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On a cloudy day, four friends find refuge at Rarity's Boutique over a barrel of cider. But when Twilight Sparkle flies home from Canterlot to see her friends early, can she understand what's really going on?

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That was...
I think I like it.
Have a Thumbs up. Also, Good work on your grammar, it's rare I see a story written so well, or, at least, It's rare I find an author that writes so well. When do, I tend to read their other stuff.

At first towards the end I thought Pinkie Pie was in love with Bloomberg. I must say that was a pleasant surprise. :eeyup:

That was really quite good. :pinkiehappy:

Good short story.
You can't remember living through a whole life worth of memories without changing. Neither can you really expect a main character go through a really deep change on a show, Status Quo Is God and all that. Usually is considered to risky to make really big changes far from the ending of a show except to write out a character, add a new one, try to bring new live to a stalling or decaying show, or to make more money if the owner of the character is a toy company.

Woah, this was very interesting. Never thought that they may still have the memories of those versions of their lives.

This story has reminded me why I love this site.

That was a good story, and then I got to the end. Oh man, my feels. :raritycry:

This, was awesome. I wish there was more stories in this little 'universe', of how each of them are coping and living with the memories. :twilightsmile:

I really enjoyed this. Hadn't thought about how the mixing of their talents would effect their lives until I read this. The whole Pinkie Pie/ Big Mac pairing was a shock, but you made it work. Nice job. :moustache:

This pretty much should be canon. Well, minus the shipping I suppose. And the euphemism...

Loved it. It was a fascinating look into how those events could still influence them (assuming that the spell treats it as a change in history rather than just a cosmetic change with only the targets forgetting who they were).

Pinkie/Mac was very cute. The story does not require anymore but it also leaves a lot of opening for more if you want which is a good place to be. Thanks for writing it.

I'm pretty sure that the alt-timeline PinkieMac ship is going to be as universally fanon as the Twixie obsession-ship. Woe betide the Hub if they ever contradict it! :pinkiehappy::eeyup:

I don't believe a fanfiction has caused me to shed liquid pride before.
This one did.

This was really nice and well written~

Kudos my friend, have a fav, upvote and a moustache:moustache:!


It certainly went from being a very rare ship to having a number of stories devoted to it. Sadly they are almost all (if not all) one shots.

I like how at the start most of the characters are throwing out subtle hints that they are cultivating their alternate talents. The interesting part is that for all but Pinkie what they have is influencing them but their history was not really all that changed. They just switched jobs and talents. Pinkie gets the most interesting one because not just did she change jobs and talents but she DOES have something that changed in her history that is a big deal. I wonder how Twilight is going to feel once she realizes that she simultaneously created and broken up a marriage and that Pinkie is not just enjoying farming but is also pining for a pony that she remembers loving so much but is no longer with (well it looks like now she might be rekindling this relationship or is it kindling it for the first time...again).

I swear Pinkie/Mac is rising quickly in my favorite ships and I would love to see more.

I would like to see a sequel where PinkieMac would happen.

I really like your take on the ramifications of that episode. Plus, Pinkie/Mac is just so goddamn adorable! Would you be willing to write more?

Wow. That was impressive.

A like and a fave from me, dude.

Very well done indeed.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I always love it when people write stories about the fallout from that spell, and I love it when they do the PinkieMac ship because of it.

This was fun to read, it's really good to see more stuff from you.

Now I wish I had...

Honestly I didn't know that it was all that popular. I was just sort of sitting around one day and the idea came to mind. Everything fell in to place and I just put it on the page.

2719188 Don't you love it when it all comes together?

It's a good story, but the premise--- I'm averse to it.

I think the show writers need to sit down and get the facts straight on cutie marks, talents, and destiny, here. In a big way, this cutie-mark switcharoo was the real big mistake of the season 3 finale.... it was established in season 1 that your talent gives you your cutie mark. But the Cutie Pox episode and the season 3 finale have reversed that, saying that the cutie marks give you your talent (which has all sorts of unpleasant implications.) Worse, it's now implied that the cutie mark COERCES you into exercising that talent....

Wow. :rainbowderp: That was rather interesting; I quite like this idea!


