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You're not safe
In this place
All of us warned you of the big white face

Edited by Gilimmar from Chapter 13 on.

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*This is Aperture
This is Aperture*

2010755 test subjects die once their in sight

2010755 'Test subjects die once they're in sight.'

At any rate, I look forward to more. It's a shame there are only a few decent x-over fics with Portal and MLP.
This goes on that list.


"Testing subjects usually die. Science isn't fun without cyanide."
I love that song and this seems like a really cool story.

2010755>>2010904>>2011000That's the drill, and you may die...as you're not safe in Aperture...:pinkiehappy:
2010941Aw shucks.:twilightblush:Seriously, thanks for your praise. It means a lot to me.:pinkiehappy:

y'know what? Keep it up bro!

2011240I shall certainly keep writing!
P.S. Hmm...running out of stories, you say? Try Austraeoh on for size here. It's one of the best and longest fanfics I've ever read.

*strokes chin thoughtfully* This... I like this. Keep it up!

All of us warned you of the big white face

Instantly thought of this, despite the cover pic

You know, Black Mesa didn't invent ANYTHING. They stole the thing that made the combine come, they stole the gravity gun, etc.

I like it.
But what r u doing with this?:rainbowwild:

2011133 Does any portal fan not know harry's this is apperture portal remix?

2011753I watched Pewdiepie play that game...:fluttercry:
2012131:pinkiegasp:Whoa. I never knew that. I've only ever played the Portal games, so...:twilightsheepish:

2011309 ok, i will try, and also, why are authors so... idk quiet?

2016606Are you talking about how some authors don't really comment, blog, etc. and otherwise interact with their readers? I know what you mean. I guess I'm not sure why most seem to do that. Some of them might do it in order to be a bit mysterious to their readers. I'm pretty sure that's the case with Imploding Colon who wrote Austraeoh. I don't do that, though. I like to get the readers' input on the story and tell them what I think.:pinkiehappy:

2015956 You can only actually figure that out if you read the comics.

2017220Really? But I read the comic...:twilightoops:I'll read it again and see what I missed.

2017258I'll read it again soon...

2016755 yay! all that shall be said is: MAKE SOME MORE!

2022294I certainly shall! I'm already working on chapter 2!
(Glitchy internet is glitchy. It posted the comment before I was ready and now won't let me fix it.:ajbemused:)

Well, I finally got around to reading it, and well... It's pretty good! Even though I'd expect a Psychonauts fanfiction from you, and the whole Mane 6 go to Apeture has been done before, I enjoyed the interesting plot, and especially the narration. You sir did a good job.

2011753 Isn't that game called OFF? Because I have never played it. (Dumb question #1).

2035288 No, it's some indie game named "I'm scared: A pixelated nightmare"

2035265Awesome! I'm really glad you like it!
Also, this obviously isn't the KOLM fic. That's still on it's way.:pinkiehappy:

2035858 You're not going to question the Psychonauts part? Eh, anyhoo, I'm glad that's it's almost done, I can't wait to read it!

2036568Oh, yeah. What is that? I didn't know if it was related to portal I'n some way.

2037268 First of all, it is not related in anyway. It's actually a very underrated video game, to learn more, watch this walk through.

Just guess who the voice actors are.

2043694I wish I knew the voice actors. They sound really good...

Raz = Richard Steven Horvitz (Zim)

Oleander & Loboto = Nick Jameson (Red Guy)

Sheegor = Tara Strong (I think you know her)

666 words... there's no way in Hell that that's a coincidence.

Love the story by the way. Keep it up!

2075579:pinkiegasp:WAIT WHAT. (Rewatches video)
2074731Cave's a funny guy, isn't he?
2076447Actually, it is a coincidence. An extremely creepy one, but still a coincidence. I couldn't believe it when I saw the word count after posting. And I'm glad you like it!

2083832Hmm...I might be able to arrange that in future chapters...:rainbowwild:
Stat posted!

Comment posted by dashie76 deleted Mar 3rd, 2013

Romantic tension, anyone?:rainbowwild:Tell me if you noticed it and if I did a good job of defining the Doctor as a character!

My reaction to seeing update:
Before- Oh, cool.
During- Oh, those crazy scientists!
After- LOL!

I can haz apocalyptic circumstances with the sentient rain-cloud, plz?

2204777Hmm...perhaps not sentient. That would be too hard to work into the plot, I think. But an out of control hurricane that destroys a few chambers...yeah, I think you can haz that.:pinkiehappy:
Also, I'm so glad you like the new chapter! Thanks for your support!

Interesting... I knew there was a reason why I was tracking this. Good stuff, man.

Also, I thought you tended to dislike shipping... :rainbowhuh:

y'know... stop blowin my mind!!! dis wuz da bestest part yut!!!'##$$$#! (sorry got bored with sense.)

2205027I'm glad you like it! And yes, I do tend to dislike shipping, but that's only because it's usually just thrown into a story. No reason for it, no nothing. It's a bit like Twilight - no relationship developing, no prologue, no nothing. They're just in love and the rest of it is about them dealing with it. With Doing Science, I'm going to try to bring shipping into a new light. I'm not going to just throw it in there, I'm going to have a natural, realistic (maybe not too realistic) relationship. In other words, they're truly going to fall in love - no love at first sight crap.
Um...yeah.:twilightblush:I am glad you like it, though.
2205121Sweet! I do like chapter 3 myself, mostly because the Doctor made his first appearance. I'm still not sure if I did a good job giving him a character outline yet, though...:applejackunsure:

2205411 if it dont work, try try again!

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