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(She/Her) I write cute Luna fanfics, cute shipfics, and some other stories. I take requests, but not clopfics or NSFW. I might do grimdarks that aren't too graphic. Just DM me and I'll see!



Phones have recently been introduced to Equestria, and with them dating apps. Everyone's favorite reformed time-travelling former cult leader, Starlight Glimmer, gets ahold of a phone and a popular dating app: Hoofder. Twilight also manages to secure her own date. What could go wrong?

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This was a fun read! The character talents and descriptions made me laugh.

Poor Twilight and Starlight, but this was hilarious!

I like it, was fun to read

NAME: Celestia
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1132, but who's keeping track, when you're hot like me? :trollestia:
TALENTS: Ruling Equestria. Being tall and letting everypony else do my dirty work for me.
DESCRIPTION: Retired Princess. Looking for a grown stallion no older than 1/20th my age. I love cake, ziplines, the Sun, and trolling my subjects.

I'd love to see a sequel where Starlight goes on a date with somepony on Hoofder.

Also, I didn't know Starlight was bisexual.

Name: Spike

Age: 20(Note: This is actually true by the way I checked)

Description: I’m trying to get over an old crush who shall remain unnamed for the sake of her not finding out about it, I’ll date them if I’m close with them and as long as it isn’t a sibling figure like Twilight, Shining Armor, or Cadence.

Name: Rainbow Dash

Age: 22

Description: I’m 100% awesome and attractive.

Name: Sunset Shimmer

Age: I forgot I spent too much time as a human.

Description: I see you’ve all gotten used to the phones I told you guys about. Also word of advice don’t date any of the humans in the other world they’re not exactly the best at romance also there’s the other dimension issue so yeah.

DESCRIPTION: I am the great and powerful Trixie, and would make a great and powerful partner! Don't argue with Trixie though, Trixie is always right.

And this is one of the reasons why I hate Startrix as a couple.

NAME: Sunburst

GENDER: Male AGE: 22

TALENTS: Magic, antiquing

DESCRIPTION: Looking for romance, I guess. If you're reading this Starlight, confess your love to me in person.


Twi got Rickroll'd!:rainbowlaugh:

His name is Rick Roll! He said he will never give me up, and will never let me down!

Did Starlight accidentally timetravel 10 years into the past?

Sunburst sheds heart-broken tears. :pinkiecrazy:

Exactly startrix makes me so mad

Now y’all doing way to much 🖐🏼😭

NAME sombra
Gender Male
Talent enslaving crystal pony ruling the crystal empire dark magic and dark crystal
Description I am the former king of the crystal empire I enslaved crystal pony and rule the crystal empire

This is a cool story 20% cooer

"I got a date! From Hoofder!" Twilight exclaimed, full of glee.
"Who is it?" asked Starlight.
"His name is Rick Roll!

Everyone while reading the story:

Lol this was so funny! Also I found it oddly satisfying when she didn't go for Sunburst XD

Author Interviewer

23? <.< Now that's a joke if I ever saw one.

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