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If I was a pony, I'd be Rarity, darling! (okay, and maybe a little Fluttershy) ^.^ Just a British girl who passes the time by writing (and reading!) pony-centric fiction


It's been a long week, and Twilight's feeling annoyed. Discord just won't stop bothering her: following her around, making snarky comments - just being Discord. Fluttershy thinks he might have ulterior motives, but Twilight's sure the lord of chaos is interested in nothing more than irritating his (least) favorite princess. He couldn't possibly like her... right?

Discolight fic written for the first ever twicord contest :pinkiesmile:

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i liked the ship, i hadn't ever thought of discord and twilight, i think it was awesome! :twilightsmile:

5242345 Well then you will have to look around. While this is a pretty unpopular ship compared to something like TwiDash, etc. There are plenty of other good DiscoLight story's out there. Most defiantly worth the read.

X3 Okay okay, It's cute...and amusing...:rainbowkiss:

5242345 Theres plenty of ships to go with discord.

5243987 thanks! :pinkiehappy: :yay: I considered tagging it under comedy but I didn't think it was funny enough :twilightblush:

5242345 yeah, it's a growing ship :raritywink: I'm glad you liked it though! :pinkiehappy: means a lot to me, it really does :heart:

5242345 5242893 5244361 yeah, there are quite a few cute discolight/twicord fics! :twilightsmile: I also agree there are plenty of Discord ships and I ship most of them :twilightblush: what can I say? I just love shipping him :rainbowlaugh:

5244543 Gota ship them all, Poke... I mean MLP

5244575 haha that made me laugh! :rainbowlaugh: been too long since I've watched an old episode of pokemon :pinkiegasp: I get emotional when I hear the original theme tune, reminds me of childhood :fluttercry: the feels

I dig all Discord ships except with Chrysalis, Celestia or Spike

That was pretty good. To be honest, I didn't expect it to be all that good. :twilightsheepish:

This has a good chance of winning, unless someone does an exceptionally well Fifty Shades Of Gray story. :twilightsmile:

5245394 haha me too, Discord is just so shippable :heart: but I agree DiscordxSpike is probably a step too far :twilightoops:

5247571 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: I'll just keep my fingers crossed :scootangel: out of interest, why did you have low expectations? :derpyderp1: I won't be offended


Not trying to be rude, but most people on this site with a low amount of followers and about three stories with 30 likes each are... well, bad writers or not very good.

Just seems like people either didn't give you a chance, or didn't like your premises all that much.

I wish you the best of luck!

1,000,000/1,000 Total Piece Of Shit ~IGN. :3

5248196 I think the low number of followers and likes is because I'm a recent member, only joined a week and a half ago :twilightsmile:

What's IGN?? :rainbowhuh:

5248196 HAH wounder how much that review score costs

5244543 What about derpcord?

I would love to see Discord drive Rarity crazy and rile poor Spike up myself. Funny as hell this story and just what I could see Discord doing to poor Twilight.

5249179 never thought of that :rainbowderp: I feel there's potential :ajsmug: :rainbowlaugh: a brief search to find derpcord fics came up blank... there's a gap in the market :trixieshiftright: :raritywink:

5252230 maybe that could be my next fic :trollestia: glad you enjoyed it! :rainbowlaugh:

5252289 Someone needs to take it... I'm terrible at romance so don't look at me.

5252339 I think I might give it a shot when I get some free time :rainbowlaugh: why not? I'll make a reminder

5252369 If you do that, You'll get a follow for sure.

5252379 Ok, I'll see what I can do :rainbowlaugh: may take me a while to write because I don't want it to seem forced, but I'll try my best to write a derpcord fic :twilightsmile: just created it and I'll start working on it sometime this week :derpytongue2:
what have I gotten myself into lol

5252430 You don't need to stress yourself out over a writing. I was only suggesting it. I'll follow you even if you didn't do one.

God that sounds like I'm a creeper...

5252467 haha just a little :rainbowderp: lol na it won't stress me out, writing never does :pinkiehappy: I'll give it a go and if it's reasonable I'll publish it :trollestia:

5252482 Good, for some reason when people do the things I suggest I always feel guilty... I don't know why??!! :applejackconfused:

5252526 don't feel guilty :pinkiegasp: I'm excited to write it :rainbowwild: derpcord fic here I come haha! Thanks for the watch btw :pinkiehappy:

Oh c'mon, (lays down and pouts) needs to be longer cuz I want moar! :flutterrage:
Anyway, this was really very quite good, the ending made me mad.... Only cuz it, well, ya know..... Ended.... :derpytongue2:

I'd also like to say that I think most of those who disliked this story probably didn't even read it

5257935 haha glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy: your comments made me smile :scootangel: I know four of the dislikes appeared within the first ten minutes or so of me posting it so I think maybe they were just from people who disliked the ship and hadn't actually read my fic :fluttercry: but no matter! Love getting feedback from people who read and enjoyed :twilightsmile: :heart:

5258044 I don't like people who dislike something just because they don't like the ship. I will always give it a chance. For example, I really don't like rarijack, yet two of my favorite stories are rarijack, you gotta at least give it a chance :pinkiehappy:
And I'm glad I made you smile. It's what I live for :twilightsmile:

This was fun, as usual, Discord is unpredictable.


It involves Discord. Who wouldn't like it?

I was quite disappointed when it ended suddenly. I would love to read more!

All the Twicord (Discolight?) fluff :heart: :pinkiesmile:

Well. I don't know why, but I like this. . .

This fasinates me, please, continue. (Lol)

So... adorable....

ITS SOOOOOO CUTE!:rainbowderp: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

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not much of a twicord fan. But, I'm starting to get into it after reading too many Fluttercord fics XD. I still like Fluttercord, and now I like Twicord too.

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