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There are things you just don't say. Some lines you just don't cross, ever. The reason you don't cross them is because of empathy: you know how bad it feels to hear certain things, and you know you wouldn't like it if you heard it yourself. This is a view not shared by everypony.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon crossed the line. Rarity learns of it. Rarity is not amused.

Everypony draws their line in the sand somewhere.

Disclaimer: contains Rarity in a state of barely lucid rage as well as the use of harsh words. Also Cheerilee being as effective as she is in the show, on average. If you do not enjoy episodes like Ponyville Confidential or any other episode where ponies talk harshly to each other, chances are this'll ruffle some feathers.

If this resembles real life situations or anyone you know, this is not the author's intent nor the author's problem.

Added notice 10/12/13: No, not based on any Season 4 storyline or spoilers, it's an old idea. The spoiler just prompted the publishing.

Added 2021 notice: please check the author's notes before commenting, chances are you'll find some answers there.

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Yay! Staches! And dude, you're the first person to fave, like and comment. I appreciate the sentiment, but give it time :scootangel:.

("Indoor voice", Luna)
(Thy story hath pleased Us, scribe!)

*keeps earphones on* Thank you, Princess Luna.

(Also, I have 'Light the Sky on Fire' on my Read Later list, I gather it's awesome and I'll be sure to tell you how awesome when I get around to it. When that'll be, I don't know, but it's on my 'to do' list.)

Thanks for the feedback, I was worried the rush job would show too much.

Heh -- I am honestly surprised by the reaction Light The Sky On Fire has gotten; I never expected it to just explode in popularity with 2k+ views and 500+ favs in less than 48 hours... :twilightsheepish: Clearly, there's lots of Scootalove around here for the little orange daredevil, despite the high proportion of "starving orphan living in the clubhouse hiding from dead abusive parents" fics floating around. :rainbowhuh:

I think this story came out just fine; it doesn't seem like a rush job to me. It's an effective story, and it's very satisfying to see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon on the receiving end for once. You did a great job with Rarity's dialogue as she carved them up into little pieces with just a few well-chosen words and insinuations, making them realize that despite what the old cliche says, words can and do hurt.

Oh, yes. That just happened.
Rarity. You... you glorious being, you.

Rarity is the Queen of Tranquil Fury.
Well done, sir.

I want to like this, but- I don't know. Rarity carving into them like she did made me feel too bad for them to feel for her, and the line in the sand was the final step. Up until then I could, but that felt a bit too much to me. I don't know. I just don't know.

Hmm... I liked the story expect for the confrontation. It didn't strike me as quite real as any teacher would have throw Rarity out at the first sign of trouble. Rarity's perceived 'favor' not withstanding.

DT and Silver deserve good a talking to, but it's not Rarity's place and it was a bit over the top for an adult to do that to a child in front of the class.

Not saying it wasn't justified, but not appropriate. I think we forget sometimes that DT and Silver are just idiot kids. And idiot kids are assholes.

2918397 I agree. That punishment was way too hard. She could've just done one paragraph of it, and that still would be a bit harsh. Plus, the whole 'you owe me one, so I'm allowed to ridicule and teach a lesson to kids that aren't even mine' thing? Wouldn't really work, it's the teacher's job is to keep kids in a 'safe learning environment which doesn't include random adults making fun of kids. Rarity would have been excused form the building.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the story, and it was done well. Some things just seemed... off. Giving a like, but not a favorite.

Excelent, about time that those two would get an EPIC speech about how they suck.

That said, Rarity Tranquil fury mode was awesome, it shows that you can be a badass without having to kick ass.

i liked what you did here however i still would have had rarity go to there parents afterward i have no idea about the spoons but filthy would punish daimond for her actions.

