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A K Yearling, perhaps better known by her pseudonym Daring Do, has passed, and she left behind a legacy. Her entire vault was left to Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, including one particular artifact coupled with an ancient mystery the adventurer never quite solved.

The Seven Sided Chest of Chicomoztok, a mysterious artifact connected to an ancient legend, one that Yearling was puzzling over in her final days. This mystery has now passed onto Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and their friends. This one mystery will lead them on a journey that spans countless worlds, and is bigger than anything Yearling ever imagined.

They are about to discover the Realms of Existence.

Updates Friday.

-GM, master of sevens.

Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 130 )

This seems like it's pretty promising! Good start.

“Take some time to learn patience.” Twilight encouraged,

Yeah, yeah, how long's that gonna take?! :rainbowlaugh:

Oooo, a psychoreactive ball-pit and a World-Tree! How delightful! :pinkiehappy:


You ain't seen nuttin yet.

-GM, master of sliced pepperoni.

When I saw that cover picture, I swear to god I thought it was a mint Oreo

So there is more realms.
Doesn't Ahuizotl know Aztrot?
I wonder if the Realm of Life is an infinite plane, or a recursive plane.


Yes. Oh yes he does. :pinkiecrazy:

It's as big as the universe and corresponds physically to locations in the physical universe. So it's whatever the universe is. Which, technically, we THINK is a recursive plane, but we aren't sure here at the cosmological sciences department.

-GM, master of porridge.


So basically, the realm of life, that is Yggdrasil? (Sorry, I love (and maybe possibly, follow,) Norse mythology)

Eh, Yggdrasil would be better fitted as the 'framework between the Realms,' the world tree upon which all other worlds hang. But since that doesn't exist in this story, the Realm of Life might as well be, even though it doesn't share the name.

And don't apologize, I like mythology too. (Of most all kinds!)

-GM, master of bacon.

I thoight abput it like that too but considering the entire realm of the realm of life is one giamt tree, it fit the picture of yggdrasil better. Lol

Ah, an actual pony? No... A magical pony that got de-magicked into an actual pony.

7937733 Pre-sapient ancestral pony? o_O

yup it makes sense, the pony claimed something happened to its wing but has no wings now, and speaks in animal tongue. getting demagicked that thorougly would remove the wings and forcefully devolve away any magically borne traits including sophoncy.


Er, go back a minute there. He still has wings. He's still a pegasus. Granted, his wings were injured when he showed up, but he still has them.

-GM, master of bacons.

woops, there was only one description and i mussed it. :facehoof:


No big deal, but remember, sometimes small details are important later. :derpytongue2:

-GM, master of gaster.

Ah I do so love it when people notice my signature. XD

-GM, master of all these squares make a circle.

Seems like this place Flutters ended up returns beings to a 'natural' state, in being that it saps their higher intelligence

Lou, Roy, if my friends show pu let them know I’ll be back soon

bigger even than torch

I think this should be capitalized.

My apologies if I come across as rude.

On a separate note, loving the story so far. I'm also getting the impression that the realm of Life isn't maybe the friendliest realm to sapient thought if you stay there long-term.

I always accept edits with open arms! Thanks!

Oh no, it isn't.

-GM, master of slices.

Resurrection powers activate!


Hopefully Discord can figure out how to get them to another realm (He tore open a dimensional portal once before). Otherwise... I don't want to see what a feral Draconequus could do.

Jeez, I thought Eastern Dragons were suppose to be wiser and less violent


You're asking the right questions! :pinkiehappy:

-GM, master of minks.

Will Aztec/Mayan/Incan gods appear in this story?


Nope, this ain't a human mythology thing, besides the very basics I created most of the Aztrot myths myself. This isn't intended to be a solution to the Daring Do / Ahuizotl mystery of the show - it's meant to be its own thing. I may explore that one day though, thanks for bringing it up.

-GM, master of baked.

Rarity is never a mare to be underestimated. :raritywink:

good escape, bad injury. Fluttershy can heal that in the future, though.

Ooo that might've been a bad idea, Congeal. Especially with the Moon already in the sky.

the real we saw was not a calm place.

