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Three weeks have passed since Twilight Sparkle was crowned a Princess of Equestria; but many things have not changed. For instance, one hour every day, all of the animals at Fluttershy's home take a nap, and she has tea.

One day, though, her routine is spontaneously interrupted by the least spontaneous mare she knows, eager to talk about anything, except what brought on her visit in the first place. Fluttershy is left to wonder: Just what is going on in Twilight's mind, and can she help her unravel it?

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I may have secretly been hoping for some Twishy, but I didn't mind that it was just slice of life. It was nice, well-written story. Well done.

That was a nice pleasant read. A nice simple concept and it was well written. I'm not sure if the missing 'an' in the title is a typo or a deliberate reference to the fact that Twilight was trying to be the concept of a princess rather than just being a princess.


Ha, I'd get my ears bitten off for writing that without a Romance tag! :rainbowlaugh:

If it helps, I don't think the story outright rules it out. On one hand, if Twilight actually had aspirations to that effect, her "sort of like Mom" line was quite unfortunate; on the other hand, Twilight isn't exactly a smooth criminal at the best of times, and that's the kind of screwup she would pull. :twilightblush: If you want to put on the ol' shipping goggles, I won't stop you. :raritywink:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for commenting!


... Well, it was deliberate at any rate. I mean, I consciously left out the article. I wouldn't get a typo in the title of a story! :pinkiegasp:

I think my German roots betrayed me there, actually, because in German this is a common stylistic choice. The German title of "Life of Pi", for instance, is "Schiffbruch mit Tiger", which translates to "shipwreck with tiger", also missing the article. (German translators don't usually exercise a great deal of imagination, no.) Leaving the article out, to German ears, makes it sound more whimsical, more like a story, and is not grammatically incorrect. It also lends a bit more of, how to put it, character and importance to the tiger. (After all, even here, Fluttershy isn't just having tea time with "an" alicorn.) Without really thinking about it, I applied the same stylistic choice in the title of this story, without researching if English even lets you do that or what effect it would create in an English reader's mind. Such are the trappings of writing in a non-native language.

I've showed this story to a couple of people before I published it (I still need to put in acknowledgements, actually!) and no one's commented on the title before. Now I wonder if they all came to the same conclusion as you did. It's not wrong. Like I said, I wrote the title like that without much thinking. It sounds right like that.

I mean, "Tea Time with an Alicorn" sounds like Fluttershy is having tea time with a random alicorn off the street who is not really important. No, she's having tea time with Twilight, who is currently very much struggling with "being Alicorn", just like you've put it. So tell you what; pretend you've never read a word of this and that I just wrote "Er, yes, that second thing you said". Not like I'm posting this in a public space, for all the world to see.:raritywink:

and this is why fluttershy is best pony.

Nicely done. A good character piece (and refreshingly positive story for a change...! Though I think you've probably gathered my thoughts on that subject already today...!)

(I think here Twilight's as lost as most of the fandom, in limbo, not sure what's going to happen in season four!)

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Ah, that makes sense. I mean I'm certainly not calling it wrong, my mastery of my own language is sufficiently poor that now I'm wondering if it's syntactically legal or not. It implies that Alicorn is a proper noun to me, but that just might be because can't recall ever seeing that particular sentence structure used like that. I wouldn't read too much in to what it makes me think though, I'm a pathological over analyser. Thanks for the lesson in German grammar anyway, I always find that stuff interesting.

Very well done.


I can definitely agree with that! I wrote the story at least in part to figure out myself what I think about Twilicorn. It worked for me, at the very least until I can watch what Meghan's got in store for the season four opener!


You're very welcome!

I'm pretty sure the structure of the title doesn't work, but quite honestly, I didn't notice it until it it was pointed out. My mind just automatically inserted the "an" in there where appropriate.
The whole thing is very well done, with both Twilight and Fluttershy feeling very much in-character.

Not a bad treatment of the concept.

But, as is the case with a lot of these stories, Twilight's acceptance is something that seems rather...abrupt. I suppose part of it comes from my views on the ugly tradeoffs of leadership, but it's still something I found unnatural. Just my opinion, though.

I enjoyed this very much, truly beautiful. I too wondered if there was going to be shipping in this, but I think it's better that it is NOT a shipping fic. It's nice to read a fic about deep friendship once in a while.

I loved this.

I would've loved it more had it been TwiShy, but that's just me.

Any Twi and Shy interaction is good enough for me, and I found this to be highly enjoyable. Good job.


That was absolutely fantastic writing. Very in character, very thoughtful. I applaud you, Excellent work. :twilightsmile:

That was quite simply amazing. Your writing is excellent and you nailed Twilight and Fluttershy's characterizations exactly.

I think the title is only grammatically correct, if "Alicorn" is interpreted as:
a) a proper noun, or
b) an uncountable, such as a uniform substance.
In case b, the shortest leap of interpretation is the original meaning of the word alicorn, which is the substance that a unicorn's horn is made of. Thus, "Powdered unicorn horn in the tea". :derpytongue2: Alternatively, Twilicorn as a condiment, i.e. sitting in the teacup. :twilightblush:
But seriously, I don't mind it at all. It's quirky, that's all.