Well it does not really contradict because the Pox and season three were both magically induced. Typically the only way to manifest your cutie mark is to show what your special talent is. We have also found out that if you manage to magically induce a cutie mark (which normal magic cannot do) then it can magically bring out that talent but there is always a cost when done that way. Notice that in no time in the show has an artificial cutie mark brought happiness.

You are right though in that it does bring up questions of destiny. It appears ponys are big believers in it.

Very interesting and cool story, but you caused conflicts in my head cannon. My brain is short circuiting... :pinkiecrazy:

A different Ponyville.

Different indeed.

An interesting concept. I think part of the inherent goodness of the story is your skill in the basics. They sound like themselves, and then in this chapter they sound like, well, what you'd expect. Your imagery is delightful, the scenes are short without leaving the reader wanting, your pacing is quick without dragging me along. Add that to the very interesting seed idea, and you've made something lovely.

Definitely have to note how good the endings are, as well. They really hammer that point home, how you can have everything you want, be content with life, and yet mourn for something you never really had to begin with just because it seems so right. I can relate to that. Just because my visions of another life weren't magic doesn't mean they didn't affect me. And the endings cultivate that feeling and then hit it hard.

Masterful stuff. I'll be watching you.

wow, i didn't expect that this would be a good read. it's a really, weird fic, in a good way.
ack, i can't describe it properly! >.>

have a thumbs up instead~
you've earned it. ;)

:fluttercry:This is really hard for me to say, but as a reviewer who believes in being honest with whom I am reviewing for, it needs to be said no matter what. I can't say that I was impressed with this chapter at all. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find anything positive worth mentioning other than an interesting concept that needs to be expanded upon.

:pinkiesick:Things that I didn't like:
1.There was really no hook for me to grab onto to pull me into the story you were providing me and as a result it seemed boring to me. You could've explained why the girls were there in the first place before Twilight arrived. Maybe have them tell each other some stories, or explain how they felt when they came to their realizations.
2.The romance at the end of the chapter with Pinkie and Mac felt a bit random and out of the blue because it really had no build up to it at all. You could've alluded to it by some off handed comment by Applejack or one of the girls, but you can't just bring something out of the blue unless it has something that changes everything that the reader has read about in the story.
3.I feel that the conflict was poorly proposed and poorly executed because it took half of chapter to even bring up said conflict and the reason they were all there in Rarity's home. The whole fiction was just the girls telling Twilight their conflict and nothing else follows it as it went nowhere.

I'm trying to be generous with this but I couldn't find reason to be so, this chapter is getting a 2/10.


It's.... something...
I like something.. Something's my favorite! :pinkiehappy:


I know you're entitled to your opinion, and I'm not trying to change it. However, I did think your points were flawed.

Also, this comment has some minor spoilers in it, for those who read the comments before they read the story.

1. The hook was in wondering what was going on. Where was Pinkie, and what kind of phase was she going through? Nopony seemed upset, exactly, just kind of confused. As for having them tell stories, or discuss their situation before Twilight arrived would have negated Twilight's part in the chapter; she was clueless, and this paved the way for exposition.
2. The romance really wasn't random at all, if you read between the lines. We already knew that Pinkie was spending a lot of time at Sweet Apple Acres, and the way her friends were talking about it made it seem as though romance was somehow involved. Right after the perspective switch, I had a feeling that Pinkie had some leftover memories involving Big Mac, and so it didn't seem random to me at all.
3. Yeah, the explanation took a while, but this was hardly a long chapter. If the exposition had been any faster, it would have seemed unnaturally fast, and the last thing an author wants to do is cram exposition down their readers throat. As for bringing up the conflict... there had already been a few hints as to the nature of the conflict before Twilight even showed up, while the author set the scene. I'm not really sure what the issue is here.

Again... I'm not trying to change your mind, but the points you made against the story didn't make any sense to me.

I hate up-voting without saying anything but there's honestly not much I can say. The first chapter was great. The second was... bittersweet. And I love bittersweet. :twilightsmile:

This was very well conceived and constructed. An interesting take on the side effects of the spell, definitely, and seeing all the characters as they might have been... it was certainly bittersweet. They were all happy, but I couldn't be happy for them, because it felt wrong, and the kicker is that it was supposed to feel wrong!

