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Story Ideas: Spike and the Quest to End Eternity · 3:59pm Dec 18th, 2013

So I've got 2 more ideas floating around in my head. This one is a Spike story. It takes place far off in the future after Celestia's sun has fallen to the passing of time. Spike is the only one who remains unscathed from the passing of time. In a world that lacks warmth there is only one thing that keeps Spike going on. Three small words from a face he no longer remembers.
"Spike, live on."

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One of these days I'll do something with Visual Novels..

I also dabble in 3d modeling, the goal here was to make something more realistic yet still mlp. I'd like to release the models for edit and use by all after I finish it but procrastinating atm.

Who's this Bearded Pony?

I'm not going to lie, when I first heard of this "My Little Pony" and all these "Brony's" raving about the show my first reaction was, "Really internet? What's wrong with you, stop that. Fucking hipster fags raving about a little girls show."
Needless to say my enthusiasm about it wasn't high but one day by chance I was extremely bored and decided I'd give the show an episode.
Best decision ever.
One thing led to another and I started reading a lot of "Anon in Equestria." on 4chan's mlp and decided I wanted in on that.
Sometimes I think ponies are the only things that are keeping me sane...

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Do people really expect that? I expect them to throw away everything gen 4 worked for and never mention it again. I watched the g5 movie and Im not even sure other races will even exist in this world after watching the movie

What are your thoughts on G5 being expected to carry all the baggage of G4?

"Really internet? What's wrong with you, stop that. Fucking hipster fags raving about a little girls show."

no u :E

Yeah kinda sucks to get a dislike and not a comment, speaking of I use my phone primarily for fimfiction at work so Im never really behind a keyboard to write back and continue my story @_@ Also the days that have been made have bee doubled! SEQUEL!

2009434 I'm really glad you liked my story. To be fair, it takes me ages to get started on one and sometimes i get disheartened early on, especially when people leave unhelpful, or just plain mean comments! But the way I look at it now, is that I write because I like the story. If other people like it too, then that's an added bonus. If they don't, well that's their choice too.

I'm very happy you've taken inspiration from mine, and your reply has certainly brightened my evening up! Meanwhile, I do hope you finish your story and i'll look forward to reading it when you do. :twilightsmile:

Oh, and i'm currently writing a follow up to When the Snow Melts. 200 pages done to date, but a long way to go yet!

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