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When Rarity gets captured by the diamond dogs, the girls and Spike go to save her. Spike starts daydreaming about saving rarity and kissing her at the end, but he doesn't notice he's pointing his lips to Applejack.
AJ looks at Spike, thinking he's asking a kiss from her. Nopony but Twilight saw what happened. Nopony saw AJ kissing Spike. They agree never to talk about it again but Spike finds it hard to keep his mind of Applejack. Is he in love with her?


Made cause of the comments on 'The kiss' (http://fav.me/d4awsfe)


original uploaded on DA http://chibi95.deviantart.com/gallery/26926361#/d4cbzr9
the official AppleSpike fangroup http://applespike.deviantart.com/

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DUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRGGGGGG SO CUTE! Yes there are some typo's but that doesn't stop me from enjoying this adorable fanfic, 5/5 because of the effort and emotion behind it. I found it weird how the ponies reacted towards Luna, but this was prolly written prior season 2 so Luna was completely up for interpration. I hope you'll write some more awesome AppleSpike! :moustache:

why thanx you :derpytongue2:

thank you for the nice comment ^^
it really makes me happy knowing people enjoy my writing
and yes i actually made this before the season 2 Luna appearance so the ponies are still a bit scared of her :derpytongue2:

more AppleSpike is being requested on my DeviantArt page to :twilightsmile:
there is a chance i write a next one, but for now on, im sticking to AppleSpike drawings and comics for a while :twilightblush:

i am currently working on a new fic
but i think i will keep shipping out of it :applejackunsure:
it's a story about Spike on a search for his mother, written in the same diary style as this fic (as requested by the guy who gave me the idea)

lol im gay

TAB #6 · Mar 5th, 2012 · · ·

The amount of d'aaaaawwwwww in this makes all the mistakes unimportant

Perhaps all this excessive information on the 'description' of this story should be placed in some author's notes or in the comments section. One way to pull readers in the first place is an intreging picture/description.

But the story is pretty solid minus the few errors here and there but there isn't an excess of errors to which it removes me from the story.

Cheers! :pinkiehappy:

So many grammar errors, but I can't tell if that is on purpose as Spike can't spell well because if it's a diary no one would be concerned with grammar in a real diary that they write or if it's unintentional. Still there isn't a lot of this shipping pair so mistakes can be forgiven and as a whole the fic is pretty good.

Pleased I am Sleep tonight peacefully I will. thumbs up. :ajsmug::heart::moustache::eeyup::heart::eeyup:

Applespike sure is popping up lately . . . I love it.

As much as I am a hard core Sparity fan, I like a good Spack when I find it.
While the grammer issues got pretty bad towards the end and I kinda take issue about the inclusion of tv and nintendo for no real reason, I liked your story. The reason why the tv and nintendo ds bothered me is that you started the setting with the Diamond dog episode where we know everything that they have. While I realize that it was done to give them something to do and spark conversation between AJ and Spike, the samething could have been done with music or Twi reading/telling a story.
I remember seeing your comic a long time ago on EqD. It was very well done.


I'm sorry whenever I read "Silly baby dragon" I read it in Heavy's voice and not AJ's. Good story though.

I HHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGGG throughout the whole story good job.

I think you messed up the time between days 3-5. I may have just missed something.

289937 Ummmm.......great job on finding whoever you wish to love, weather male or female? 67091 Damn...you got style, I enjoy Applespike, but I found some many errors that I seriously got annoyed by this story, don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, but it felt a bit rushed and confusing.....I think Applejack says ah rather then I, just a bit of info.....hoping to see more of this very cute couple that I really enjoy :pinkiehappy:

never before has the quality of a story made me want to grind my teeth. i saw a rare pairing, with an interesting concept in an under-used format, all of which piqued my interest and i was blown away with how bad it was.

because i don't want to be seen as a bad person, or a troll, or a dick in general i'll provide some constructive criticism. everybody acts out of character. at no point in the entire story did i agree with how any of the characters reacted to anything that happened. secondly it was kind of jarring that spike seemed to be pulling out his journal/diary mid-conversation to record what was happening. in the end i think the diary-style format ill suited the story you were trying to tell and the way you were telling it

in the characterization corner i'll focus first on Twilight. Twilight, by any stretch of her personality(and i endorse stretching of established personality traits as long as it allows the story to be as good, or go as far as it needs to) would never endorse, let alone set in motion, a relationship between one of her close friends and her under-aged little-brother straight off. twilight is nothing if not a cautious pony, un-trusting of any form of change not to appear in written text from some reputable theorist. and lastly what the bloody hell was with Luna and Celestia towards the end? by that stage i sat there a broken shell of a man.

i'm sure your a good person and i'm going to go out of my way to read your archive to see if i can get to like your work but i needed to get how i felt about this story out there

Cool story bro. :moustache:

uh everything was fine until the very end, cause pony's don't lay eggs like dragons do, neither can they reproduce together.

1136463 it's called magic.
deal with it.

Short, but beautiful.

This felt extremely rushed, and the romance seemed rather poorly executed.

Great story, I like how the grammar and story telling was bad but it was alright because he was writing in his journal. It was a truely good story, you should be proud.
290388 This made me laugh, "I like a good Spack once in a while," I mean, I saw that and laughed for a good ten minutes. I don't know why it was so funny, but it just was.

Because "Spack" sounds so incredibly dirty. :ajsmug:
Its about how one would spell out the sound effect of a loogie hitting the pavement.

Though seriously, Spack is a gem of a pair.

2000394 You, my good sir, are a fantastic person. :rainbowlaugh:
:facehoof:I just thought of something very stupid for no rhyme or reason. SPACK SPACK SPACK! Please tell me you know what I mean :unsuresweetie: Yeah I know Sweetie, it's very braindead annoying, and I need to be checked

Cool story, bro! That was certainly a most excellent 10 days. :twilightsmile:

This was awfully cute. I enjoyed the read a lot. One part bugged me tho. The part where they were being mean to Luna. That would NEVER happen. These ponies are way too timid in Ponyville.

I read spkie's diary, but glad:pinkiecrazy:

Very cute. Thumbs up.

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