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This story is a sequel to Continue?

After learning the shocking secret that a highly helpful "Continue Screen" exists beyond death, Twilight Sparkle is even more surprised to discover it comes with the ability to relive and explore her past adventures.

It even comes with an added difficulty option. But is Twilight Sparkle truly ready for her life's greatest battles on Hard Mode?

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Using P2W strats on Hard Mode?

They're not just cheating the game but themselves as well.

Speedrun? I'm down.

You know what they say. If you can't beat them, cheat."

That was fantastic! It's a sequel I didn't know I needed. I also like that you don't have her actually starting over. I wonder if she'll get so good at them that she'll be able to no hit 100% run them?
And I don't know why they haven't made a suicide spell yet. A clean slice of the spinal column at the neck wouldn't be too hard.

:twilightsheepish: "Wait, is this why you were always letting me handle everything when you could deal with it yourself? You already knew that everything would turn out okay?"
:trollestia: "Yes."
:twilightoops: "But, I thought replaying levels were only simulations. It says here that replayed levels will not be saved."
:trollestia: "Oh, Twilight, I wasn't replaying specific levels. I'd started a whole new campaign from scratch."

“Well, that sure hurt,” Twilight lamented sourly. “Note to self: getting torn apart by love-starved changelings hurts more than I thought it would.”

Missed opportunity to use "Well, that didn't work." :moustache:

So the Easy Mode villains are total showboats like in canon, and the Hard Mode villains just don't screw around? Fairly apt parallel to the jump in aggression generally seen in enemy AI from the easiest to the hardest difficulty in games. So would that make Medium Mode villains essentially the same as Easy Mode but without the inclination to underestimate you because they think they've won?

Sounds like my approach to the later Resident Evil/Biohazard games.

we need to see twilight use the friendship rocket launcher, also maybe buy the ORBITAL FRIENDSHIP CANNON!!!!!

The “friendship rocket launcher”. With unlimited ammo.

Always a classic!

Or maybe a Pinky Inc Orbital Party Cannon? Because parties.

MOAR! - SR Steakthedog

This was great. But you just keep coming back to this don't you? What next? "New game+" or something? No, I jest.:rainbowlaugh: Or do I?:trixieshiftright: Still was a good read nevertheless

So many shout outs and references to other stories. :raritywink:

So canon... was in easy mode the whole time!? That explains so much. I’ll bet that if you clear hard mode, nightmare mode will prolly be akin to a mix of Doom, Touhou, and Bloodborne. With Permadeath. OH, and magic is severely nerfed and the bosses are fucking cheap and then some.
10254289 That IS hella cheap. How disgusting.

Can't wait for New Game+

roflmfao omg if this would be true i'd be laughing for days

Anything that is even remotely related to Warcraft 3 will immediately take my attention.

A fun continuation! Gaming is better with unlimited resets.

LOL Oh my god. Those last few lines - the laughter cackles just burst out of me!


Weirdly coincidental because I literally just finished playing FoE: Remains today, having somehow never played any game similar to it before ever.

That's why there are CONTINUES [yes/no] ... and the level ups screen and whatnot XD

Luna should definitely replay the NMM level.:trollestia:

I literally only clicked this story because of the WC3 UI that was used, am scrolling comments now.

The “friendship rocket launcher”. With unlimited ammo.

Really should have gone the Ghandi route Twi and selected the Friendship Nuke. That or GDI. Orbital Friendship Cannon firing!

Do not knock the infinite friendship launcher. Most expensive thing in the NG+ store.

Ah, can't wait for Twilight to eventually use the Big Friendship Gun, or BFG if you prefer


The worst part about that is you have to perfect one of the most annoying levels ever.

The Flim Flam one for the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 parts by NOT having the brothers lose but still managing to let the Apples keep the farm and turn the brothers honest in the process.

By shipping Applejack with Flam. The Alicorn Game devs are EVIL, I tell you. E-V-I-L.


That one is easy -- you just have to teach applejack about economics. Well not easy, but doable. She can be convinced that her farm will make more money being able to sell 3 times as much cider netting 60%. Of course she does have the idiot ball on hard mode making that process more difficult.

we really want to enjoy this type of story, but it almost always just feels like authorial self-insertion and waxing about the details of the systems more than telling a story around them. Twilight's so nonchalant towards the way the world works, it loses the majority of its novelty, and ends up feeling just like someone writing a video game version of their own life.

in conclusion, upvoted.