2918397>>2918468>>2918613 i am sorry but i have to say this....

yes maybe what rarity did wouldn't work in the school system, but this is definatly a case of the SYSTEM being wronge. you see it as an adult coming in to pick on children. but this is from someone who grew up with the type of bullies like this, this isn't for some redeeming reason buried deep down like so many anti-bullying seminars schools dish out, there are bullies who just like to be cruel. i've been there, been made fun of, made to feel worthless, slow, stupid, people trying to take my potential away from me to suit there vanity.

here is the thing WHAT RIGHT DID THOSE TWO HAVE TO TAKE FLIGHT AWAY FROM HER? who gave them the right to make her think she'll never fly? who gave them the right to tell her how her life well pan out?

there needs to me be moar people like rarity in the world, more people willing to draw that line in the sand and say 'no you don't get to make that call, you don't get to say that and get away with it' i'm sorry if the idea of what rarity did seemed off to you or went agianst your sensebilities but no matter how you feel it was right.

i only wish there where more people like her in real life.

Comment posted by SuperPinkBrony12 deleted Jul 23rd, 2013

2918940 How does making Scootaloo disabled come off as ruining her character? Doesn't it more count as giving her more depth? I think that your comment actually seems really offensive to disabled people. And quit blaming problems with MLP on Hasbro. It's getting annoying.

2918996 I'm saying that suddenly make a character disabled just to appeal to those who already are ruins a character. Especially if the disabliity is permanent. We''ve already seen Scootaloo fly so her suddenly being unable to fly just screams B.S.

“Oh, and you couldn’t tell me? Sweetie, I had my knife collection all polished and ready to show off.”

Scootaloo's mom is awesome. :rainbowlaugh:

Nicely done, this makes two good Scootaloo-based fics I've read today. The moral is pretty good because a: story has a moral and b: words like that can actually be very hurtful. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon never struck me as the type to apologize, but I can imagine that changing basd on Rarity charging in and slandering them profusely. Sure, in our school system that could never happen. But, for better or for worse, Equestria operates differently.

Given a like, and 712 out of 917 random numbers. Well done.

2919073 Correction: We've seen Scootaloo fly for a brief moment of time. The whole thing with her not being able to fly seemed almost hinted within the show. Her being disabled is debatable, so her character is not taking a 180. In fact, I'm looking forward to this episode and I think that it will heavily help Scootaloo's character.

"“Oh, and you couldn’t tell me? Sweetie, I had my knife collection all polished and ready to show off.”" :rainbowlaugh:
Very well written! You definitely earned my like! :pinkiesmile:

Exceptionally well written Rarity.

Something I don't think many other people will touch on; I loved Cheerilee's role. You nailed her on the fine line between 'Wanting to stop this' and 'Not being able to stop this'. It was a nice touch she wasn't forgotten, nor was she caught in the crossfire.

Thoroughly enjoyable. Need I say more?

have a big bravo from the long ago bullied masses that i belonged to dear author. im kinda fucking old by comparison I'm sure.
go rarity.
and as not particularly fond of her charecter as i am,
go scoot's


Can someone tell me WHEN did Scootaloo fly?

Because I'm sure that if something like that had happened in the show already, the fandom would know about it.

I know where you're coming from, actually. And again, I want to like this, but I still feel emotionally hurting them, and then threatening them on top of everything else feels like too much.

And that's coming from someone who almost lost a loved one to bullying. Call me crazy if you want, but I don't like what Rarity did here.

Addendum: In case you're curious, I didn't dislike the story either. It was a mixed bag.

2919151 Well she's able to use her wings to lift off the ground so they obviously work. And Roid Rage has tiny wings and can still fly.

She polished her knife collection? WTF? :rainbowlaugh: Very well written. For your hard work, here's a favorite


Hover and flying isn't the same, maybe they can lift her a little, but if she can't fly properly, then it doesn't mean anything.

And about Roid Rage, the fact that he has tiny wings doesn't mean that they can't lift him, if he can enter in the wonderbolt academy, then his wings are more powerful than they look at first glance.

