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Pinkie Pie Character Review · 9:53pm Apr 25th, 2015

We start off with her personality: bubbly, hyperactive, random, and one that sounds like she put Red-Bull and Monster into some triple shot expresso. To be honest, I you are one who likes a nice, quiet, and peaceful life; this is not the pony for you. However you have to admit that there are points in time that she can be rather hilarious and at other times utterly annoying. But you still can’t deny that there is always “that one” person/pony in a group. I for one am a big fan of her for

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Ranibow Dash Character Review · 3:31pm May 23rd, 2015

Rainbow Dash is not one to be messed with; she could quite possibly be the fastest flyer in Equestria. But what about Rainbow Dash as a mare? Does she have a girly side because I saw that she was excited to decorate Twilight's castle. She has idled the Wonderbolts her entire life but lately she has been having second thoughts. Of course you can't deny that she has managed to surprise Spitfire on several occasions.

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Fluttershy Character Review · 5:16pm Dec 5th, 2015

Requested by Sky_Blue_CMC

Fluttershy is an awesome character, ranking second in my favorites. But there are things we might not know about her. For instance, she has that awesome singing voice she tried to keep secret but what if she had a secret closet dedicated to one direction? Who knows, she just might!

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Feline Fluff and Crimson Ink, you guys are my Honorary sisters!

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Guys- I actually logged in for once!

If you’re reading this, I was actually active today-

The rumors of my death were greatly exxagrated

2575081 oh... That thing.. yeah, not gonna add that...

2574986 Ah. Looked it up. Turns out the fourth is the thing with LoganPaul. Probably better to forget about it.

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