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Torn from the Alpha Quadrant in 2371, The USS Voyager and her crew have been navigating their way through the previously uncharted Delta Quadrant. After four years of traveling, The crew is alerted to radio transmissions originating from a planet in the Equis System.

In that same system, an unicorn is staring up at the night sky, wondering if there is anything out there. Nopony could have predicted the events that would come to pass within the next few days, nor the consequences that would follow.

Thank you to discranola for proofreading.

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I like the concept, as I have a soft spot for Voyager, but this feels rushed. I would suggest probably breaking it into three chapters- one to introduce the Voyager crew and their situation, one to establish the situation from the perspective of the Equestrians, and then the third chapter to deal with the introduction and both sides initial impressions of the alien other. For example, it seems weird here that none of the Voyager characters had any remarks about a bunch of multicolored horses being their greeting party, which you'd think they definitely would.

When The inevitable rewrites come, this will definitely be taken into account, As for the multicolored ponies, You have to remember that this is the star trek Universe. They are accustomed to strange looking aliens, multicolored ponies would be no different

“We use them to go faster than the speed of light.” Tom Paris replied.

A soft groan groan comes from behind and to the left of Celestia. "Faster than light? Oh, horse apples..." moans Rainbow Dash.

Interesting, this goes on my tracking list. Pacing seams a little rushed. but still is an interesting crossover. Will there be any Q/Discord shenanigans'?

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At the very least there be a comment about parallel evolution that the Ponies appear similar to earth equines. As well as other earth-like plant and animal life.

Perhaps they theorize it a planet the Caretaker left biological samples when he was done studying it. That is why after all they ended up in the Alpha quadrant.

Caretaker brought them to the Delta quadrant, but I will definitely leave a remark of similar evolution in next Chapter's captains log

Oops, I did mean the Delta quadrant. Got my Star Trek Lingo mixed up. I do know the Alpha is where Earth is located just put the wrong one down. I was just making a suggestion it was used a few times in TOS and I think in TNG to explain similar appearances of plants and animals.


Within the context of Star Trek, non-humanoid sapient species are pretty rare, let alone ones that are nearly identical to ungulate earth species. Obviously this is to make things easier for the special effects teams, but it's probably still something they'd remark upon. I have a hard time imagining Tom Paris or Harry Kim not making a smartass remark.

It also might be worth drawing in the unique elements of Equestria as a setting into the Voyager's observation; the apparent fact that the star and moon move around the planet via the control of an alien species would definitely be noteworthy.

In the Star Trek universe, non-humanoid sapient species are very rare. The only ones that come to mind are the Changelings, Tholians, and some of the Xindi (Insectoid, Aquatic, and probably Avian varieties), as well as a handful of others that have apparent noncorporeal forms.

All of this will come into question in due time. every missing detail of a chapter or plot hole will be explained away in the captains log of the next chapter.

All of this will come into question in due time. every missing detail of a chapter or plot hole will be explained away in the captains log of the next chapter.

Except, do you recall any 4 legged sapient aliens ever? That look like mythology animals from their history? I have watched every Star Trek series and there has never been a four legged intelligent sapient species on the show ever.

Even when they met dinosaurs in space, they had evolved into two legged beings.

They have never encountered anything like ponies ever. And as far a Star Trek goes, anytime they have encounter some being never seen before, it's always been kind of a big deal. Like when they encountered the Horta for the first time because they had never encountered anything like that before. Same with the Aliens from Encounter at Farpoint.

This would give them pause.

Hmmm .. truthfully them willingly landing near a underdeveloped species seems uncharacteristic for the federation prime directive and all that. Now them landing due to needing emergency repairs in the first available large space or needing access to materials located only in the area like the crystals in the cavern under canterlot turning out to be dylythium seems more plausable otherwise there's places near the badlands or appalosaian desert or even the snow fields of the crystal region. Also telling the ponies you had to land due to battle damage should have celestia having a bigger reaction like are these beings bringing a threat to my ponies.

Atleast species 8472 are inteligent and can be reasoned with. The ponies should be fine as long as they dont interfere. They targeted the federation because they aided the Borg who attacked 8472 first in fluidic space. You aid my enemy your my enemy. Their brutal when provoked but pretty much just wanted to be left alone.

Not to really poke at you, but Voyager's writing overall... Personally, I think the very idea of landing a large ship like Voyager on any planet for the purpose of doing repairs to be laughable. There is an inherently MASSIVE advantage to operating in zero G. The first and foremost being the ability to move large, heavy equipment with nothing more than a thruster pack, removing the need for things like cranes. A huge advantage, anti-grav pallet-jacks or no.

The second, is that landing on a planet means that the entire vessel is now subject to 1 G of stress. That means that the structure of the vessel is now supporting its weight, and any major toying with things like the warp nacelle pylons must consider the consequences of those pylons being under physical tension. In zero G, if I pull the axle pin from the rotational segment of the warp nacelle pylon, the nacelle pylon goes nowhere and can be held in place with the SIF. If the ship is sitting in a G of gravity and I pull the pin, Ensign Crimson Underwear goes squish when the whole thing falls on him (Because of course, Starfleet forgot that OSHA regulations from 21st century Earth forbid people from just standing under lifted loads under tension) . Assuming I can even get the pin out with the nacelle resting on it.

