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This story is a sequel to Songs of the Spheres

The multiverse is big. When a song is sung that reaches across the entirety of existence, many important notes will be lost within its measures. They sit in the background, being no less true than the melody in the forefront, but overlooked, dismissed.

This is where those stories end up. Some are grand scoping adventures that stand strong, challenging the melody itself, while others are nothing more than little snips of life usually unseen.

Want to see your work here? Put them on the group thread! (Or you could PM me, but you know, that thread is probably the best place.)

-GM, master of snippets.

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Ah, your own bit of group precipitation, where dueling keyboards ensure the end of the story is never the final word.

Volume 2.

But yeah, this is sure to be an anthology to watch.

the Influence

Somewhere, someone’s ego went up.

PotatoPotato = pointless comment.

"No, Jared. You are the army."
And then Jared was a juju.

To this day I'm still not sure exactly what happened to the Citadel.

Knowing the Ricks, it probably imploded.

Given that this is Earth Vitis's Wikipedia, I want to see the discussions on the CHS paranormal phenomena. That would no doubt make for fascinating reading.

Canterlot High School, the center of magical goings-on for the first parts of the Equestria Girls spinoff series. (Yes, it's a shameless attempt to grab some of Monster High's demographic. It's still a rich toolbox of characters and scenarios for those who care to dig into it for story fodder.)

And I loved this. I'm a huge sucker for novel storytelling formats, and this worked excellently. To say nothing of the dramatic irony in knowing that the conspiracy nuts are actually right this time.

A truly fascinating metanarrative experience. Thank to Keywii for one heck of an experience.

I did not expect to get this many feels today. No idea where to put them.
Great story, really got me right in the heart.

So, what kind of stuff goes here? Do we suggest out on fics or make up original snippets for it?

Anything you write that can be assigned to the Songs of the Spheres multiverse in one way or other can be suggested through the official group thread, though you can send me PMs as well.

As for content, well, if it's related to the events of Songs of the Spheres, the League of Sweetie Belles, or the unique multiversal mechanics contained in Songs, it's probably gonna fit in here so long as it isn't ridiculous in size and stays within the rating.

-GM, master of content.

Okay, I LOVE this chapter. Republic for the WIN!!!:yay::rainbowdetermined2:

Darn it, now I want to learn how to mod a 4X game to accomodate some of this.

This was a fascinating chapter. Ever since the introduction of Them, I honestly pictured them doing something like this for the absolutely most petty of reasons. And it's also nice to see Tyranids get STOMPED for once (albeit this hive clearly hasn't achieved the unknown millennia of experience eating other galaxies to succeed here). Good stuff, GM, good stuff.

Why wouldnt I comment it?. I can describe this using only twu wordz: frickin' awesome.

Call the Merodi. Tell them to bring in a dozen high-level Pinkies. And possibly Wiz and Boomstick.


Who would you bring in?
If Phyrexians aren't disqualified for being partially inorganic, and being an attempt of an artificial perfect race, they are a great candidate. Amazing natural affinity to magic, technology and social/economic advancement; immortality, naturally high strength and intelligence, permanent happiness, massive drive to replicate, assimilate, and dominate, they spread by a viral oil that's super hard to get rid of. There ARE big weaknesses, though: Phyrexians are naturally dogmatic, look and magically feel horrible, and while they CAN do dimplomacy and cooperation, most of them would want to turn everyone into themselves ASAP, so they are likely to be ganged up on.

Other good canidates are:
Races with good intellegence and natural top-end telepathy that can easily do wide thought networks (can't name any off the top of my head, but there have to be some),
Shapeshifting biological monoorganisms like The Thing,
Races of individual quality shapeshifters (Like Chaingelings, and they also get a LOT of other criteria of power, but needing love would kill them),
Natural spacefarers, that aren't passive and are good at breeding on shitty planets,
And Kryptonians, because holy molly they are OP.


Night theme says otherwise...


Oh, and the chapter is 11/10

PINKIE: Oh, cool, lemme try something. ∑´•ª¥ç˙ˆ∑˜√¨ø∑´¥®. Nice!

We_aychiwnvuoweyr? The underscore represents the character I can't read. I don't get what it says, unless it's a cipher.

Applejack nodded. "Good t' know. I knew you were fulla yerself, but I didn't think you'd wanna be... y'know, fulla yerself."

