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The Enterprise is sent to investigate a bunch of mysterious signals that ripple from deep within an unexplored area of the Gamma Quadrant. In their investigations, they come across a strange creature—a small white unicorn with an adventurous spirit. Lost in space, she just wants to go home, and the mysterious signals are her best lead.

However, unexplored space is always filled with strange new worlds, vast mysteries... and dangers the likes of which no one can be prepared for.

Part of the Transcendental Sequence. (The start, actually!)

"Secretly" a mega-crossover. No previous knowledge of any franchise should be required to read.

Edit: story has been canceled, alas.

Major Editors: Ebony Sable, Shilic, Code/GunGoose

Cover art: JumboDS64, my Krita skills, this, and this.

-GM, master of The Beginning

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And so it begins... Again. Again. Again. Aga- I feel like we've done this song and dance a fair few times at this point, not that it isn't fun and fresh every time. As always, I look forward to the twists and turns. (Plus, this time I haven't read the whole story before it starts posting, so I get to live in suspense!)

(And no, I'm not gonna comment on every chapter again. Unless my draft comments are really funny and I feel they must be shared.)

Wanderer D

...fiiiine I'll read it.

ok ill give this a shot.....other than that you do a lot of multicrossover fics huh

It appears to be the thing I'm known for.

Not that I'm complaining.

-GM, master of composition.

Comment posted by Irispony deleted Apr 20th, 2022

Great now I'm hearing echoes. But kidnapping Gandalf is just wrong. Now Sauron wins!

“What can I say?” He chuckled to himself. “I wouldn’t be Stanford Pines if I didn’t jump at every opportunity to satisfy my curiosity.”

Well that's unexpected. Now to see which Stan this really is.

I have no idea who everybody is.

Well, except for Gandalf. I have to agree with 11216135 here, kidnapping Gandalf feels like it just... shouldn't be. If you think about it, he's basically a guardian angel for a whole world.

Well, now that it's happened, though, I look forward to seeing what he'd do wherever he ends up. Gandalf is a interesting character, but not the type I've seen transported before.

Quick question before going in, which Enterprise/era is this?

This was Deep Space Nine, the legendary space station that guarded the mouth of the Bajoran Wormhole, the only known stable wormhole in existence. Dozens of ships passed through it every day, moving to and from the Gamma Quadrant of the galaxy several thousands of light years away. It had been a key player in the recent war and still retained much status as the last stop before the unknown.

From the title I assumed the main pony would be Twilight, but to my surprise (and slight dismay for my Twilight centered mind), it was Sweetie Belle.

No matter, looking forward to seeing how a cute filly like Sweetie will interact with the crew of the Enterprise.

See you at the next update!

*announcement* Fire in private quarters. Fire started in replicator*

I'm sorry! I was trying to make orange juice!

(Note: I have not yet read anything in this story yet)

Post-Deep Space Nine, Enterprise-E. (Prior to Nemesis)
-GM, master of inks.

It took me forever to find where the correction was. Guess my greek letters just keep getting confused.

-GM, master of Quads.

Ok, I definitely recognized the straw hats, and that grey wizard has to be Gandalf. I wonder who else has been moved about? And where they are going?

Well Gandalf's story at least is already being told... elsewhere.


-GM, master of stories.

Hmmm... Interesting. I like this story

Looking forward for your future chapters :ajsmug:

We will stock up on all necessary supplies and personnel at Deep Space Nine. I hear Ambassador Worf is currently visiting the station—I do hope he is still there when we arrive, it will be good to see him.

The movies always gotta find some way to get Worf onto the Enterprise.

“The tricorder isn’t picking up much,” he reported, continuing to move the device all around.

Oh no, it's Lore!

Dangit I thought I caught all those.

-GM, master of AGH.

The man in yellow had an unusually pale complexion and an almost eerily smooth haircut that matched his somewhat blank expression. The pips on his unicorn were the same number and style as Worf’s, indicating that he was also a Lieutenant Commander. While Worf was looking around for threats, the pale man took out a rectangular scanning device to examine the surroundings.

Methinks GM has Sweetie on the brain.

A great start to a new omniverse! I wanted to ask though, is it coincidence that this story has the same title as a chapter in SotS? Coming from there I'm wary of anything that seems like a coincidence.

Stan Pines, the Neutrons, probably some cameos I missed on DS9 itself...

This is going to be very interesting indeed.

Yes it's purely a coincidence, that "spark" refered to the spark of war. This one does not.

What it DOES refer to... heheJEhAHAHAHAHAHA.

-GM, master of time.

Comment posted by Nova007 deleted Apr 21st, 2022

It had a strange black mark that was a combination of a hook, a line, and a dot on it.

The only thing I can think this might be is the Hunter's Mark from Bloodborne. Although now that I think about it it could be Spiritomb's rock.

Your link is broken.

-GM, master of winks.

Causes an internal server error.
You should probably use a direct youtube link instead of this
<Link removed since it was fishy>
it's like you're trying to link to an embedder, which doesn't work.
EDIT: or, alternatively, this is part of the scam going around.
-GM, master of direct.

The unicorn looked up to see a white humanoid with pink, shiny hair and no nose addressing her. She was standing behind a kiosk selling bottles filled with liquids of various strange colors. With a flick of her fingers she adjusted her hat so she could look the unicorn right in the eyes and give her a warm smile.

