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The Princess Rarity

Quirky teenage girl who writes about cartoons & has an obsession with sparkly things & cute dorks. Goes through life following by Dr. Seuss's wise words; "You have to be odd to be number one."


Discord won't leave Twilight alone - and she's annoyed by it.

Somehow, they end up snuggling while watching a classic movie together.


Wrote this as cute pointless fluff 'cause I was bored.

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Holy crap nother Princess Rarity story. Reading.

"Aw, c'mon!" the puppet groaned, pretending to gag as it spoke in a shrill, sassy Manehatten accent. "We're really gonna watch this? Whatever happened to some bad-flank explosions and plots, eh? Some grand theft Equestria would be good right about now and-"

The puppet was silenced as Twilight let out an annoyed grunt and yanked it off of Discord's talon, tossing it across the room.

With a mock gasp, the draconequus turned away from the alicorn. "How could you do that to Fabio?!" he accused. "He was my only friend in this cruel world - and you killed him!"

"It's a sock," she deadpanned.

"You're racist against socks, aren't you?" Discord accused.


Liking. Faving.

Just hilarious!
*Currently awaiting the day a Discord emoticon is released.*

I'm not really a fan of this pairing, but since you wrote it I decided to give it a look see.

And I'm glad I did! It's a cute little story with some funny moments.

"You've been on a date before?" he inquired.

With a mock gasp, the draconequus turned away from the alicorn. "How could you do that to Fabio?!" he accused. "He was my only friend in this cruel world - and you killed him!"

"It's a sock," she deadpanned.

"You're racist against socks, aren't you?" Discord accused.


Liked and Favorited:pinkiehappy:

well ill be damned. ive avoided discolight like the plague for some time now cause all i could think about the idea was really? discord and twilight.....really??? saw this in the new stories and said ah fuck it,ill give it a roll. nothing better to do whilst i hide at work.
i gotta say, i liked this. a fun read.
and i dont care who you are beauty and the beast is fucking epic.
im a 36 year old heavily tattooed biker and even i pull that dvd out like once a month.
of course i also watch my little pony,have a pretty good collection of pony figures and dog tags so i may not be the best judge on that.

I'm glad I figured out the movie once you mentioned the antagonist. Also this because manliest Disneigh character.:coolphoto:

It was okay.
Who am I kidding?! It was wonderful!

He is already covered in fur... is he so manly that he has hair on his hair?

This is just soooo CUTE and fluffy...
I loved it! Like and Favorite
And I will murder those who think this sucks.:flutterrage:

Name of Story: There's No Scientific Explanation for This!
Grammar score out of 10: 9 I saw very few if any flaws.

Pros: You had Discords sense of humor down pretty well, The story was went exactly how I expected a Discord and Twilight romance to go, slightly goofy but full of "Awww" moments. The sock puppet scene really did make me laugh quite a bit too.

Cons: It was rather short

Also, I don't think ponies don't just kiss and begin to date so quickly, unless a certain love poison is being used. :trollestia:

I doubt that Twilight would just get over Discord kissing her like that.

Notes Section: I had quite some trouble actually finding decent cons for this... It was incredibly well written, and I would not be surprised to see this in the feature box. Yes it was short, but it was sweet and made sense. Which is rather ironic when Discord is a main character in this story. I really enjoyed this a lot, keep writing!

3869628 it's all about FlashBelle.

"You've been on a date before?" he inquired.


Give us more!

This was silly and sweet. :twilightsmile:

Cutest. Story. Ever! :pinkiehappy:

The premise is hackneyed but it was otherwise well done.

No ones posted this yet? Ok, I will.

AHA! So I wasn't the only one who got a DiscordxTwilight vibe from that scene in the latest episode!

I do hope someone makes this into a chapter story. It was actually very good. :twilightsmile:

I was watching this episode and when Discord was dancing with Twilight it thought to myself.

"There are going to be so many fictions based off of this one scene."

I have yet to be let down on my prediction.

This is what I like to call, INSTA FAVORITE!

Yay, that was such an cute story. :yay:
Just the kind of fic I needed after watching Three's A Crowd :rainbowkiss:
DiscoLight is such an awesome ship

Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Twilight and the Beast.

I have to admit though, the turn around was a tad fast. Still a good tale. Have my thumb.

Will there be more of this? It could be amusing to see who this works out... Twilight mite not love him now but maybe it would be an intersting story to see what would happen with them as the story goes on. :pinkiehappy: :rainbowwild:

They're watching megamind! I love that movie! Lol nice story

Well, well, well! What have we here. A shipfic, huh? OOOOOH, I'm really scared! So this is the fic everypony's talkin' about, na-ha-ha-haaa!

OK, I'll stop with the shout-outs. Let's delve right into the meat of this story.

