluttershy wasn't so assertive and bossy toward Discord in tv show

Anypony else getting a Misery vibe from this?

Damn. Go Fluttershy!

The Twin

When I heard talk of stalkershy I thought she'd be a bit creepier, but I a never found her creepy really forward yes but not creepy.

Over all I liked this. :pinkiehappy: out of :pinkiecrazy:

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