I think Cheerilee should have simply not been in the room for that whole scene. Have Rarity ask her for a glass of water or something to get her out of the way, and then deliver that fantastic 'The Reason You Suck' speech.

Also, something made me think that Rarity knew how that kind of bullying felt from first hand experience, but I don't believe that was ever stated. I'm not sure what made me think that, but I have to ask; did she?

This was absolutely impressive.

I have to say... This truly moved me. Well done, man, well done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2918897 Not how I meant it. I've been bullied my entire life for everything imaginable. It's just that adults aren't really allowed to do that, even if I wish they could. I've done it tons of times, but I'm young, so it's different.

But I'm going to favorite this now. I don't know why. I just want to now.

2919241 Just because she can use her wings to lift herself off the ground doesn't mean that she's able to fly. Just look at Ponyville Confidential. She tries going up to a birds nest and has to force her wings up, only to fall over. Or how about how in Hearts and Hooves Day when the girls were trying to get ingredients for the love potion, and to get a piece of a cloud, they need to give Scootaloo a boost.

All of the other times that Scootaloo has flied was simple gliding. There's a difference between flying and gliding. Saying that Scootaloo can fly is like saying that Yoshi can fly.

2919151 I don't think she's ever flied, as I mentioned before. Unless you count the Yoshi-type gliding.

I think I know what I truly miss to make this story likeable:

Rarity needs to say she's sorry about what she said. Not in regret, but to show she didn't enjoy doing what she felt she had to do. Diamond and Silver came to honestly regret their words, and they apologised for causing Scootaloo anguish. I think Rarity would do well to do that too. It wouldn't have worked well to have that immediately in the classroom, though. At a later date it would be better, which is, unfortunately, probably outside this fic's timeframe...

No one ever said bullying was easy to handle. I should know; I hadn't had a SINGLE school to attend for more than a year before Jr. High, due exclusively to bullies. I had red ants poured in my hair, I was verbally abused to the point that I just couldn't handle being there, things I don't like to well on. From that perspective, I wish an adult would have jumped in there to help, or made the bullies feel the way they made me feel. Being bullied is the absolute worst feeling in the world besides losing a loved one.

But the thing is, despite it all, I have to say that it was an important step in me becoming who I am today. I wouldn't have been so interested in reading when I was younger, I wouldn't have attacked my schoolwork as vehemently, and I wouldn't be attending a great college on scholarships if I hadn't been bullied, and tried to prove those bullies wrong.

To a certain degree, bullying is a part of everyone's life. Considering how rampant it is, I honestly think it's part of the natural maturity process of human beings. That's not to say I CONDONE it, which I don't. But for someone to step in like Rarity did just seems wrong to me now, even if back then I would have loved it.

P.S. Met up with some of those ant-dumping bullies in HS (I'm allergic to ants, btw). They were both on the football team, a year ahead of me since I had been in accelerated learning programs back in third grade. Not only did I beat the hell out of the guys on the field, they ended up dropping out their junior year and getting arrested for trying to rob a local Circle K. The Universe has its own brand of justice.

A few small issues with pacing, mostly the beginning with too many minor details that didn't really push the story forward with Rarity's designs, a paragraph that could of been removed by just placing the first sentence of it to the end of the previous, but mostly forgivable since you can skip those scenes without worrying about missing out on anything relevant. Some grammar like a plural being used with a singular when Rarity addressed the colts, but spoke with a YOU instead of 'yourselves' and other parts where a word was misused or missing. (If you really have trouble finding them I can help later when I get some more rest)

But I like this. Still had that whole trying to paint Silver as being the lesser evil because she was 'being dragged along' sort of trope, but it certainly was one of your better stories. I've always liked how you assert yourself in writing as much as you can. Story has a good lesson, it was a bit unorthodox, especially since Rarity is shown to have so much hate in this, I honestly thought it was a really good story. The Shinning Armor Snails bit was a bit weird, but I took it with a *puts on glasses* grain of salt! :yay:YEEEAAAH~

*cricket riding a tumble weed stops on the road to make a few chirping sounds*

What? Oh COME ON! Snails and SALT, because the salt makes snails shrivel up and- oh never mind. Lame-o's

In short: Could use a bit of polishing on grammar. Some earlier scenes could be condensed a bit. Characterization for the most part were pretty well done, I still don't see DT and SS not teasing the girls, but I don't see them doing anymore than make fun of their silly mess ups. Certainly not making fun of disability anyways.

