• Published 24th Jun 2012
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Family Matters - SFC Ponycron

Twilight's relationship is revealed when she ends up pregnant.

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Chapter 3: Letting it out

"Of course I don't want a foal right now," Twilight Sparkle admitted. "I know that I want foals one day, but not now. I took the risk, though. The only thing I thought about at the time was that the large condoms would be fine, and that Big Macintosh was the one."

"Is that so?" Rarity missed Twilight's implications about Big Mac, her thoughts wandering instead to a dress for Twilight. An off-shoulder yellow with a flowing skirt that could hide a potential foal bump would be perfect, she thought, maybe have some topaz or sugilite as an accent. Pregnancies did not become apparent in ponies until the last few months, and pure white no longer fit the situation.

"Yes, that's why we decided to move forward with our relationship," Twilight admitted sheepishly.

"If you don't mind me asking, why did you keep it a secret?"

Twilight avoided her friend's prying as her gaze dropped to the floor. She heaved a tired sigh. "It's complicated.”

Rarity did not push. "So what do you want to do?"

"I guess just consider all my immediate options: Adoption, keep it or get an abortion," Twilight explained.

"You're really going to be that kind of mare?" Rarity blurted.

"Excuse me?"

"Well dear, I just never thought you would be the type to consider that. If you really don’t want a foal there are plenty of families who would gladly take it in." Rarity realized she was not sure where she stood on the matter, but found the words spilling out anyway.

"What type is that?"

"Just a type, dear."

A slamming door temporarily disrupted the situation and heralded the arrival of Rainbow Dash. "Hey Twilight, I talked to my friend. She's willing to meet you."

"Twilight already seems to have a good idea of what she wants to do," Rarity responded.

"Rarity, it’s just an option. I don't even know if I want to do it," Twilight Sparkle said.

"Do what?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"She wants to kill her foal."

Rainbow Dash grappled for the right words, looking like a fish gasping for air. Twilight's uneasy assurance was shattered by the force of the comment and she started to cry.


"Well…" Rarity was caught between a defense and an apology.

"I think you should leave."

"Rainbow Dash…"

"Now!" Dash yelled, angry beyond belief at her tactless friend. Rarity left the bawling Twilight Sparkle to be comforted by Rainbow Dash.

Twilight’s whole body heaved and shook as she Rarity’s words raced through her head. She pounded the ground before with her left hoof, covering her eyes with her right hoof. Rainbow laid down beside her friend, covering her with a comforting wing, and stroking her mane with one hoof. She did not say anything, just repeated the gentle motions. Several minutes passed, the shake of Twilight’s body intensified before it abruptly stopped. Rainbow slowed mid stroke.


“I could use some water.”

“Of course,” Rainbow left her friend to retrieve the drink. She returned to discover Twilight had sought out a box of tissues. Twilight’s eyes continued to water as she dabbed and tried to dry them.

“Twilight,” Rainbow considered her words.

Twilight took the glass into her telekinetic grip and drank. “Yes.”

“Just let out as much as you have to.”

Twilight hiccuped as she finished the water and started to cry again. No more shaking or heaving, but the tears continued to flow.


Ditzy Doo cleared the dinner table as the foals scampered off for one last romp before bed. Alone in the kitchen with her husband, she told him about the conversation she planned to have with Rainbow Dash's friend.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Kingston asked as they washed plates while the children kept themselves busy with building blocks. At least Diddley was. Ditzy was making a stealthy approach towards the cabinet that contained paints, pencils, markers, pens, and all manner of writing material.

"Rainbow Dash has always been there for me," Ditzy began before abruptly looking over Kingston's shoulder to chastise the stealthy child. "Dinky Doo, don't you dare get into those paints and put a Cutie Mark on yourself again." Dinky scowled. She had managed to touch the cabinet before her mother caught sight of her. "Why don't you go upstairs with your brother and get some books for tonight?" Ditzy suggested.

"Fine..." Dinky sulked, hanging her head as she collected her brother.

Ditzy Doo continued her previous conversation. "She was there for me when most of my family disowned me, and when the custody battle with Ponet's parents got so bad that I decided to—-"

"It's already stressing you out. That vein over your eyes is twitching," Kingston remarked. The throbbing vein would generally be followed by a by her condition acting up, but the gray mare held her gaze steady in defiance.