Question! I'm getting a strong Seskii from your Space Program here. Any validity to this, or am I reading to much into it?

-GM, master of the vague evil laugh.

Okay, be that way.

Never mind. I just remembered that she's your recurring OC that happens to pop up everywhere. Can't belive I forgot her in Spheres. :facehoof:


Now Sauron wins!

Not necessarily. Gandalf from the books spent a long time researching the ring before Frodo flees the Shire, ~19 years or so if I recall. So let's assume that he's just left after Bilbo's party, that'll give him plenty of time to go on some adventures through the multiverse before he's seriously missed.

Comment posted by AlphaToothless94 deleted Apr 21st, 2022


Data nodded. “She’s a clever one, captain.”

“And it just so happens that’s exactly where we’re going next,” Data said.

Couldn't read either of these lines in Data's voice.

Also, Ensign H'airball addresses Captain Picard twice without injecting a "sir," which would at the least not remain unaddressed. I find it impossible to believe that anyone could graduate from Starfleet Academy, especially that obviously recently, without having correct address of rank burned into his very soul.

After Johnny got through basic training he
Was a soldier through and through when he was done
The effects were so well rooted
That the next day he saluted
A Good Humor man, an usher, and a nun.

Fixed both.

Examined the times H'roh didn't say sir or captain, judged that it was me goofing rather than something he'd actually do. Likely because I don't say sir all the time, nor have that thought process. I'll pay more attention to it in the future.

-GM, master of sir, sir.

“Not to mention pointless,” Data added. “You aren’t a citizen of the Federation, you would be free to search for your home in an independent ship.”

Whoops, I missed this one too. I'm beginning to think that writing for Data may necessitate reading all his lines aloud. Also that's a comma splice; Data would use a (practically audible) semicolon.

I did a control-F search for every single instance of the apostrophe character and found three more Data lines with contractions. Agh.

Clearly, we over here at GM Industries need to step up our editing game.

-GM, master of apostrophe search.

“I’m… not sure. It’s a hole that connects two places of space together, like the holes worms make in fruit?”



Don't worry, I'll get back into the editing game.

Alright... keeping an eye on this, I do love some Star Trek Stories though bit of a shame it isn't around the 2400s, I do love getting around Star Trek Online territory specially around the Federation ships in that territory.

I'm curious if that skull ship belonged to Lord Hater or Brainiac?

I may have missed it, but whatever happened to the bomb?

(considers chapter title)
What could the Pokémon world's British Isles have to do with this story? Probably more than I realize.

Speaking of Data, the android sat in front of the Captain at one of the forward consoles, continually pressing buttons and occasionally cracking a slight smile at something apparently amusing found within the numbers.

Speaking as someone perpetually amused by the IP address of my office's database server, this speaks to me. :derpytongue2:

“They are,” H’roh said. “But they also like… battle. And violence. And being really loud.”

Sweetie considered that for a moment. "So... space yaks?"
Guinan snorted. "Definitely don't let Worf hear that."

“Hello Everyone! I’m Commander Fischbach, and may I be the first to welcome you to the Gamma Alpha Listening and Research Station!” He thrust his hands out wide and grinned with pride. “But we all just call it Galars. So welcome… to Galars.”

Ah. I take it Dr. Bashir won't be involved, then.

She was actually really interested to try one out for herself, but that could wait until they were in deep space without a planet to explore.

I can only imagine how badly a holodeck can malfunction when magic gets involved.

“We are a survey ship. Sent into the unknown to just… be. There is no battle out here unless the space itself decides to attack. There is no glory.”

But noble warrior, you are slayers of the unknown! Reavers of possibility itself! Every sweep of your sensors is as a scythe mowing down the potential threats to the Empire that might lurk in these uncharted reaches! What greater glory can there be than to lay waste to theoretical billions? And surely you have heard of all the times the Enterprise encountered some great threat in the middle of nowhere that assailed the noble Ambassador and...
Well, perhaps I have said too much.

He should be proud to be surveying this sector, for he will battle with the unknown and provide much for the Empire.

... Huh. Well then. Called it?

I just need more data…

"I do not recommend involving my brother."
"Was that a joke?"
"An attempt at one."

"Just because your name is Data doesn’t mean I think about information every time I say it.”
“I do. The definition of my name is held actively within my positronic net whenever I consider it.”

... I swear I'm writing these as I go.

See the foolishness of the Federation. See the weakness. They wander aimlessly wherever their whims guide them—in the Dominion, everyone has a purpose. Everyon—

Believe me, you do not want to discuss the subject of purpose with this filly. Best case scenario, she disassembles your entire philosophy. Worst case, she supplants the Founders.
Hmm. I may have mixed up those two.

“And the Klingons, the Federation’s dogs. Sometimes they turn around and bite, but otherwise played like puppets on a string.”

Says the man flanked by Jem'hadar.

“You were talking for so long I was able to levitate it out.”

:rainbowlaugh: This isn't an opera, Bakur. Talking is not a free action. Nor are arias.

The slightest hint of a smile crawled up Worf’s face. “You have a warrior’s heart.”

He's more right than he knows. Heroism runs in that family.

Excellent beginning to whatever adventures await. Though I fear Sweetie will indeed face far worse than a sad, drunken Klingon. We'll see what awaits her.

Sweetie, Picard, Data, and Riker were the chosen “away team” to go down to the surface

Worf, not Riker.

these last few weeks I have absolutely poured over all this information.

Pored over.

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