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Twilight floated a second fritter up to her mouth when she realized the first was gone. “What is in these things?” “Mostly love. Love ‘n about three sticks of butter.”


Apple Bloom is left alone and bored while Scootaloo is learning to fly and Sweetie Belle is learning magic. Applejack sees that her sister feels less special because she's an earth pony, and decides to get Pinkie Pie's help in teaching the filly about why earth ponies are so important.

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Finished reading and I loved it.
Hope this gets a featured

That was, without a doubt, the coolest earth pony story I've ever come across. Why, you've even convinced me that they're nifty keen! Trust me, not an easy task - I was raised on a steady imagination of unicorns and pegasi! Wonderfully done!

I noticed a little boo-boo during the read: the line “If that's all you think it is, I we oughta have a little talk." seems to be missing a "think", or needs an "I" removed - that sounds painful!


This is a nice little Slice of Life - simple, enjoyable, and you captured the characters very well. Your writing style also flows really nicely, I'll be sure to take a look at some of your other stories later.

This was pretty cute! It felt like a real episode! :pinkiehappy:

This sounds like a really nice story - definitely will read soon.

Uh-huh. Suuuuure. If you tell AB 'earth ponies are special' often enough, maybe she'll actually believe it!

AJ should have repeated the trick she did on Hearth's Warming Eve, where she made a seed sprout right on her hoof.

Earth Pony Magic™ at work :D

Thank you! Earth ponies need more love. (And thanks so much for pointing that out, I fixed it.)

Thanks, I'm glad you think so. I hope you like some of my other stories.

Aw, thank you! We need an episode like this.

My OC is an earth pony. I've attempted to explore "Earth Pony Magic" a little. Maybe I should write a story with that at the forefront.

Original, Cute, and Supporting. I enjoyed this Fic, and by My Decree, this shall get Featured!

This should be an entire episode, to tell you the truth. It is full of that special kinda magic that could really take off. It shows that an Earth Pony isnt useless, instead shows that they are truly important, even more important than Unicorns or Pegasi.

So to you, Mein Friend, Kudos. And My blessings as Dragon Emperor.

Nice job on this story! I certainly enjoyed this clean, episode-like piece of fiction.

There SHOULD be an episode about this!

And a small mistake here:

“She don't think it's all that neat.” Applejack said. “She needs somepony to help her see that, and I figured the twoa us could do it, and maybe show her that thing you got tucked away.” (two of)

Thanks! I appreciate the wishes!

Thank you! It would be cool to get featured, but your kudos and wishes are plenty.

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! That was part of my attempt at accent, but if it pulled you out of the story it's no good. Thanks for speaking up!

It got kinda sappy at the very end (Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo immediately stating that they really enjoy this "earth pony way"), but it's really great how earth ponies are sorta the backbone of pony society. Without wings or magic, they use their inventiveness and hard work to provide equality for all.

Although I do like the idea that earth ponies have their own magic, much older and more subtle than the unicorns' flashy spells or the pegasi's flying ability. Have you heard of a story called "Midnight Run"? That kinda talks about it some.

Well, Sweetie Belle is kinda sappy. And since Scoot just failed to learn to fly again, she's more then happy to have friends who don't care about that. That was my thinking, anyway. But I'm glad you liked my take on earth ponies!

I hadn't read that fic, but I just did and I loved it. It doesn't really fit with the tone of canon but, as a more serious take, I thought it was awesome.

My personal headcanon is that earth ponies have a strong innate connection not just to the earth, but to their families as well. Unicorns and pegasi have that special familial bond as well, but not quite as strong as an earth pony family (In fact, pegasi, as befitting of their independence and free spirits, very often don't have large, close-knit families.) This is semi-supported by canon:

Earth Ponies
Applejack: Older brother, younger sister, grandmother, and various uncles, aunts and cousins
Pinkie Pie: Mother, father, 2 other sisters, grandmother(?)

Twilight Sparkle: Mother, father, older brother, surrogate younger brother(Spike?)
Rarity: Mother, father, younger sister

Rainbow Dash: No known family
Fluttershy: No known family

This was wonderful. Really sweet and nice.

Oh, I totally agree with you there! (Not to mention that when Pinkie left her family, she went to live with the Cake's and seems to help out with the kids like a big sister.) I actually considered writing that in, but I have a suspicion that next season you'll see something about Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy's families, and I didn't want to try to downplay Twilight's connection to Shining Armor. I tried to be careful to not insult the other ponies or the ways they live.

The other thing that almost made it in was the connection earth ponies seem to have with their community. That might just be Ponyville, since it was founded by earth ponies, but AJ and Pinkie are the most community-minded of the mane 6. But I left that as a vague part of the 'everypony is important' theme.


Thank you so much!

Heartwarming and clever, this fic captured the spirit of the show to a tee. Every fan of FiM would benefit from reading this, earth ponies are easily the most under appreciated of the species and they need to get more love. I'd love to see more fic's from you focusing on the shows species and their interaction with one another.

Thank you for an enjoyable read.

A good slice of life fic? Preposterous. Show-quality idea and storytelling? Absurd. And yet...you did it. Save for the grammatical errors, this is one of the best fics I've read in a while. Well done. I only wish it were longer.


That's exactly what I wanted to convey!

Damn, i'm redundant.


I'm reading communist undertones in this, and that somehow just makes it better and funnier.

Aww, thank you. I would love to write some more on the subject, it's a really interesting one. I'll be thinking on it.