I really liked the IDEA behind this story, but I feel like it has some pretty big problems. The biggest problem is its tendency to tell and not show - it is very heavy on exposition, and it just doesn't feel like it flows very well.

I love the idea of exploring what they thought happened to them, and the glimpse chapter was an interesting idea as well.

Haunting, I get mental goosebumps thinking about the Ponyville that could have been.

I've seen the topic of this discussed quite a few times on threads after the cutie-swap episode. The whole 'What if they enjoyed their cutie marks' thing. Although I have not seen so much of the 'different lives' bit, also the concept of different memories never really occurred to me.

I like this premise, and I think you pulled it of well in this first chapter. I'll be interested to see what you do with this

Really like the story. First I've seen about the swapped cutie marks, guess the whole Alicorn thing might have overshadowed it. Don't suppose anyone else has found any other good destiny swap stories?

That was awesome! I loved the way you really looked at what Equestria would be like if their cutie marks had stayed the same. It really was an amazing read and you deserve more than this little fav that I'm giving you!

I too have also wondered what Equestria would be like if the spell didn't work. In fact, I have the idea come to me of what would happen if the cutie mark swap in MMC was actually their true cutie marks and how that would change the entire fate of Equestria, starting from Day 1. I kind of look forward to writing it and I must thank you again for kindling that small spark in me. Love the story, love the viewpoints, and love the idea! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

That was...so sad...how strange and experience to just turn into a completely new person/pony...and how sad that part of you has died along to way...:fluttercry:

A beautiful look at what could have been and what never was. :fluttercry:

A lovely little story. Definite thumbs up.


I think Crimson Dawn has the right of it, really. The implications would have been much more disturbing if Magical Mystery Cure had shown the cutie-mark-swapped Mane Six (well, five) happy in their new lives and doing well at them, or if Cutie Pox had ended with Applebloom keeping one of those random marks and having that become her "special talent."

As I see it, a "true" cutie mark comes out when you find the special talent that you love, or that you feel is your destiny. It's not necessarily the only thing you can do, or that you have a talent for. Applejack, for example, has been established as being one of the best bakers in Ponyville, so clearly she has a "special talent" for that as well, but it's not the one that spoke to her heart the most, so that talent didn't come out as a mark. It's likely that many other ponies are the same way; they have other things they can do which they're just as good at as their "special talent", but only one of them is truly "special" in their own hearts. Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle are actually all fairly good at several different things, but they will never find their marks until their "heart's desire" becomes doing that one thing they love doing above everything else, rather than just getting a mark for its own sake. (RealityCheck, I believe you've touched on this more than once in "The Audience", BTW.)

A "false" mark, magically forced, is a different matter altogether. We've seen several ways in which magic gone awry, or misused, can mess with a pony's mind, and I think that's what the author was going for here. I think the premise works, if you go with the idea that what happened during Magical Mystery Cure isn't that the cutie mark itself forced them to do that talent; it was their minds getting "swiss-cheesed" with an incomplete swap of memories and personality, jamming the proverbial square peg into a round hole, making them think they had that talent when they obviously didn't.

Wow I'm loving this story! :pinkiehappy:The concept is really great. I really liked how you looked at what their lives would be like, if they had different cutie marks, and lived different lives, while still keeping their same personality. Plus that undertone of unhappiness, that feeling like something's not quite right, was brilliant! :raritystarry: I also really loved how Rainbow started the race, but then stopped to help/save Fluttershy, and that's how she got her "fake" cutie mark. It actually would of made more sense for her to do that, instead of continuing to race on. But then she and the other main 6 would have never got there cutie marks..so ya. Overall this is an amazing story so far, keep it up!!:yay:

Oh Wait the stories complete.... Aww:fluttershysad: Still I can undertand, and I'm okay with this, it just felt like it was gonna have another chapter. Well nevertheless Amazing job!:twilightsmile:

Hmm, thought the first chapter was a good lead out of MMC, and potentially leading to some MacApplePie. Second chapter, :derpyderp1::rainbowderp::derpyderp2:, well done, but seems disjunctive from the first. Still good response to the MMC debacle that a lot of fans sort of went:raritydespair: over.

You may want to consider running an extension off Ch.1 as you seem to have a good handle on MacApplePie line.:eeyup:

Here's to hoping we see a season 4 MMC recovery episode anyway.

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