"It's not stress, it's just anger. When I think about the way they treated me. I don't feel guilt or regret about anything I had to do during any of my pregnancies," Ditzy Doo replied.

Kingston smiled and kissed his wife. "I'm fine as long as you are fine."

A commotion from the second floor spoiled the moment. "DOCTOR DAD, DIDDLY GOT ON TOP OF THE BOOK SHELF AND IS GOING TO JUMP OFF!"

Ditzy Doo left her husband to wrangle the children into bed and exited the house. She walked to the park, and then followed a path from the main entrance that Rainbow Dash said she would be on with her friend.

She arrived at a secluded area, where the trees and brush would eventually grow thicker, untamed, and become the Everfree Forest. Situated far from bubbling brooks and ponds, squeaky playground equipment, squealing foals, and laughing adults, it was the perfect place to have a private conversation in public. This section of the park had a single bench. Anypony sitting on the bench would see a walker long before they were in hearing distance.

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash sat on the bench, and initially ignored the gray pegasus. Rainbow Dash had managed to calm her over a delivered dinner of flat bread and the richest cheese possible to dip it in. The soothing effect of the cheese had worn off as they approached the park and Twilight had started to cry again. The purple mare was blotting her eyes with a tissue. Rainbow patted her back reassuringly.

"She didn't have any right to say those things to you, Twilight."

"She was right, though. What kind of mare would have an abortion?" Twilight started to bawl again. She blew into the tissue with a wheeze and a honk.

Ditzy shuffled her hooves uncomfortably on the path next to the bench. "Excuse me?" Rainbow Dash looked up as Twilight Sparkle blew once more.

"Ahh good, Ditzy, you're here," Rainbow Dash said. Twilight pulled herself together and sat upright on the bench. "This is my cousin, Ditzy Doo."

"I didn't know you two were related," Twilight said.

"You two know one another?" Rainbow asked.

"Twilight gets a monthly delivery from Canterlot," Ditzy confirmed.

"Spike's not old enough to deliver a whole book yet," Twilight explained. "Besides that, she comes to the library with her children and husband weekly. Daring Doo pre-readers for the children, and physics books for Kingston. Is he enjoying that copy of Starswirl's Manifesto of Time?"

"He would like the second volume if you can get one," Ditzy responded, then shook her head. "We’re getting off track here. I heard the end of your conversation with Rainbow."

"I'm so sorry I was discussing that in public," Twilight started to tear up again.

"There’s no need to apologize," Ditzy Doo replied. "I've been in your situation before, and was younger than you when I had my first foal. You have to consider all the options when you consider your future."

"But abortion-"

"Brings up good and bad reactions with everypony. But it isn’t about that. It’s about making decisions that are going to make you crazy, happy, sad, and want to cry all at once. This feeling could last a lifetime or it could last for a day. But in the end you decide and go on living." Ditzy Doo flapped her wings nervously and Rainbow Dash bit her lips. “You’ve probably already made your choice, and the other options are probably just hindering you from realizing what it is.”

"Thank you for your thoughts," Twilight dabbed her eyes. Rainbow Dash let out a deep sigh as Twilight Sparkle smiled for the first time in a week. "Where should I go from here?"

"That's your decision to make. It's obvious that you have a friend that cares for you, and a great friend at that." Ditzy Doo pointed towards Rainbow Dash. "And I'm sure there are others who will be there for you as well. It's also okay to cry, but you can't let it break you either. You can get through this."

"Thank you," Twilight blew her nose one last time and tossed the tissue into a nearby trash can.

"What are you going to do now?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"I have more thinking to do," Twilight sighed at the look Rainbow Dash gave her. "Relax. Your cousin helped me with her perspective." Ditzy mirrored Rainbow, fluffing her own feathers at the praise.

They left, after Twilight's stomach grumbled, for a carry-out dessert from Sugar Cube Corner. Rainbow Dash excused herself when the topic of discussion delved into pregnancy symptoms. There were just some topics that one of the greatest flyers in Equestria could not handle.