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I'm Sorry - 1/6/16 · 1:30am Jan 7th, 2016

I wish I could say that I have a good reason for leaving this site out of the blue. Or for leaving you guys with no explanation. Or for leaving Doing Science. But I really don't. I'm sorry, everyone - this will be my final blog post for what we can assume will be quite a while, if not forever.

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Ahhhhh thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot that you care about my evaluations that much. I hope you enjoy the rest of the Austraeoh series! I'll catch up to it...eventually. Maybe.

(Also, although I don't regret a single moment I spent on this site, I have found that I can no longer read any of my past evaluations without cringing violently. RIP me.)

Well, I can definitely say that I will miss your evaluations, even if I sometimes hated them. You made the comment section something I looked forward to reading for whatever reason. You aren't even a legit reviewer, but man you make it entertaining. :pinkiehappy: I have no way of knowing if you'll ever read this, but nonetheless, I bid you a farewell.

Austraeoh will never be the same series without you.

1797466 Ah, right. Well, the educationing has been tough recently. I've had to seriously step it up in order to do really well. So I've had to kind of put the ponies aside. I do wish to return to the scene someday, though - someday soon, hopefully. With the summer months coming up, I could come back with a bang, who knows? We'll see.
(It always means something when my evaluations are appreciated by other people, thank you very much!:pinkiehappy:)

1488756 where are you in the series now?

I'll admit it was very jarring to see your evaluations just...stop. After/during Odrsjot I ended up not reading comments anymore due to the lack of anyone analyzing the less obvious things.

Sorry if you don't want this sorta thing on your profile page and best of luck with your educationing.

1653803 Well, it seemed like you put effort into your webpage and I'm curious to see what you will do in the future.:pinkiehappy:You kind of reminded me of myself, so good luck!

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