What is a Teen rating?


What is a Teen rating

...but a repository for endless innuendo?

(Blame FoME)

-GM, master of completion.

President morty probably will ended up being with the most power in the coalition, instead of conquering, he will just unite them all, and gather the most power by making himself elected, reelected or controlling the new elected, or I just need to keep reading XD.

Them should disclose the Universe, there are no more aliens there, so they could visit the multiverse, mmm, if the universe is closed, how can we read about it?..... Ah, we just read the recollection of Them, the universe wast'n affected by the tower, but Them were, and they DID opened up the Universe, because we could read the Princess' words, it would be cool seeing them in SoTS or TLoS, anyway, enjoyable chapter. :D.

The universe was cut off from all other universes, it couldn't be cut off from the Tower, that would imply nonexistence.

-GM, master of existanz.

Ok... I tried to come up with appropriate words about "Wikipidor413", but I could not. The reason, probably, is the same one that allow me to understand the joke in the first place. Well played, UC, well played.

A very interesting meditation on right and wrong. The road to Hell may be paved with good intentions, but it's not like the stairway to Heaven is tiled with bad ones.

I'm going to want to add a chapter to this at some point. Particularly now that a certain character of mine is actually stable for once

He ended up sounding a lot like David Tennant.

How many Ruby Rose does MU have? Or is this the first remmant MU got a hold of? or there are lots of people and gems also called Ruby? If that were the case, then it shouldn't be a problem, renaming is only for alternates; still, MU can easily destroy the Grimm and Salem, so why would remmant need hunters nowadays?

Several Remnants have been encountered.

Curiously, though, the Merodi first contacted a Ruby Rose through Esefem - not a Remnant world.

There are always need for hunters in OTHER universes.

-GM, master of factoids.

That was fast XD, well this means the that this is the first remmant that decided to join after the war, or perhaps the only remmant that joined? and the others declined? too much speculation, it would be good to have a list of the universe that are part of MU, and now that we are at it, how is it that the League of Sweety Bells has about 30 thousands sweeties while MU concisting of only some hundred universes? and not all of them are equestrias. Does it bring members the same way the census does?

Virtually all Sweeties ever encountered - including clones, minor variations, etc - are made part of the League (Full Agent status is something else). Explorers deal with hundreds of universes every day. Not all of them are in a situation to become part of MU, not all of them want too, and some are just 'normal' and get put on the backburner. Admission into MU does take some time.

Admission into the LSB does not. At all.

-GM, master of rice bits.

Shouldn't you wait until the previous story is complete before starting the sequel?

This is an anthology of stories related to Songs of the Spheres. Everything published is related to the chapters of SotS that have already been published. It's just HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read ALL of SotS before diving into this Anthology since you likely won't understand what's going on if you don't. Putting on the 'sequel' tag makes sure people do that. This is not the only anthology do to this - Oversaturation's does it too.

Furthermore, while SotS is marked incomplete, the entire SotS story IS complete, I'm just posting a chapter to it every six days until... March or so, when it'll reach chapter 157 and then I can finally check that last box.

-GM, master of rhymes.

At the start it said they only created a single planet...

They created a universe, only carefully populated a single planet. The rest of it didn't really matter to them.
-GM, master of plans.

Flutterfree. Flutterfree.

Pinkie Pie was showing caution, and you did nothing. Actual, unironic caution.

Welp, New character for the Merodi, sweet :D

"AHA!" another Pinkie shouted, appearing next to them. She was an alicorn with elements of a Twilight Sparkle mixed in. She was wearing what could only be described as a mad scientist's labcoat.

(Looks at my most recent story's cover image.)
Huh. Well, that's uncanny.

In any case, we lose more offshoot timelines that way...

This can all be summed up in two words: OH NO.

Welp, this only means that Merodi has effiently portal making technology and boots anti-falling, though, that Merodi didn't get to stay in that earth, means that they didn't want to upset the combine, and that they knew chell as a portal character.

I was wondering about Portal. I don’t think there was ever a reference in the actual story, but this is nice.

Given that Portal and Half-Life share an Earth, I'm amazed a Merodi team was able to stick around as long as they did. Still, those are some handy devices to pick up, to say nothing of a woman so determined she might as well have come from one of Gaster's worlds.

Well. This can't possibly end well. Though it will assuredly end in SCIENCE!

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