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Hello all :twilightsmile:

added my first two stories in a series of fics im writing.

Check em out :eeyup:

(Please? :fluttercry:)

for fluttermac fans (and will also appeal to those who dont like it. Fluttermac isnt the main focus, but its in the air.)

for Soarindash fans :rainbowkiss: Also probably my best work ever (in my opinion)

thanks :pinkiehappy:

hey guys, I'm new here, check out my story A friend to the end it's an Anthro fic but it's decent, check it out and be the judge of it.

hey guys i just started illustrating my story "shadow of the heart" which you can read the full 4 chapter story on this site.


Im only finished illustrating chapter one but it is worth a see to see what i have done so far

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