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Twilight Sparkle is Dead.

Her friends decide this isn't an acceptable state of affairs and vow to change it.

They really should have compared notes first.

Commissioned by TheDriderPony

Spanish/Español: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Las-muchas-resurrecciones-de-Twilight-Sparkle-937900726 by SPANIARD KIWI

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Amazing I love this

A surprisingly fun story :)

Twilight's lucky Fate loves her so much.

Oh good now Twilight has multiple personalities that are all identical and a robot duplicate! Won't be confusing at all and no one will face the horror of quad stereo Twilecture.

Huh. That was my second guess. Admittedly I was expecting them to end up with multiple identical clones (as in, not all warped or insane or day-of-the-Pinkie, but just having a bunch of them) instead, but having the multiple resurrection attempts sabotage the others was funny.

Strange to think that the farmer and the jock had the best out of all of them, or would have, if the others hadn't intervened. Really, the animated sack of fur would have been a fully functional Twilight if Rarity hadn't taken all the bones. Perhaps this should be noted for next time.

I wonder if we can get an alternate ending where none of the attempts "went horribly right" and they now simply have several identical Twilights in full control of their faculties (and with no dripping, oozing, ectoplasm, or shambling) ... right before Luna, Dash, and Celestia decide that they can ALL have Twilight as their squeeze (perhaps more literal, in Dash's case)? That would be another fun way to take the story, since it wouldn't quite be the resurrection that failed, but instead a sudden spate of confessions. :D

I also wonder about Rarity here. I get this faint impression (I have no idea why :trollestia:) that Rares is a bit of a perv. Or something like that. :D

Unexpectedly good, and funny too.

Ok, I want to see a sequel.

A story needs to be told with that idea!:pinkiehappy::yay:

Ah, the Twilight Sparkle dies and/or kills everypony sub-genre. Never gets old. :rainbowlaugh:

I agree, but I don't think I'd be able to do it justice. I tend to think more along the lines of "How can this be made even more overpowered" and not very well for things that need laugh-a-minute. This might be another reason why my story is on hold.

I wonder which one will accept Rainbow's advanced, if any.
Absolutely hilarious though.

Oh dear. Now we have a necro-chronal paradox generated. I suppose this will prove if you really can have a ghost in the machine...

Now for the sequel where "Robo-Twilight" and "Tri-light" battle to near death until they also fuse into "Robo-Tri-light Cyborg Alicorn™".:facehoof:

Now, why do I feel like we're going to be seeing this universe again in the future. It probably fits in the SoTS multiverse (certain it does). Now, would it be picked up by sparkle census or the MU? It would be silly for the league to pop through and see a completely normal universe except it has a twilight with slight DID, and a robot twilight doing all the paperwork.

“We strap her to a metal table, stick a long metal rod into the sky, and… BAM-O! SHE LIIIIIVES!”

nice Frankenstein’s monster reference, xD

i’m sure the other’s ideas are movies too somehow,

what made you decide to recombine twilight?

great use of starlight, she knows a full nights sleep is step one in dealing with ponyville bullshit.

Part of the original commission request.

-GM, master of purple smart.

‘take the enchanted boot I have hidden under my bed, go to Tartarus, and deliver it to Tirek’s face at high velocity.’

And another for Jenny and the wimp!

This would be hilarious for The League of Sweetie Belles, honestly.

Half imagined this would've pulled an End Game; taking that Twilight directly before she decides to chow down on pancake death, and instead of returning her to her original timeline, just keep her and doom that version of Equestria.

Bam, problem solved. Eh, kinda/sorta.

Either way, glad it went the way it did instead. Found it hilarious, especially with Ghostlight. Loved Ghostlight.

“…I have become the monster…” Twilight realized. Then she synthesized a laugh, which sounded more like Pinkie than herself. “I want to go stare down a Timberwolf.”

Hands down my favorite sentence in this.

Well this was epic.

I'm pretty sure, given the light of morning, Twilight and robo-Twilight will view this as an advantage. They just need to write a schedule on which one of them gets to do what duties, and their golden!


Why didn't Starlight just tell everyone who kept breaking into the castle not to bother with necromancy or mad science since she had it handled?

She was only aware of RD and AJ, and she didn't want to have to explain a complex scientific process to a couple of drunk idiots. (Also she had no idea they were actually trying to do necromancy, far as she knew the drunk idiots were stealing the body for some other, equally stupid reason, like making a pillow.)

-GM, master of yes there's actually an answer, surprisingly.


Oh, that makes sense.