Easy: on Nightmare Mode, alicorns simply aren't allowed. You are downgraded to a standard pony tribe of your choice. And your enemies are still at full power. You have to win with your own skill instead of plot contrivances designed solely to sell toys. Good luck, Twilight!

10255387 How are you playing that game? I thought you can’t play that because it requires Flash.

The sad part? She never once considered replaying 'Hanging out with her friends'

This feels like a gamified customizable version of the timeloop stories.

It had a downloadable version didn't it?

Also Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer still support Flash last I checked (which was yesterday for media player).


Uhh... I don't know why I wouldn't be able to, I have adobe flash player installed lol. My computer's from 2012 tho so maybe it just hasn't gotten the memo yet?

10256227 Not anymore for me, unfortunately.
10256252 I see...

Clearly, you want "The Story of Twilight Glow", which tells how Earth Pony Twilight deals with Nightmare Moon with Celestia out of the picture.

If I could just point out every perfect example of great story writing and fantastic attention to core details, there ain't just a couple parts of that, it's the whole freakin' story! This whole fic was more than just a pleasure to read and I can't even imagine how you formed such an awesome fanfic sequel; but ya did and it's amazing! Hope ya don't mind, but I made a little reading of this great fic!

Audio Thingy!: https://youtu.be/s50GiYPCwko

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

I wonder what discord’s level 2 hard mode twilight is like?
Loved the story! Thanks for writing it for us to enjoy reading! :twilightsmile:

She hovered over the “KING SOMBRA LEVEL ONE” box and hesitated. She contemplated just how fast she could defeat him given a second chance. Sombra wasn’t the worst villain I’ve ever encountered, she thought a tad smugly. I wonder if I could speed-run him this time?

But don't use any cheat codes or exploits!

But what really irked Twilight the most was that the difficulty had been set to “EASY” the entire time; right next to a picture of a sleeping Twilight foal.

Heh. (Does she suckle a pacifier?)
At least that explains why everything wents so smoothly and unbloody in the show.

“Fine!” she blurted out. “So, wings mean Hard Mode? Then let’s do it! Hard Mode it is.”
The image next to “HARD” was of Twilight as a full adult, dirt and grit and stern expression included.
“That’s more like it! Hardened Twilight at your service! Discord round two, here we go!”

:twilightoops:: "Why do I suddelny her Dark Souls boss music?"

Jeeze. Is Hard Mode Discord ever nastier than Easy Mode Discord. He punched me right in the face with all four limbs! While tickling my stomach with his tail!

:pinkiehappy:: "To be honest, this is exactly what you should have been expecting."
:twilightsheepish:: "Probably..."
:twilightoops:: "Wait, what are you doing here? And how did you even get here?"
:pinkiecrazy:: "You'll never know..."

“He dodged!?” she fumed. “Since when can someone dodge the Elements of Harmony?”

I'll just leave that one here:

TJust Dodge!
Lyra thinks Discord is an idiot for not thinking to dodge when the Elements of Harmony were about to strike him. Discord thinks this is the perfect opportunity for a game.
DannyJ · 9.3k words  ·  2,383  28 · 30k views

Great story!
I enjoyed reading it; just like the predecessor.

Do an Ultra-Nightmare run (hardest difficulty with permadeath).

Nnnoooo this needs continuations. We needz moar chapters!! This story was AWESOME!!!

When I saw this, I said, out loud, "Oh no. Oh no."

Oh, yes.

So charming. :raritywink: I want more.

quick someone give twilight the konami code

“Turn left,” Twilight told herself as she hurriedly navigated Canterlot’s vast castle tunnel system. “Turn right. Dodge. Punch.” She kicked a random changeling drone into a wall, before coming across two more wedding guests. “Pony. Pony. Changeling. Duck.” She narrowly avoided a blast from Chrysalis up the hallway. “Waiter. Pony. Hidden changeling behind statue. And… that should do it!”

Okay, this has a very strong "Hard Reset" vibe to it.

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