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The proprietor of the series known as 'Sweet Special-Nothings'. Well known for the story Hop, Skip, and a Jump! And First Date. Also wrote the Conversion Bureau tale, A Mare's Tail.


Jeremy Coltson, Richard Haymond, and James Mule are in for a surprise when they gather to discuss what the EBC has decided for their season premiere!

Truly, they are on the cutting edge of cocking about.

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I think I remember reading this on Deviantart. Loved it then and I love it now!

Loved it very funny! Keep up the nice work

I read this not three days ago on dA. Now it's here! :pinkiehappy:

Hehe, I was just thinking about this story the other day. Definitely worth a reread, and I'm glad it's over here so I can upvote and fave and all that.

Ferrarity is best carriage brand

Bleargh! I threw up rainbows everywhere at the magnificence! There's a few minor grammar mistakes, but they detract nothing from this excellent piece! Combining TG with MLP? Genius! Five moustaches, a like, and a fave!


Holy... First The Doctor, now Top Gear? I am loving this fandom more and more! Five out of five yay's!

Wait what. Top gear. Ponies
Top gear and Ponies.

This was great.
I find myself wanting to read a long story with different episodes of it now.
That or a TV show.

Top Gear....and...ponies...oh god yes. Let's do this.

This is the greatest idea ever. Of all time. I must have moar! Plz?

Teh voices! I hear them! You've really caught their personalities. Hammond and Pinkie Pie OTP.

It's complete rubbish this ended so quickly! We need a whole season!


I'm not sure whether to hit you or hug you for that.

Why you gotta begin it like that, and not continue it, WHYYYYYY:fluttercry:

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