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The coronation has finished, the parade is over, and the guests have gone home. The new princess has finally come. Time for Twilight to start to panic.
Set immediately after Magical Mystery Cure. May be edited later, depending on how season 4 goes.

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Sweet, well written, and very much like the show in its tone. I like how you explained how Twilight came to view friendship as an unnecessary thing, without it being trite or overwrought.

Great story!


Looking forward to more of your stories

see below Lyra clapping image....great job

I should favorite this one.


This story... It's like a non-sequiter without an antelope.

I was half-expecting Twilight to use her own Royal Canterlot Voice. Ah well, can't have them all.

Excellent story :twilightsmile:

2210401 That scene was essentially the centerpiece. I started with it and built everything else around it, when I was plotting this out. :twistnerd:

2214599 Or maybe even a non sequi*tur*. :raritywink:

2215436 She hasn't learned how to do that yet. :trollestia:

I hope they do something like this in season 4. Or better yet this would have made a great Part 2 of the season 3 final. Over all, Amazing story and I really think it helped to show some of the Bronies that she can do this as well.:rainbowdetermined2:

Very nice. I agree, Twilight comes across as both mature and yet not a pushover here. This is one of the few Season 4 fics I've read that really feels right.

2217555 Well the foul language would be removed obviously.

Simple, but smart and sweet.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Twi sure came into her own on this one:pinkiehappy: hey greensleeves, have at thee BITCH!:rainbowwild:

Excellently done. I can see this as an episode easily

Oh, this was just so AMAZING!!!:twilightsmile:
I love reading a good verbal beatdown, especially when no one raises their voice.
I need MOAR!

"Well, you should just let it go! It was so long ago, and it wasn't any big deal anyway!"


Nice. A good little story and very well-written.

I find the way you mark out significant words odd though *word* looks odd to me, I would suggest word or at least just bold without the asterixes, so it would just be word.
Still, great job.

4015275 I keep vaguely thinking about coming back to edit this, but I never find the time.

Beautiful. Just that. :twilightsmile:

I reviewed your story tonight you can find it here

Well. Suddenly, this story is getting a massive number of favorites. Did it get featured or linked somewhere?

I reviewed it and I have lots of followers ^^ I loved it!

Just the biggest grin on my face from the moment Twilight owned that 'old associate' of hers, all the way through to the end of the story. Faved :twilightsmile:

This is beautifully done. You write Twilight perfectly and Greensleeves felt like a very solid character rather than something more two-dimensional. you should be proud.


I disagree regarding Greensleves. One may think an associate of a law firm who discovers the filly he once abused has grown into a position far beyond hers would have planned the meeting with greater care, without pretenses of fake past friendship and remembering who had the actual power on the table.
Otherwise, a good job. Too many fics regarding Twilight's immortality drama and so few about she having to deal with her new political power.

Eh, it's been what, less than one day? For that time frame I can easily believe Greensleeves remembers Twilight and the event perfectly well, has been deliberately staying away from her with no intention changing that policy, but had superiors at the firm whose immediate response to the news was to find anypony there who'd been in vague proximity to Twilight to send over to solicit business, and that Greensleeves, being a professional attorney, would do their bidding and play out her assigned position and arguments irrespective of whether she thought that position was reasonable or the whole venture might seem silly or even insulting.

Very much not the direction I usually prefer to take Twilight's fillyhood, but this works as well in general and better here.

Twilight being confident and competent is always a plus.

I don't think Greensleeves was particularly ill-prepared for their meeting.
Her bosses wanted to capitalize on the fact that they were acquainted, the nature of their relationship didn't really matter.
She probably agreed, believing that their scheme might actually work so long as Twilight was still the gullible pony she remembered; and if not, there was at least a chance for some form of reconciliation that could be the basis for future talks.
When Twi deflected her bs like a boss and had basically told both the company and the mare to f off, there was nothing she could do, because a bad deal, with nothing in it for Twi, was all she had to offer.

Even though my 'OC plot device warning' got triggered immediately, I still liked how efficiently and organically her character archetype was established. I would've like some more back and forth between the two, maybe a little twist to give Twi another reason to crack, but what's there did the trick I guess.

And as a TwiLuna shipper I liked those friendly princess moments quite a lot ... and Luna's cheeky 'I blame my sister' moments never get old^^.

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