Still, she could have assured everyone she was working on it so not to be sad. Did they even need to have a funeral at all?

There WAS a chance it didn't work. Or Went Horribly Wrong.

-GM, master of rules.


Right, gotta hedge your bets.

Fluttershy returned to the list – not doing this simply wasn’t an option, not anymore. “Edible measuring spoons, animated gingerbread, seapony tears, provolone, soul cinnamon, regular cinnamon, the blood of the innocent, a…“ Fluttershy flushed red. “I’m not reading that.”

Seapony tears and provolone, god help the outcast with her witchcraft, someday I’m gonna go home

Starlight lifted up Twilight's last will and testament. “The first specific item on the list here is ‘take the enchanted boot I have hidden under my bed, go to Tartarus, and deliver it to Tirek’s face at high velocity.’ I’m not traveling to Tartarus right now.”

And to my adversary Tirek, who has been nothing but a thorn in my side when he wasn't blowing up my house, I leave... a boot to the head.
And one for Jenny and the wimp.

“Pinkie focus. Twilight? Necromancy?”

There's a reason I associate Laughter with black mana.

“Yes! The moon is full and we need to do this tonight if we want the greatest chance of success!”

Meanwhile, Generosity may be blue, but Rarity herself definitely has the ambition to qualify for skulls in the top right corner.

“If we zap Twilight’s body with enough lightning… it’ll reanimate!”

Likewise Dash.

“Welp,” Applejack said, picking her hat up off the ground and placing it on her head. “My barn has a weather vane.”

It's not that kind of story, AJ.

Fluttershy found this odd because Pinkie sure was doing a lot of shouting when she lit the ominous green lanterns.

Fluttershy wasn't sure who this "Ryan Reynolds" pony was, but Pinkie assured her this symbolized his most terrible aspect.

Spike was on her back, holding on to a body bag embroidered with numerous blue diamonds.

Several thousand gp worth, I'm sure.

I'm not sure how to feel about the gem spell finding hydroxyapatite.

Apple Bloom put on a labcoat of her own, though she also nabbed safety goggles. “Scoot here learned a lot of engineerin’ in Twilight Time and Ah’ve got myself an understandin’ of the life force from Zecora!”

All they need is some glowing green syringes and they're in business!

Twilight nodded. “Yes. I’m back. All three of me. We’re currently arguing in my head.”

"For some reason, I have the strangest urge to say 'Motion carried' when all three of us actually agree on something."

If nothing else, having another Twilight should help with her packed schedule. And I did appreciate the castle effectively sighing and fixing the situation for these numbskulls.

Brilliant work all around. Thank you for it.

All hail the new Princess of Friendship, Twiborg Sparky!

I wonder if there will be a follow up

Just for shenanigans' sake, let SciTwi get caught up in it too so now they're Twi-Five


If SciTwi were to die, how would they go about rezzing her?

wow need another chapter of both twilight meeting

“It literally says ‘what pumpkin’ as an ingredient.”

“This pumpkin,” Pinkie declared, slamming a pumpkin with a question mark upon the countertop. “Keep reading!”

Well then, I know my own kind when I spot 'em. So, since her death was neither Justified or Heroic, shouldn't she get back up and be sporting her Alicorn-Jammies?

I want to see this connected to the song of the spheres somehow perhaps through the sweetie Belle's but I just want to see how these four different versions of twilight react to it

In the grand scope of the multiverse, meetings such as this weren’t all that uncommon, Twilights made a lot of rounds through the worlds after all.

Say 'hi' to Rick Sanchez!

Somehow, she was still able to speak clearly enough to be understood, despite not having any teeth. “Mmf. Did anyone ge’ ‘e numer of ‘e ‘ruck ‘at go’ my bones?

i couldn't figure out what she said... anyone give me a translation?

by a manicore!”


"Did anyone get the number of the truck that got my bones?"
-GM, master of ovoids.

This was ludicrous, and I loved your take on the characters. Definitely a favorite:twilightsmile:

Wanderer D

This was a challenge to read. At work. Without drawing too much attention to myself whenever I snorted or started laughing. Good thing they're used to me being weird.

...God dammit.


Brilliant :D
Last bit was icing !

And that's how Equestria was made!

The second was a public affair that would have tremendous parades, an inflatable balloon of the Princess in question, and a bunch of other related preparations that Princess Luna had gone on record saying were “alarmingly festive.”

I haven’t finished reading but this line by itself has earned your upvote.

Congratulations, you’ve invented the Slice of Death genre.

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