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This story is a sequel to To the Moon and Back Again

Seventy-two hours to unlock the gate

An unlikely traveler risen by fate

One childlike prophet who falls in the gloom

The Hero of Time, and as always, one moon

Edited by Gilimmar.

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This story is a sequel to To the Moon

Two masks.
One moon.
One battle for the fate of the world.
Edited by Gilimmar.

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The terror, which would not end for another ten years, began, as far back as I know or can remember, with me slowly waking up in a pitch black and totally unfamiliar cavern, all around me the smell and presence of a damp, deep evil.

Wow, this took a long time to finish. I started it all the way back in November, I think. Please comment and rate fairly to tell me what you think! Any edits are appreciated too.

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You're not safe
In this place
All of us warned you of the big white face

Edited by Gilimmar from Chapter 13 on.

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Come on, everypony! It's time to sing!
This installment into the Poems of Ponyville Series is the first special edition! Yay! This special will include some nice christmas carols that have been reworded to fit in with the My Little Pony universe. Enjoy! Don't forget to comment, like, and favorite too!
(I mean..i-if that would be okay with you...)

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An epic of old! A sonnet of style!
Dark stories of blood, vengeance, and bile!
There will be laughter! There will be tears!
There will be love! There will be fears!

But alone, I'm not going to write this time!
My readers can send me ideas to rhyme!
And I wouldn't mind also, if you could rate too,
And maybe comment as well - Thank you!

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So have you heard, young fillies and colts
The tale of blood and rainbows and bolts?
They say that it is a fan-made poem
For one to read in the dark of their home

He owns not the original story, they say
But he hopes that many will read this someday
And you, the reader, he does presume
Will comment and rate it fairly-thank you!

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