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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


Tirek is a juggernaut. A nonstop bullet train on the fast track to becoming the sole source of magic in Equestria (and it's de facto ruler).

But what happens when this unstoppable force meets an immovable will?

A will that's more than eager to resort to cheap tricks and humiliation tactics to balance the karmic scales?

At that point... it's open season.

Tirek Season.

An entry for the Who Crossed Over My Little Pony? contest.

Cover art by the impeccably talented Mutter_Butter.

Special thanks to mushroompone for prereading and feedback.

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Whoo!!!!!! There is probably some room for a sequel? :twilightsmile:

That was amazing! You my friend are a genius!:pinkiehappy:

This is genius and just perfect.

It looked like someone had taken the idea of a rabbit, stretched it over the frame of a juvenile minotaur, then given it an outfit halfway between a police officer and a census taker. Twilight glanced at Discord, but he looked more surprised than anyone. Maybe even a little... awestruck?

Does Discord know bugs?

Kichi #6 · March 27th · · 1 ·

Bugs almost got him, he should have used "Explosivo Castrado" to finish Tirek using the magic wand

Coconut custard dripping down his face, Tirek felt his rage surge again. “I hate that rabbit.”

Yosemite Sam: "First time?"
Elmer Fudd: "We have a club if you are interested."

“Yes, I'll pay you back. Who do you think I am, Daffy?”

Very, very accurate to classic cartoons. The one thing I would change is making Bugs' dialogue normal, instead of trying to write in his accent, but strike that up as more of a personal choice than anything.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I could see this playing as a cartoon in my head. You managed to hit just about every major Bugs Bunny trope there is. When the whole female centaur thing came up, I was already laughing my ass off because I knew what was coming.

This is why canon Pinkie was never allowed to run free.:pinkiecrazy:

As for Tireks last words?

Could be worse.


Surprised Bugs didn’t meet Discord, something tells me they would know each other.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Only bugs

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Perfectly captures the Looney Tunes spirit, and I loved the "deus ex Acme delivery" of anime powers!

i was half expecting that one bit with the season posters. but this is still jest as good.


Does Discord know bugs?

By reputation, I’d guess.

I’m a little surprised that he and Pinkie aren’t acquainted.

After reading the description ALL I could think of was, OH GOD!
Well, it's not like Tirek wasn't asking for it though.

In the clearing, the boulder wiggled once, twice, three times. A small path of churned dirt wormed out from one side before Bugs Bunny popped out, nursing a bandaged lump on his head.

Huh. I haven’t seen Bugs Bunny in a long long time.

Nothing like some classic Bugs Bunny comedy to bring a smile to your face.

Part of me wants a sequel where he messes around with Starlight during her quest for equality, or Chrysalis when she returns.

Free shipping should be part of every battlecry, really.

good thing he didn't interrupt the eternal struggle of Tom and Jerry otherwise he'd be fighting an unstoppable force equal to or greater than Gork or Mork

"Oh well. Musta overshot it a bit. Looks too clean to be Joirsey, though. I'd better find a local and ask for directions."

"Dueling Banjos" starts playing as Alondro peers darkly from behind a twisted tree, deformed from ages of toxic waste... both the tree and Alondro, "Ya'll dun came down to da Pines, bunny! We don't take kindly ta yer kind 'round these here parts!"


The most prominent and numerous of them was a sticker proclaiming "ACME Original Product", but its claim was somewhat undercut by a poorly scribbled out label printed on the box itself which read "Toei Animation Studios".

Now that's just an unfair level of powergaming! I approve. :pinkiecrazy:

Loved it! I read Bugs' lines in good ol' Mel Blanc's voice.

Elmer's line would be, "We have a cwub if you awe intewested." :pinkiehappy:

Well darn, I was thinking of crossing over FiM with the Looney Tunes (specifically one character, not Bugs), but now after reading this I am not sure I can match it! lol

Good job!

"You realize, of course, this means war ."


No male deserves that. With a few exceptions :pinkiehappy:

"Much better. Thanks." The light grew more intense, brightening from a lantern to a fireplace. "Bit much now, you got a dimmer switch or something?"

A beam of violently glowing magic fired from between Tirek's horns, taking out the top half of the map and a few dozen feet of dirt and rocks beyond it.

"Whoa!" Bugs sprang to his feet, a hand waving the smoke off his singed eartips. "Watch where you're pointing that thing! You'll put somebody's eye out!"

Yeah, Tirek! What's the big idea? He was just asking for directions, and the first thing you do is to shoot him?

"That's the idea," Tirek said grimly as he charged a second shot.

Shrek: "This is the part where you run away."

Dear Tirek. Just so you know there’s no hard feelings. XOXO -Bugs Bunny, esquire

No hard feelings 😎😎😎
If Tirek believes that then I have a bridge 🌉 to sell him.

He shuddered. What a cruel present, to make him war with his own mind. There was only one way to sum up his feelings.