Thank you! That's a load off my mind :twilightsheepish:

Thanks to all the others for your kind words, too! I'm really kind of blown away by the positive response :twilightoops:


The ugly tradeoffs of leadership will show themselves over time, I'm sure. At its most basic, Twilight had to realize that she is as much a filly Princess as she is a filly pegasus. You have to recognize and embrace your weaknesses to grow stronger. (It's a lesson Fluttershy has learned a long time ago. Just watch her troll Discord with it in Return of Harmony!)

Remember, this story takes place in Fluttershy's cottage. It's her safe haven from the complexities and burdens of the world out there. Twilight didn't just "stumble" in there, if you ask me. She needed a place to settle down, and to think; where things are not quite as big and overwhelming and scary. It wouldn't fit the scene (and since it has only the one scene, the story) if I started writing about the really harsh stuff, I think.

She'll run into tons of trouble starting from episode one of season four, there's no doubt in my mind about that. This show being what it is, it's never going to be quite as dark as, judging from reality, it should be, but it's going to be quite the ride for our dear old Princess.


Interesting! Being decently native bilingual with Spanish (and a total English grammar nut!), I always enjoy learning about the quirky nuances in two languages, and that one is pretty interesting. :twilightblush:

Nice story too. And about what troubles Twilight will be facing in Season 4, I'm very intrigued by Meghan Mcarthy's saying on Twitter that someone in a meeting said that Season 4 was "the most epic thing" they've ever done on the show. :rainbowkiss:


Ha ha, that's totally true. I actually like the current quirky, "incorrect" title, It's German! :D

I know the format of the story doesn't suit a more "realistic" treatment of leadership, but I still wasn't convinced by the short period of time it takes for Twilight to accept her new role. To be fair, I'm starting to think your story is going to end up being a much more detailed and convincing interpretation of her conflict than what the show will go for, but that's my pessimistic side talking again.

Twilight had to realize that she is as much a filly Princess as she is a filly pegasus

One of the things that somewhat bugs me about a lot of Twilicorn stories is the extreme emphasis they have on Twilight having to seek help from the pegasi characters. You deserve credit for not taking the cliched "Dash teaches Twilight to fly" route, but this is what specifically bothers me about the stories in this little sub-genre: they tend to focus far too much on the technical aspects and imagined benefits of having wings. The extended conversation Twilight has with Fluttershy about wings was another aspect that didn't sound natural to me--again though, your mileage may vary.


The extended conversation Twilight has with Fluttershy about wings... I can definitely see how it would seem strange, especially since Fluttershy has mostly let Twilight talk at her own pace, but is rather talkative on that particular topic. That's because Fluttershy isn't talking about wings the entire time, at least not below the surface. To Twilight, wings are the "safer" topic, one she feels comfortable talking about, and Fluttershy tries to "sneak" in what advice she thinks she can give on the topic that Twilight doesn't feel comfortable about yet - "OMG I'm a Princess" - by drawing parallels between Princesshood and wing care (because practice, patience and love are important for any task you can't learn through books).

Any further extensions to that conversation are basically Twilight's fault. She likes going on tangents even if she isn't nervous and avoiding talking about something else. And Fluttershy doesn't mind that, either. She's going to go along with Twilight on a tangent, too, if it helps her calm down. That goes for both Twilight's sudden bout of worry about foals without parents or family to care for them (which you can chalk down to her general compassion, or to her subconscious realization that, when it comes to Princessing, she's also alone) as well as her curiosity about adult pegasi (which is probably just that, curiosity; though I think, instinctively, she's felt a bit "weird" about having another adult pegasus do that for her, too, which has spurred it on).

To me, the conversation felt perfectly natural, but then I would say that, having written it, wouldn't I?

:moustache: it was great. Daring do!



when twilight first moves the bench, you have "und" instead of "and," just thought you'd like to know. already saw your comment about german being your native language, a slip i'm sure i'd make if i ever learned german.

very fun story, plenty of feels and laughs, will certainly be reading your other story as well.


Wow, what an eye for detail!:raritystarry: You're right, of course. It's a very easy mistake for me to make and close to impossible to spot, too. Thanks for that, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

2248893 i've got a nack for spotting small mistakes. :moustache:

This could honestly be a fullyfledged episode! :raritywink:
The way I see it, is that this is the end of a crazy episode of Twilight running around and freaking out.
Then she comes to fluttershy and then this happens.
Excellent work everyone! :twilightsmile:
And see you soon! :twilightsheepish:

Truly Slice-of-Life-y:pinkiesmile:
Nice little read. All I noticed was a 'adress' rather than 'address':twilightsmile:
Good Job:rainbowkiss:


Ouch. In my defense, the German word is "Adresse", from the French "adresse" apparently. You wouldn't happen to know where you get your extra d from and what it is for? :twilightsmile:

Oddly enough, I think my favorite part was when Fluttershy reached her legs out just to make sure her tea was close enough to where she was lying on her couch. I just like it when stories include little details like that.