The DiscoLight ship has sailed for a long time, and in my opinion, I cannot wait for it to just go away. I'll not dive into my reasons why, but ships like DiscoLight don't exactly grease my wheels, you know?

While this shipfic is hardly anything I haven't seen before (Especially since Klabautermann's "Learning ABCs" is probably the only DiscoLight story I've enjoyed), it's still a pleasant piece. The writing is brisk and conversational, possessing a natural flow you rarely find in fanfiction. It lends well to its short length, taking only a few minutes to read beginning to end, taking special care not to overstay its welcome.

There are a few rough spots in the writing though. For example,

Suddenly, a figure popped up from Discord's side, and of course, it had to something absurd.

There was a sock, with googly eyes on it and a marker smile scribbled across.

It was a sock puppet.

...he really was childish, wasn't it?

The first sentence is missing "be" between "to" and "something". The second mistake is that the description for the sock puppet sounds more like a list of details as opposed to a description. The third mistake is that you describe the sock puppet, then say, outright, that it's a sock puppet. The final mistake is that the last sentence should end with "he" not "it".

About the two biggest complaints I could make is that the Beauty and the Beast reference, while a perfect comparison for the story's direction, should have been more subtle. Twilight rewinding the movie and explaining to Discord -- and by extension, the readers -- what the movie's about, feels like you felt we the readers wouldn't get it. An author should trust their readers better than that!

The other complaint is... well...

There's no buildup to Discord admitting his feelings. I get that Discord's crazy and unpredictable, and that's what makes him fun to watch and fun to write. But there's not a single hint he likes Twilight that way -- at least, not in this story. You can claim the hints are in the canon, but at the same time, it's Discord. He's unpredictable. Who knows what he's really thinking when he's invading Twi's personal space?

Furthermore, whatever conflict might have been delivered thanks to Discord's impromptu kiss with Twilight was resolved in only a few paragraphs, deflating the story just as it was going from 'mildly interesting fluff' to 'hey, this is a cool idea for a story.' I was actually hoping you were about to turn the idea of the DiscoLight ship on its ear, put a new spin on it.

In conclusion, this story doesn't do a whole lot that's new or all that captivating on the DiscoLight scene. But on the other hoof, you do put forth an effort in the nearly-flawless writing flow, as well as strong characterizations. Three moustaches out of a possible five.


And one more thing before I go.

Fabio is now best sock puppet.


An interserting story . I don't read much ship-fics. But this is pretty good. The Beauty and Beast references are cute. :twilightsmile: And i like who keep them well in character. All in all a solid story in my book. :pinkiehappy:


I'm a DiscoLight fan myself; have been since Discord was introduced. But everyone waters down his personality or (I hate to say it) makes him into a pansy. It got so frustrating that I wrote my own. You, however, did an excellent job. So good that I was coming into this short story with a presumption of failure and was happily surprised
Good show, good show.

A good short and cute fic. Like the characterization of Discord. Greenthumbed!

A pretty cute story. I almost feel that it could've been expanded into a longer story with a smoother buildup, but for its scale, you pulled it off nicely. Though, the cynical side of me wonders if Discord is being dishonest, considering the opening portion.

As far as the technological question goes, what you wrote is in keeping with the film projector Spike was operating in Hurricane Fluttershy, so seems fine by me.

*completely and totally melts on the spot* OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO FLUFFY.

I need more of this crap. :pinkiehappy:

Hello, The Princess Rarity! Here is a review of your story from The Pleasant Commentator and Reviews Group.

I still like this story as much as when I first read it:scootangel:

I read this a week or three ago. I ship this like FedEx!

Great now you made me ship both Fluttercord AND Discolight :twilightblush:

I would have loved to see more of Twilight behaving more...Twilight-like after being kissed by somepony who just trolled her for a good afternoon. But that's minor, especially consider how fun this story is.

Awww, that was so sweet.

How sweet.

The boastful antagonist hadn't even asked the intelligent heroine to marry him before Twilight finally spoke up.

She's watching Beauty and the Beast, isn't she?!

"Why is that candlestick talking?

CALLED IT! Such great taste she has.

This was adorable.

"Oh, hello, Princess Twilight," the Spirit of Disharmony replied, with a nonchalant wave of his lion paw, snatching a book from the stack she had set aside. "I had always pegged you for a Harry Trotter fan, you know."

Harry Potter technicly , Horse pun -Trotter

"But with me, especially," she debated. "It's like you have a bone to pick with me, the way you're always teasing me and rubbing it in my face on how powerful you are, and you always purposely annoy me, it's just so- ... so..."

Sans pun useses bone/skeleton buns

So Twilight Sparkle sat down to watch Beauty and the Beast when coincidentally the beast in her life comes to profess his love to the beauty? Very clever. Also Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies.

What I liked about this story is that I could perfectly visualize the interaction in my head. Nice job.

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