:twilightsmile: he has nothing else to break but his mind 😂😹😁😏

Before him was a lagoon of crystal clear water, fed by a waterfall off a nearby cliff and rimmed with cattails and bulrushes. On the bank, half-hidden in the reeds, was the most beautiful centaur maiden he'd ever seen.

That was glorious. Simply glorious. You captured the spirit of Looney Tunes perfectly.

It's a good spell for emergencies

I died laughing reading this!

Lol, quite the cross over! :rainbowlaugh:

gelida genitalia is better (frozen genitals)

This was awesome. Dare I say it was… Loony.

Great job. I feel it perfectly captures the Loony Toons spirit and Buggs spirit as well.

Bravo. Loved every single moment.

imho, Bugs went easy on Tirek, he probably coulda beat him from the get go but just wanted to give him a sporting chance XD


Bugs is one of the ACME, Seekrit Masters of Chaos. It's like magic, but they don't spell so good.

I have one non-fanfic related question Oo
Is it really necessary to draw over Tireks face?
I mean... it's preeeetty obvious hes a meany...
Surprised they didn't draw horns ontop of those horns XD

That is also good, too bad that it was not used in any fic

Omfg, this shit was HILARIOUS I was on the floor laughing!

Looks too clean to be Joirsey, though.

As a native Joirsey-an, I'd just like to say: Buck you

"You realize, of course, this means war."

I'll get the C4 and the ninjas

He smoothed out the wrinkles on a worn old uniform he now wore: orange-and-blue-trimmed white gym shorts with a jersey that read ‘Tune Squad 20th Reunion’ across the back.

And this would be an infinitely better movie than what we got.

Twilight glanced at Discord, but he looked more surprised than anyone. Maybe even a little... awestruck?

Discord: Master!?
Discord: The legends were true!

She was petite, dainty even, like a doll compared to his muscled bulk, with delicate willowy limbs. Her coat was a glistening lilac that faded to sterling silver as it climbed her torso. She was crowned with a curling pair of slender silver-ivory rams horns that sat nestled among luscious golden locks. She wore a tribal-patterned bandeau across her chest, while her stomach and front legs were hidden by the tall grasses and a slip of a skirt.

*Aggressively Facepalms*

"What? We gotta talk about something. I'm just saying I might wanna find out if he's got some lady rabbit back home or if… y'know."

"Really, Rainbow Dash?" Rarity sat up as much as the sloping floor of her prison would allow. "Of all possible times for you to take an interest in romance, it had to be now? During a magical apocalypse?"

"What's the big deal? The guy's pretty fast and knows his way around a prank. I could do worse." She shrugged and laid back in her bubble.

*Aggressively Facepalms harder*

"Well gee, doc. If that's all you wanted you shoulda just said so." Bugs donned a black robe, a pair of round glasses, and a red-and-gold-striped scarf. "Have some magic then. Wingardium Leviosa."

Yeah, he'd be a Gryffindor

“Yes, I'll pay you back. Who do you think I am, Daffy?”


“Take your pick,” Bugs said, “dese things are a dime a dozen when you know where to shop.”

Japan to the rescue!

The discarded stalk of a carrot shimmered in rainbow light before transforming into a key and inserting itself into a crystal box. The box shook and shimmered before launching into the sky on a one-way trip to the edge of Ponyville.


Coconut custard dripping down his face, Tirek felt his rage surge again. “I hate that rabbit.”

But he loves you


"Dueling Banjos" starts playing as Alondro peers darkly from behind a twisted tree, deformed from ages of toxic waste... both the tree and Alondro, "Ya'll dun came down to da Pines, bunny! We don't take kindly ta yer kind 'round these here parts!"

*smacks you in the head with a rubber chicken*
NO! NO! That's a BAD Jersey-Boy! Besides, that's West Virginia's shtick. I should know, I was born there. *Dueling Banjos intensify*

I know not what I have read. Only that it is awesome and hilarious

You awe a weal wascal and I wove it.

11195937 Alondro hisses and slithers back into the cranberry bog from which he emerged, peering angrily with green glowing eyes from the murky depths.

Nothing warms my heart more than reading a crossover fic where all the characters are in character.
"well, exepct for tirek but he was ooc in order for the comedy to work."
Reading this fic gave me pretty much the same feeling the classic old Bugs Bunny shows did, and it made me laugh just as much.

“These come with outfits ?!” Rarity cried out as she nearly fell over trying to get a good look at her ornate dress in its full glory. “Full outfits? Why did our Elements only ever come with accessories?!”

MLP went Sailor Moon? Luna would love it since she is already the Princess of the Moon.

Imagine if Hasbro and Warner Bros decided to work together on this project. Tara Strong, Mark Acheson and Eric Bauza would have a field day.

Free shipping IS magical, I suppose.

But you're paying for it through that Prime subscription. (Unless it's someone else's.)

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