Janeway: Doctor, I don't want to lose another crew member. Can you stabilize him once we get the warp nacelle off him?

EMH: Captain, I contain all the medical information available to Starfleet from the moment of this vessel's launch. And I would say, in my expert medical opinion, that there is no possible way to reconstitute Ensign Crimson Underwear's body from the thin layer of organic paste it has become at the mercy of a thousand tons of metal that has pinned him to the surface of this planet.

Janeway: What are you saying, Doctor?

EMH: I'm saying, Captain, that the Ensign has been squashed like a bug and is quite thoroughly dead. Silver lining, he likely didn't have enough time to process his life was over, let alone feel pain. Not so silver lining, I've taken the liberty of doing Cmdr. Tuvok's job for him, and checked the ship's inventory. We do not carry a crane onboard. As he might put it: We will have to fabricate one from our supposedly limited replicator stock. Something we could have avoided by simply remaining in orbit, and doing spacewalks, in space suits. With space tools.

Janeway: The writers just keep making our situation worse all the time.

you do realize that every time voyager makes repairs, they land on a planet's surface right?

I'd also like to think that their minds aren't exactly clear due to some....hostile stowaways


Yes. I'm merely pointing out that the writers of Voyager did something laughable in the name of putting them on a planet. They treated the thing like an airplane that needs to land to be worked on, or an ocean going vessel that needs to be stuck in drydock so it doesn't take on water when you start patching holes in the hull. Voyager is neither, and it makes more sense to perform repairs where you can use a can of hair spray to move multi-ton loads, and nobody is at risk of an engine assembly falling on their head.

I mean, if I want to work on the Warp Nacelles, which are attached to huge articulating arms. I would rather those arms be at rest in a zero G environment, not weighing down on the joint in a G of gravity.

Again, not really poking at you. Just that Voyager's writers put a lot of effort into throwing a pointless feature into episodes that could be easily be sidestepped with shuttles or transporters.

"We have landing gear!"


“I found something ma’am.” Ensign Johannes said. “It’s relatively flat and more than large enough to accommodate Voyager.” She hesitated.

“What’s the drawback?” Janeway asked.

“It’s right next to a town ma’am.” Ensign Johannes responded.

“The population of this planet would have found us eventually anyway,” B’Elanna Torres announced,” because I’m estimating repairs will take approximately three to four months.”

Seeing no other viable option, Captain Janeway ordered Voyager down to the planet’s surface. “Blue Alert.”

Attention K-Mart Shoppers! We now have a sale on Federation Starships in Aisle 3. Y'know, because Blue Alert.
It's sorta like the Blue Light Special.

Another Voyager fic.

As a reader, it's easy for me to say such things as "take your time, don't rush".
But I don't write. So I can't really advise.

Sometimes, you just want to set the stage, so the real story can flow, which is understandable.
So please, continue :ajsmug::twilightsmile:

I think I came up with a logical reason for Earth/Earth myths like life on Equis.

In TOS episode “Who Mourns for Adonais?” The crew meets an alien calling himself Apollo. This race visited Earth and were worshipped as gods.

It possible that that race transplanted much of the earth like life to the planet Equestria is part of. As well as experimented on that life the end result is the Ponies. Apollo showed Q like powers but unlike Q his power came from the structure. It could be they were trying improve their power but died off before the experiment was completed. Could also say that Discord, Luna, and Celestria were the final result of those experiments.

Just an idea that popped into my mind. It explains the Earth like similarities as well a logical connection between the two shows.

The three to my left are Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. The three to my left are Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy.”

Just how many lefts does Celestia have?

I think you just created a plotpoint

Glad to help out then.

Hahaha sorry i read it but couldnt keep a straight face. Theirs no federation space docks in the delta quadrant of course their almost always gonna land.^^.

His voicing his opinion like he did came off as harsher then i think he realized ...but truthfully it all comes down to whats damaged. If its the nacel or something to do with the engines on planets better due to no space docks it allows them to fully shut down and run off of emergency power during repairs with no drain on environmental systems. If it structural like a hull breach using a asteroid for mining materials and shuttle craft to lug around the materials and work teams in space might be better. Voyagers actually very lucky it was made with the option of entering and exiting the atmosphere whenever theirs a need alot of the spaceships in star trek arent made for constantly entering and exiting atmospheres.

Aliens land next to Ponyville, and Twilight says it can wait until morning? Truly she has gotten too used to life there.

I mean, shit happens like, every few weeks for them. This is just one of those times

This is an amazing first chapter, and I would love to see it continued, as it mixes two good things into a single package.

Welp Janeway disobeyed the prime directive.

Spread the word. Chapter two is in the works

9945269 As many as she wants to have. She's an Alicorn Princess.

Did someone forgot to turn on the deflector?

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