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The proprietor of the series known as 'Sweet Special-Nothings'. Well known for the story Hop, Skip, and a Jump! And First Date. Also wrote the Conversion Bureau tale, A Mare's Tail.


Twilight, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie take some time off to go to the Equestrian Writer's Convention on invitation from Princess Celestia to organize the afterparty once the convention winds down. A bookworm herself, Twilight is overjoyed to attend, Fluttershy being a passive lover of books decides to accompany her, and Pinkie Pie is anywhere a party may be.

But even under the wave of good-natured fun and gratuitous cameos*, drama loves to rear it's ugly head. Also featuring Pony Joe.

*Cameos used with advanced permission

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 27 )

"Wow, you can feel the awkward *gropes air*" seems to be a very accurate reaction to the last part xD

very interesting chapter! and of course dat ending. :rainbowderp: Tracking is my only option.

I'm curious to see where this story goes...tracking.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop when someone mentions the author Papilone :pinkiegasp:

The yellow tipped pony smiled softly, holding out a hoof for the light-pink-maned pony to shake. “It’s so nice to meet a fan so willing to admit she reads my work. Not everypony admits to reading much erotic fiction!”

The following silence was so encompassing the rest of the ponies could hear a pin drop in Stalliongrad.

YES! This is the reason i just spammed the track button


If I'm correct in my fanon-ese, that's Fluttershy's penname for her own erotic novels, correct? In my original outline, I actually had that be a plot point, albeit under a different name, but I abandoned it a couple months ago - mid November, actually. However, that's not saying I haven't considered revisiting it.

Yep That is her pen name . It means butterfly so it is very apropiate if you can such things about erotic novels :derpyderp1:

when you have ponies of all shade, hues and combination of colors your going to get some ponies with some unfortunate colors. Say a poor pony who's colors are the Lex Luthor colors of Purple and green :raritydespair:

lol i love butterscotch sundaes writing....

5 stars and i look forward to your next works

I generally liked it, but I don't like one of your characters.
This Dapples fellow is extremely unrealistic. He's simply TOO charming.

Site Blogger

And what's up with that Dusty guy? Honestly.

Honestly they're both just supremely pompous asses. Not like that Snarkle guy. That guys on the level.


Best cutie mark. EVER.

Oh my. The amount of awkward in the first chapter is staggering. xD


I am totally stealing that word. xD

That last scene with Twi and Fluttershy?


One of the better shipping fics that I've read.

Good. Not as good as I thought or hoped. A lot of missed opportunities and unexplored aspects. I didn't mind the shipping as my headfannon has Equestria as universally bisexual anyway. And TwiShy is one of the ships I find more tolerable than most. Having the climax and rather abrupt end as the shipping part was I think the biggest thing I didn't like. I like the way it played out, but I would have liked it better if there had been more tension throughout and the revalation much earlier, but with the party busy and all the cameos getting on Twilight's nerves, not enough time to deal with the issue.

It took me a while to get around to this story, but I am quite glad I did.

its always the quiet ones...

I had fun reading this. Don't know who all the authors and such are, maybe you could put up a blog post about all the peopled you used.

“You should see the lengths I’ve gone through to hide my books from Spike. Some of the books are in the walls.

And on cold winter's nights, when the clock strikes the Witching Hour and the Moon itself dares not show its face, the books sometimes speak to each other, whispering their erotic secrets in the dark...

...Yeah, I dunno where that came from. :applejackunsure:

Her eyes tracked the brown liquid pouring from the glass as if trying to drink it with just her vision.

The hell kinda Bloody Mary's have you been drinking?:rainbowhuh:

Anyways. Cute fic but the fact you kept calling fluttershy cream coloured really threw me. As well the ending just felt kinda tacked on and didn't fit. still a good fic.

I don't know a single one of those OCs... and usually, that would probably be my biggest complaint. Buuut... given this was a convention, it fits, somehow. You tend to met a lot of strange new folks, you see some folks again you barely know (because it's a small world!) or almost never meet and names and appearances are thrown at you regularly.
Then again, those OCs do take quite a lot of the lines for themselves, don't they? Maybe some sort of reference would be nice. Where you got them from, so one can - if a particular OC was of interest - read about that one.
The TwiShy was funny and I liked your portrayal of Joe and Pinkie. Some nice ideas in there.

Thank you.

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