“Eech…” starlight shuddered, removing herself from the depression she made. “Disgustiong…”
“Now now, no chocking.” She said, smiling warmly.

“Er… No. Twilgiht would though.”
we won’t change or policies just because you are unusual.

“No horn.” Trekker glared at her. “The Power needs no tricks.”

That's racist. :trixieshiftright:

I'm guessing artificial pony, like somepony 'inflected' a squirrel into a pony, or tree bark into a pony, possibly as a way to try to find companionship, but all they got was just another animal. Flutters needs to find the pony who created this one, so they can start making real ponies the old fashioned way.

She’s peen a pain in my backside her entire life and I will be glad when she’s executed.”
Fluttershy’s eyes widened. “No, I amnnot interested.” She said. “Sorry.”
Eventually he clamed down enough

After he left, Starlight removed her invisibility spell.

:rainbowdetermined2: Starlight is best pony.

She couldn’t help with that though…

…Or could she?

*cheesy porn music starts playing*

Once again, Twilgiht, Discord, and Trixie

I sued the Stare on it
we came and ofund you,
She could never tlel the others what had happened.
Stalright said, standing up
I deepy regret
trying ot grab

Rarity went red with anger. “You do not get to harm Spike! Don’t you dare try again! You pale, reptilian, cold-blooded, deceptive, heathen, demon!”


waling with Fluttershy
it canbe pretty overwhelming."
Our organic brains are horribly inadequage."
sill looked terrible.
Many screamed when they saw Rarity's eye socket, then ??? concerned.

THis is no place to live.
implode eventually sighed.
he wasn't really giong to hurt anyone."
"At least we're leaning something."

Discord looked ready to objet,
Why didI come here...
Iinflection of Power

He shook his head slowly. "But why undo this? You like yourself better. You are more comfortable with yourself. Why not let it complete its course?"

Because you turned her into her father you absolute total freaking ass

...because if your food cooked too fast, the solution isn't to stop using the stove. It's to turn the heat down lower.

There There can be secrets kept from you.
although the still managed to create rock shields in defense

There There can be secrets kept from you.
although the still managed to create rock shields in defense

Huh, so Starlight didn't intend to use her time powers in the first place? I thought she was like, "Kill her! Murder her dead! That's the only way she can stand still long enough for me to rewind her!" It's a tad more compassionate that Starlight was only doing it because she thought Implode was beyond help, but it'd have been awesome in a very Starlightly sociopathic way if Starlight intended to murder Implode just because she was going to be rewound anyway.

This is an absolutely sadistically fascinating look at the problems that come with extremes. It's neat how Meadowbrook's team was the last 7 to suffer this fate, and they're still around sort of, trying to stop it from happening again, yet in doing so actually causing it to happen again, because they're too messed up to do anything besides hurt things. Scary that just a few seconds of exposure was sufficient to awaken Rarity's ability to... robot... things. Yes. She can robot things.

Sperion seems to be a massive hypocrite, determined to make everything as terrible as he can through his inaction.


Okay, wow, you're amazing. I haven't read or fixed all the issues in all your comments, but let me say before I get into that THANK YOU. I'll respond as I go through it. Thanks for taking the time to critique this work - and apparently like it so much. :D

-GM, master of DISCS!


After Pinkie Pie, of course.

-GM, master of CCCCC.


Problem? :duck:

-GM, master of wait that's a duckface. Darnit.

No problem! If I'm reading it my brain is going to spaz out on all the typoes anyway, so it's easy to just enumerate them.

Pinkie Pie is best "pony" :pinkiecrazy:

"Oh look I've created a race of ant people who uncontrollably fart bugspray! Isn't that just hilarious? Wow, what's this slider for? Haha look how big I can make their toes!"


No, that was not Starlight's plan from the start, she still feared creating a paradox or something. Though now that she knows that won't happen, well, she may come up with a plan like that in the future.

I'm not going to comment on Meadowbrooke, because spoilers.

I will say this - notice how Rarity is still the only one to have not gone to a Realm to 'activate' her power. She's the last one. Chew on that.

-GM, master of hisssssssssss.

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