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I love to read and write fiction and fanfiction. I'm 34 years old, married, and a gamer....I think that's it, other than Vinyl Scratch is best background pony. :P


Twilight Sparkle is pregnant and Big Macintosh is the father. Aid comes from the most surprising places as their situation becomes public. Secrets and long-buried tensions are exposed as the pair deal with a changing dynamic and learn what is most important in their lives.


SFC Ponycron: This story was started and originally written by Nagaina, and was adopted with their blessing. As of Sept. 11 / 2015, I'm doing minor edits and corrections to the previous chapters while mulling over Chapter 13.

Special thanks goes to:

Nagaina for letting me adopt this story and being of my pre-readers.

~HP~HF for the cover picture http://hp-hf.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5113nv

MisterClacky and Karn3, who volunteered to be the previous author's pre-readers. If you wish to continue to be pre-readers for this story, my warmest thanks.

For previous followers of this story, my thanks to you for wishing that this story continue. I hope not to disappoint.

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Sorry if all those lovely comments disappeared into a negative space wedgie putting by erasing the first chapter. I did not know that was going to happen. :fluttercry:

Ah, that explains it. Well it is certainly much better. I can imagine why condoms weren't working. He's not 'Big' Mac for nothing *nudge nudge wink wink*



I still can't believe I'm even implying that.

Errrr! need update now! this is really good! And about the "Big" Mac thing...:facehoof: wow. just wow.

AJ's gonna be pissed.:ajbemused:

You tease!

I kid, I kid. Anywho, a solid rewrite. I'm glad you found a prereader, although from the previous response I expected you to get more than one.

There were still some errors here and there, and since I had time to kill I copied it into Gdocs and went at it. I'll shoot you the PM with it after I finish this praise-filled ramble.

I'm super excited to see where this goes, and if you end up needing another set of eyes, let me know.

Twimac is still best ship! :twilightsmile::heart::eeyup:
And you've outdone yourself, the old version was awesome but this is even better!

Need update! July is half over and I check my notifications every day for an update. grrr.


I said second to third week. I finished the next chapter, have to edit it myself, and then send it to my pre-readers. Hopefully it will be here by next the Sunday after next if not sooner.

The next chapter will come out when the next chapter comes out. I promise that it won't be twenty days past forever, but it depends on the schedules of my editors after I actually finsh the first draft.

YAY UPDATE! :yay: You have no idea how happy I am right now! :rainbowkiss: I love you, and I love this chapter, and don't even think about Twilight having an abortion! SHE'S NOT THAT KIND OF MARE!!!!!:twilightoops:

this is a good one. i just KNEW it was Ditzy...but WHO is kingston? :rainbowhuh:


Kingston is my headcanon Doctor Whooves/Hooves.

Oh dear, poor Daisy. I hope Twilight doesn't end up like her

i don't see twilight sparkle getting an abortion it's just not her :twilightsmile:
great chapter can't w8 for the next one

Well, that was harsh. Why, Rarity? Why? :raritydespair:
Great chapter though.

liking the story until now just please please do not make :eeyup: a scumbag or transform ponyville in a city of haters pleaaaaaaaaase :fluttershysad::fluttershysad::fluttershysad:


There is nothing wrong with earning your happy ending. I really wish Fimfiction had a drama category. It along with humor are the two oldest genre's in existence.

I don't think that we need to worry about what some of the more small-minded citizens of Ponyville are going to do. I should think we should worry about what is done to them when BBBFF joins the debate. Angry apple farmers:ajsmug: and judgmental divas:raritywink: are one thing; over-protective siblings who have access to weaponry and the loyalty of armed stallions are quite another. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:


>:D Thank you for just inspiring and awesome scene for a later chapter.

Glad to be of help. The instant she'd been told the news, my common sense started tingling and warned me about Shining Armour and his need to look out for little Twiley. Knowing him, he'll do it with extreme prejudice.

Still, Ponyville shoudn't be almost completely turned against Twilight and Big Mac.

I wonder who it'll be harder for Twilight to confess her pregnancy too. Celestia or her parents?

And then Big Mac's head exploded.

Yes Its finally here!

Oh yeah and it says chapter 3


:eeyup: like to take care of his family i dont think he will take too hard i am afraid of applejack and shining armor

I wonder what it is that AJ's mother did that so angers her. Finding that out would explain a lot of why Rainbow is going to be the one pulling a headstrong nitwit by the tail this time.

dun Dun DUNNNN! I'm afraid of what AJ and Shining Armor will do when they find out. Especially Shining. Protective big brothers can be... scary, to say the least. Can't wait for Tia's reaction, and really hope Mac will take responsibility. Anyway, great chapter, please update soon!


My guess is his brain will shut down for a few minutes as he tries to process what she says, then he will talk to her.
While Big Mac should be worried about Twilight's brother, I feel that the greater threat is from AJ, her hate toward her mother, and her, at least implied, possessiveness of Big Mac will make her quite a threat to both Twilight and the foal.

pinkie! Where did you come from? Never mind. Great chapter. can't wait for the next one! :twilightsmile:

About time she told him, was afraid she was going to wait till the real signs showing.

Hmmm. At least we're getting to see why the Apples are the way they are. Give ponies what they want (Auger on a slab) and they'll beat a path to your door.

Poor Big Mac. Hate to say it but good riddance to that prick. Also, Pinkie Pie.
I think that Pinkie might explode if she finds out that Twilight's pregnant.

:eeyup: Who knew that the Apple family had these sort of issues. What I want to know is what Augar did to Mac's first marefriend, and why would Augar, and now Applejack, be against Mac having a romantic relationship? The only reason I can think is that it could distract Mac from work, but that excuse just seems petty and uncalled-for.

Also, is Honey Crisp going to make an appearance, possibly to make amends? :applejackunsure:

I'm glad to see another great TwiMac story. Has anyone else noticed that a number of them have appeared recently? :twilightsmile:


I have a theory in the case of the first marefriend: it was because she was a pegasus. He sounds like he would be the whole same race staying with the same race type.

That could explain Augar actions, and all the members of the Apple family we have seen have been Earth ponies. However, from what we have heard so far. Applejack is preventing anyone getting too close to her brother, rather than checking if they match some form of 'racial profile'. Also, if the Daisy mentioned in the second chapter is the same Daisy from the 'flower trio', than it doesn't fit as she is an Earth pony.


Possible that AJ didn't understand the whole racial profiling thing at the time, and assumed it was for another reason. From what I can tell, or at least what was implied, was that she worshiped Augar without being capable of thinking that he was in the wrong. Man her world is about to be shattered, if they can get her to listen.

Poor big Mac, at least he seems to have things worked out with Twilight, for now. Pinkie's randomness was a perfect way to end this chapter, leaves things on a weird note. Can't wait to read what happens next, great story so far!

Now to break the news to AJ without having her murder everyone. Hm.

:twilightsmile: her motherly instincts are kicking, great story, please tell me that will a super protective applejack rampage to put some drama to it

That's another reaction I can't wait to see. Let's chalk it up now, shall we? Spike, AJ, And Shining Armor. This is going to be good!

1171862 i dont think shinning will be so bad he will have a bro talk with big mac and let it go the problem is applejack

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