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This was a terrible idea.

-GM, master of stupid things.

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All I can say is what

Trippy while still completely coherent. Colour me impressed.

Ok then...

Hey, stop that!

Glad to hear the operation went well. Also, this was amazing. Somewhere between Alex Warlorn and Super Trampoline on the crackfic spectrum.

This was weird, and cool, I always like twilence get in on the fun :D.




poncho.exe has stopped working... reboot? Y/N/RELEASE THE CHIHUAHUAS


UC #11 · 1 week ago · · ·

The Pinnacle of Fanfiction.

Deus, Vult, D-D-Deus Vult, Deus Deus Deus Vult, Vult Deus, Vult, DEUS VULT, VULT VULT, V-V-VULT D-DEUS VULT DEUS VULT, DEUS VULT, VULT, DEUS... DEUS VULT INFIDEL!!!!!!

Well... that happened. :derpytongue2: (World as Myth. Look it up)

If you like The World as Myth trope that's basically the entire basis of my main story, Songs of the Spheres. If you're interested at a much more in-depth look.
-GM, master of lookysee.

The avocados work for the bourgeoisie. The avocados are birds. Twilence is the only Twilight that likes quesadillas. Birdwatching goes both ways. Mountains aren’t real. You’ve never seen a purple orc. Song of the Spheres is actually a massive fever dream of the 11th Prime Arc. There is a chance for The Infinity Dice to roll another The Infinity Dice.

Oh, absolutely. It’s much easier to hijack you like this.

That’s my favorite kind of cheese.

Dark souls reference? :yay:

Laughing so hard at the silly sillyness.

This was bad and you should feel bad.

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