609968 and 610227
Thank you very much! I apologize for the grammatical errors. This was written rather quickly, and I never expected it to get the attention it did or I would have done more proof reading. I'm considering hitting it with a fine tooth comb and adding the hundred some odd words I'd need to submit to EqD.

From each pony according to her ability, to each pony according to her need? Earth ponies, unite and overthrow your magical oppressors.

Actually, it can be read the opposite too. In a free market, products and innovations that are useful to the broadest consumer base and able to utilize the least specialized workers are going to succeed. Magic and flying are niche markets and skilled labor, after all.

No right answer here, I doubt AJ or PInkie are familiar with Marx or Mises. :pinkiehappy: :ajsmug:


Mostly with the whole "Earth pony way is best way, since EVERYPONY can participate, EVERYPONY can help and EVERYPONY can work.

this is a pretty common theme, but I liked the way you handled it. there was another one about the importance of earth ponies ( "Where you can't follow" i think?) and it was well written, but this is more cute.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it.

If that's the one by AbsoluteAnon, I just read it and it's exactly the kind of thing this is meant as an answer to; the idea that earth ponies would rather be able to fly or do magic. I'm sure there are times when it would be easier to fly or do magic, but I can't think that earth ponies go through life seeing their whole species as a disability. I wanted to write something that explained why earth ponies are proud to be earth ponies, why they would celebrate that. If you know of any others that show it in a more positive light, please let me know, I'm really interested! (Someone mentioned Midnight Run up there, which was a cool, mystical take on it.)

I'm glad you thought this was cute, and thank you for pointing me towards that.


this might sound weird,but Fallout equestria portrays earth ponies of the past as the forces driving technological advancement, in order to accomplish tasks that unicorns or pegasi can easily do unassisted. it's not even a central concern, but its mentioned.

Brilliant! Yay earth ponies!

“Nope! So an earth pony can fly like everypony.” Pinkie said.

Don't you mean "So everypony can fly like a pegasus"?


I went back and forth on that one, but decided on the way it is because A) the focus is on everypony being able to fly, and B) Pinkie's machine doesn't let you fly quite like a pegasus.

This is really nice and a really great reading :heart: hands down. :twilightsmile:


Thank you so much! It's my favorite piece so far.

Give me a second...okay, this is added to my earth pony head-canon.

Apple Bloom's lesson was heartfelt and well thought out. The tie-ins with episodes were perfectly executed. The final scene with the CMC was a bit lack-luster. It fulfilled it's place in the story, but it could have been more. For future works, I would suggest working on pacing.

This is my first comment on FIMFiction, but I like this story ! :pinkiehappy: Earth ponies needs more love and I like the way Pinkie Pie teaches Apple Bloom the earth pony way. Nice work ! :heart:

Thank you, I'll keep that in mind.

Thanks! Welcome! I only joined a few months ago, but feel free to PM me if you can't figure out how to do something. The FAQ isn't always good at explaining the technical aspects of the site, but I think I have them down now.

And I love earth ponies! I love pegasi and unicorns too, but they already have their own cheering sections, so I'm happy to set one up for earth ponies. :ajsmug:

My personal head canon is that earth ponies are much physically (and possibly emotionally) stronger and tougher than the other two races. I like to think they also have minor magical resistances.

Well, this fic is well-written, but earthpony is still an inferior race. All hail unicorns!

Well, I was kinda like Applebloom the most part. I did know Earth ponies are essential like the other races. But, I didn't know why or how. lol
But, I am glad to understand Earth ponies now.
You have just balanced the scale of Earth ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns.:pinkiesmile:

But Pegasi and Unicorns are still neat. lol

Bravo! Jolly good show!:pinkiehappy::ajsmug:

An interesting and important point of view that reminds you that wings and magic isn't everything without the mind and creativity to make new things.

I just got a shiver when I thought of the CMCs having their own helicopter. :raritydespair:

:pinkiehappy: Really amazing, if I was any kind of pony, I would be an Earth Pony! :pinkiehappy:

Is cute. Have a thumb.

I really liked this. :ajsmug:

Of course, my own headcanon was "Earth Pony magic makes plants grow." Not rocks or animals, but plants are exclusive to Earth Ponies; therefore they are the only one who can make food. Not sure if I'll change my mind now. :applejackunsure:

I feel like I read a version of this on EQD waaaaaaay back in the day but I can also accept it may've been zeitgeist.:twilightsmile:

You emulate the show so well you could be a writer for it. This would make such a good episode because although Family Appreciation Day touched upon this, it really didn't drive the point home for all earth ponies, just the Apple Family. This is something I've always thought about but was never quite able to pin down. The Earth Ponies aren't equal dispite their lack of ability to physically manifest magic, they're equal because of that lack of ability, because they're more in touch with their inner selves. Which gets me thinking, this is the same sort of idea I get when I compare Western society to ones like Haiti and part of Africa, which economically are poor but are spiritually rich, since the western definition of rich is only one type of it and ...
Wow, this really got me thinking, didn't it? That's what I like in a fic; if it makes me think. This is going on my favorites list; well done.


“The earth pony way is makin' it so that everypony can do somethin', so that everypony can help and work together!”

So Earth Ponies are Socialist, right? :trollestia:

I hope you don't mind, but I have put together a little audiofic version of this. ^_^

It's a cute story about making a kid feel better about her lot in life, but Applebloom is still correct. There's a reason unicorns and pegasi don't do things the earth pony way.

Because they have better options.

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