7/10. For what its worth it was certainly entertaining to read if you disregard the minor issues. Will fav.

2919377 If you don't know what anger really means, than i guess it would be more understandable.
Rarity wasn't just mad at DT & SS, she was absolutely livid. The way that the author describes it is not someone who is angry enough to do this, but so angry that she has to hold back herself or risk some big consequences. Rarity didn't apologise because that would defeat the purpose (the purpose being that the pen is mightier than the sword making words like daggers shredding your existence), and if she did it would make it look like she was wrong. This fic has a lot more going on in it than what's on the surface.

When did Rarity rant end and your rant begin? Because I don't care if Cheerilee owes her one or anything, that was way too harsh to happen in the middle of a classroom while the teacher is there.

I have my own issues with how the show treats bullying and the teacher's reaction to it, but this just makes it go in the complete opposite direction. The story was well written, but that was kind of ridiculous.

2917784 I agree. This was excellent, my friend. I wouldn't worry about ol' Scoots though. She'll be flying by season 4. :pinkiehappy:

Rumble and Scootaloo sitting in a cloud........

I don't like what Rarity did. I don't like that she threatened two eight year olds to force them into apologizing. Fake bullying is still bullying. I'm sure she meant some of what she said, or else it wouldn't be genuine. But when it comes to 'a taste of one's own medicine', you've already reached a level of depravity that no character can run from. I just hope Rarity apologizes HERSELF, or something. At least to Cheerilee; if I were her, I'd make all the curtains tie dye to keep her from coming back.


Yeah, it rubbed me the wrong way as well. Ugh, I should just leave.

Very nicely done.

There's a point in there where all the kids catch on at about the same time that Rarity is making a point and giving an example, rather than actually bullying, and that she didn't genuinely mean any of it. It's a subtle point, and I suspect that it could stand to be a bit less subtle and a bit more explicit on Rarity's part, given the audience of a classroom full of kids.

That aside, I still thoroughly enjoyed this. And the scene of the apology to Scootaloo afterward had just the right amount of awkwardness, wandering through a pro-forma apology to a genuine one.

This was great, and I'd love to see where the story leads to. You should write a sequel.
Edit: I did not read the A/N before posting this comment.

This was a pretty cute story, shame you're not continuing it.

Seemed like the Rarity rant went a little too far, it seemed like Cherilee would have stepped in after it went on for a bit. Well, seriously stepped in, not that half-arsed stuff. Regardless, I enjoyed it.

I loved how Rarity explained her cutie mark to the class, and Rare as a whole in this story! :raritystarry:


Excellent verbal joust, Lady Rarity. Thine eloquent criticism of the juvenile delinquents was most entertaining and thought-provoking.

2920416Would YOU want to step in front of an obviously very pissed off unicorn? She was keeping it to speaking at least, gotta keep the lady thing going strong.

Really liked it. I was a bit surprised that out of the CMC it was Scoots who was emotionally/spiritually broken. Sweetie and Applebloom are usually the ones.

2919103 For what it's worth, Scootaloo being disabled is endorsed by Word of Faust. SHe originally intended for her to be disabled, bu teventually find her talent of basically being a scooter god.

DAWWWWWWW! also, fuck yea Rarity.

Another great story where the bullies are put in their place!!!

Rarity should have also confronted Cherilee, after all, she's the one who's been letting the bullying get out of hoof.

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