This was a rather delightful story, simple in it's premise but utterly capturing the characters of both Twilight and Fluttershy to a "T".


I see what you did there ... now. It took me days. I'm the dumbest person on the planet.


Actually, I didn't even see what I did there until you just mentioned it! Ah, best unintentional pun ever.


:rainbowderp: You need to get that checked out. You even put it in quotation marks for emphasis ... subconsciously. With the words of :moustache:: "Dude. That's creepy."


Just one of my many useless talents. Wonder if there's a cutie mark for that sort of thing?


Lol, Fluttershy didn't really do much at all. Twilight was feeling lost about her new responsiblities and, after some nudging, gave herself a pep talk. Twilight totally stole the spotlight.


That's certainly one way of looking at it!

Realizing that my generic boring author's answer might not be satisfying, I relayed your comment, independently, to the Twilight and Fluttershy in my head. Twilight started yelling at me that Fluttershy helped her out a great deal and how dare you imply otherwise! Fluttershy just smiled and nodded, though.

It's things like this that display signs of a true leader. Even if you do outlive your friends and won't have them by your side in the future, Twilight, I know you're going to be one of the greatest leaders Equestria has ever seen. *pets Twilight's head.*

Eeee. German person!
Insta-fave! Insta-stalk!

I don't usually read Twilicorn/Fluttershy stories, but the title caught and drew me in as well. :P I must admit, it's a pretty sweet little story, and I'm not sure if you're doing it on purpose, but there's a ton of distinguishable Twishy in here. Don't really follow that ship, but it seems rather evident. xD Still a nice read, the characterization is great.

Not sure if you intentionally say it, but just to ask, is Twilight's mane really 'blue'? I'd say more indigo, maybe navy at a push. Just saying blue alone kinda makes me think of azure, cobalt blue, as opposed to Twilight's... difficult purple-blue thing she's got going on.
I guess it's just a matter of opinion. :D


Woah, a fellow German brony? Coming to GalaCon, too?

If I had intended to write TwiShy I would have assigned a Romance tag, but I also made no effort to rule it out. I happen to think TwiShy is a beyond adorable pairing, myself, so if anyone reading the story wants to put on the shipping goggles and read it that way, I don't mind!

My brain understands too little about colors to give more detailed descriptors for Twilight's mane than "some kind of bluevioletish except for the purplishpink streak". Indigo is probably right. I'm lucky enough that readers of the story probably have seen Twilight Sparkle at some point, leaving very little room for confusion!

Oh gosh. T.T I wish. Instead I'm left in a small, sad country struggling to learn German. I think at the moment I'm kind of disgracing the language with my attempts, but no fear, I will [eventually] become [somewhat] fluent!
While trying to do this, I kinda developed a great.. respect and infatuation for whenever I happen across someone german, something german, even when I read german stuff on the back of some label! It's such a beautiful language - and you guys even have superb english on top of knowing it. Mein Neid ist unbeschreiblich.
... I hope that sufficiently answers your question, that no, I am unfortunately not German. I do however plan to move over in future years to come, so perhaps if it's still running by then, I'd definitely attend it!

I don't think I ever remember my goggles are ever off, actually.... I think that may be the problem here. O.o Even though you don't intend to, you manage to convey such fluff. I'm impressed! And anyway, I think it'd be fine still to leave it as blue, since you're right - I don't think anyone on FiMFiction would not know what Twilight looks like. Especially considering that, you know, the fact that she's the main character of the show. :P I get the feeling that might play a part in it. xD


Now I feel a little guilty that I haven't actually written any fiction in German for a couple of years now. It is a beautiful language in its own right. Pony fanfiction isn't going to work in German, though, and I think English simply is more fun for me, because it also feels like I'm learning as I write. 'Sides, as long as all I can think of writing is pony fanfiction, switching languages isn't really in the cards.

If you ever have a question to ask regarding German, I would be ecstatic to help! Für zusätzlichen Lerneffekt, stell mir die Frage in Deutsch!

Aww, this was beautiful and heartwarming. :twilightsmile: I loved it, good job. :pinkiehappy:

2553837 Pft! It's not impossible!
I actually managed to write a brief Appledash story in german, once. It was very fast paced and to the point, and yeah, sure, it was laughed at - but still a story. xD
However, all people have a preference, and since I think the majority of the fan base speaks english anyway, you're right to prefer english. Though if you ever did a little german shindig on FF.net or something, I would totally go read it. And try to decipher it. xD There aren't really very many german pony stories anyway. :P

Ich danke Ihnen vielmals! Mach ich sicher. :D

This is just ridiculously cute and fuzzy. :yay:

Maybe it would work better as "Tea Time, With Alicorn"? That's not technically 'right' either, but I know I've seen that construction used before.

I saw this, and it looked too good to just pass by without a second glance. Two best characters together chatting, drinking tea and being adorable gave me a smile on my face that will stay there for a long time. Thank you for writing this amazing story. :pinkiehappy:

2552490 i agree with you on that :twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

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