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In the city of Manehattan, everything is ridiculously expensive, so it's hard to live on one's own. Which is exactly why coworkers and friends, Grace Manewitz and Coco Pommel, share a flat. In this mini-series that shows a day in the life of these two mares, misadventures are sure to occur.

After all, what they say is true: "Anything can happen in Manehattan!"

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“Coco! Wake up!” she screamed, as she began beating her roommate with the pillow. “Your sexy boss is here and she’ll fire your ass if you don’t get outta bed!”

Well, now I definitely have to keep reading these. :rainbowlaugh:

We need this as a sitcom. Or a radio play. I'd offer my voice up, if you actually needed a male voice with an accent. :twilightblush:

4546489 I dunno--I have the feeling this might be GraCo friendshipping, but I'm cool with it either way!

This will be fun.

run away with me Toni

also I agree with River this should totes be a radio play

Well, after reading a fic featuring Soarin and Braeburn as roommates, I'm looking forward to this "odd couple fic."

I thought Rarity was a marshmallow!:raritydespair:

(Kinda ironic considering your username.)

>homeless man

Giant sewer humans beneath the streets of Manehattan....on the next Geldingo.

Grace is a little shit. That's my favorite quality in characters.

These two are hilarious. They're the perfect odd couple, and that's only because you made them that way.

Also, if you want to write more underused characters as side roles in this story, I think these two deserve a few lines. (And I haven't even really watched the show they're from.)

I'm currently sitting opposite my mum, she thinks I'm doing research on WW2.
Do you know how BUCKING hard I am trying not to smile right now???? Under different circumstances I'd be rolling on the floor laughing my butt off. It was the OctyScratch that got me, that was just beautiful, thank you! :rainbowlaugh:

In the first paragraph, "what with" should either be "what, with" or better, just "what" since this isn't dialog and "what, with" is a colloquial response to a question (perhaps one that is unasked) and this is exposition. Also "it's" should be "its" in this case. It's is not possessive, it's the contraction of "it is" and that was kind of meta :p

Cute story, I definitely heard the Odd Couple theme music while reading it!

Yay for cameos indeed.
You know, you're younger than me and write more sappy romance... So why are you better at swearing than I am? :unsuresweetie:

As thy both

Oops :twilightblush:

I'm liking this, so far. There's a few places where I think it could have done with another look, especially with regard to the pacing; it's kind of slower than I think it should be. I've also caught a few punctuation errors, and I'm the sort of person who thinks the verb in a dialogue tag should always, always, always, with very little exception, be "said". Overall, just needs to be tidied up.

But the banter is cute. Have a favorite and an upvote :twilightsmile:

4546604 Thanks for the idea of a radio play. I'm half way done converting the first chapter into a script but I wont be able to start recording until after summer break is over in September. Also I should get some permission from the author before I go any further. Oh, well. I'll finnish writing the first chapter and then send an e-mail. :scootangel:

Nice story! Like, favorited, and to be favorably mentioed by me! :pinkiehappy:

Cheap cliche'. "She says she hates him but she really likes him/breaks down and grows to like him." Couldn't she just genuinely despise him (he certainly sounds like he deserves it) and leave it at that?

The cameo was funny, but the reference to their marrage felt tacked on.

I think the conversation would have worked better without that extra detail, and instead letting the readers insert their own headcanon there.

But that's just me. The rest of this is still awesome!

4559645 and that's why your awesome.

But seriously, apart from my (very minor) quibble about Vinyl and Octavia (really more due to me growing tired of the ship then disliking the characters), you've given me a lightweight bit of funny to read.

If laughter be the sound of good fics, then write on!


Hah, that's awesome! :rainbowlaugh:
If you need any help (I'm a guy with an accent, so the help will probably not extend to any main role voice acting :twilightblush:), don't hesitate to let me know.

P.S.: I almost didn't see your reply. They don't give you a notice if the reply is on a different chapter than the post. And with that in mind, here is something I found in the comments of Chapter 4:
*leans in to whisper* I think she likes it. :scootangel:

4559952 you could maybe voice the cab worker on strike 'cause yknow i said Germane accent and you are German so that cameo might have been made with you in mind >_>

Thanks for the encouragement and approval. :pinkiehappy:

The best part about this is that I live in Manhattan and go to school in Brooklyn. I cant wait to go to Union Square and get the hippies that hang around there to do some "Legalize it" chants for my recordings; but thats getting a bit ahead of myself. I'll look for VA's in late august.

Now back to finishing chapter one! :twilightsmile:

Grace! You just can't ask somepony why they're a marshmallow!

Dear Coco,
I don’t want to sound like a slut, but feel free to do me anytime you like.
Sincerely, The Dishes

OK, that got me to smile. :pinkiesmile:

It didn’t help that they lived next door to some really crazy ponies…
“Vinyl, why did you waste all your entire paycheck on a stereo system we will never use?!”
“Aw, c’mon, Tavi-babe, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!”
“That doesn’t even make any sense!”
“Your face doesn’t make any sense!”
“I swear, I’m married to a foal.”
“A very sexy foal.”
“...You’re sleeping on the couch tonight for that sick joke.”

It's funny 'cause I thinking about how Grace and Coco could become the new Vinyl and Octavia: one is an outgoing extrovert, while the other is a more straightlaced introvert.

Quirky and silly. I noticed a few errors throughout, nothing too bad. Watch your usage of it's and its.(It's) implies "It is" so if you're not sure, insert the whole phrase and see if it messes it up. (Its) is to imply possession, such as "Its hooves pounded the pavement" I noticed a few instances of the confusion, one in the first paragraph.

Might wanna take another run-thru and polish it up, otherwise it reads fine.:twilightsmile:
~Dash The Stampede

Hmm, so Coco is a marshmallow who's working for a marshmallow... It seems that marshmallow mafia is taking over Equestria... :rainbowlaugh:

I do enjoy love/hate relationships, but only if they are done right and the affectionate if teasing suitor is sincere, and knows where to draw the line. The Vinyl Scratch Tapes comes to mind as a good example of this. If not done carefully, its all too easy to see why a relationship like this is doomed to failure since the suitor comes across as flippant and immature at best, and disgenueous at worst. The suited cannot trust the suitor, and the relationship can all too easily become emotionally entangled and abusive.

Assuming that isn't your goal, I suggest that you tread carefully. You're doing a great job so far, it would be a shame to see it fall apart now.

4560706 Dash the Stamped ha! nice I get it and love it :pinkiehappy:
*whispers* but honestly it kind a creeps me out
no offense it's still awesome :twilightsmile:

4563008 <== This pony is right to be honest I hated almost every character that didn't take no for an answer, and was constantly annoying, the only one who I ever liked was Urkel from Family Matters he was persistent and pretty much took no for an answer but he does have a sense of honor meaning he doesn't go to far (most of the times? haven't watch the show in years sooooo...), he knows when he should get involved when "his" girl is in trouble but even so is still very much annoying.

Oh and just in case it doesn't work out I have my shotgun locked and loaded just tell me when

Ha! nice but *ahem* to more important matters after reading all the chapters and finding myself letting out a couple of LoLs' I have come to a decision to not just upvote this but to favorite it as well good job old chap

P.S. Still waiting


Well, let's hope I can do my accent on purpose. I might just end up doing a bad italian accent instead because I've watched too much Jananimations. :derpytongue2:

Another excellent chapter of comedy. It was cool how Grace and Coco's separating to their jobs set this chapter up with Suri rather well.

She... Rejected Doctor Whooves!?

How could she... :pinkiesad2:

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