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This story is a sequel to Innavedr

Rainbow Dash and her companions fly east.

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And it continues!!

And the story continues...

A ightning pendant rattled from where it hung from her neck,

You forgot the "L".

Those incredibly nostalgic descriptive non-dialogue chapters. So long I have waited for this.

She stifled another yawn, trotted around three times, and eventually plopped down, lying in a curled fashion across the plush fabric.

I can't even begin to describe how ridiculously cute that mental image is.

A wonderful return to what brought me into this series. These chapters of pure narration and description of the landscape are some of my favorites.

I absolutely love it when this series goes to non-dialogue mode. It brings out the scenery so much more. This is what drew me to Austraeoh.:twilightsmile:

"Just a lot of things, really."
Man, has she got a story for Luna. (Yaaay! She gets to talk to Luna again!!)

At last, she saw splotches of pale color lingering among lower branches. Galloping towards it, she suddenly skidded to a halt, blinking. They were peaches. She made a wretching expression, turned around completely, and resumed her trot east.

Peaches are evil.:rainbowlaugh:

Here we go again...
Okay, ):(, PT test time. Now we get to see if you've all been keeping up with the workouts.
Two minutes of pushups, as many as you can. CLose hand, wide arm, normally, whatever, just never let your knees touch the ground
Then, rest for ten minutes.
Two minutes of situps. Keep your hands behind your head, your heels and butt on the ground.
Rest for ten minutes.
Two mile run, as fast as you can. Find some level ground and run it.
Post your results. I did one last Monday, and I got:
62 pushups
87 situps
12:45 two mile

Knock 'em out!

Detailed immerse descriptions. Our favorite sapphiric pony. Talking with Luna. This story is getting off to a great start.

The adventure continues...

Is the lavender beacon the Noble Jury?
If so, then was that their solution for Rainbow Dash to stay away from it while continue heading east? :applejackunsure:

Darn, this is such a great epic adventure fic! :pinkiesmile:

Ah,this chapter was pure nostalgia.

Definitely feels good to read these types of chapters again,but where are the others?

That's my guess as well. The fact that she starts to get dizzy when staring at the lavender light like she did when around the book helps reinforce this. Also, they have to be somewhere nearby nearby for her to have freshly baked bread to eat.

There's something quite harmonic about lavender, isn't there?

Oh hells yes, here we go again. Also, totally called it that this story would begin with an O.

Up for less than an hour and 16 comments, 16 favorites, 16 likes.

I've noticed a pattern here...

(wait... make that 17 comments. *gasp*)

She's got a lot to tell Luna.
55 push-ups
49 sit-ups
13:21 two-miles

I'm liking this so far. Very reminiscent of Austraeoh.

The flowers there matched the color of the beacon, and she couldn't tell if it was ironic or just plain silly.

Next thing you know, Rainbow Dash will see a flock of red herrings.

"dyr" = Animal or "dyrr" = Dear/precious or "godr" = Brave or possibly "ódr" = Furious
"Sjǫt" = Companions or Abode

Interesting choice...

It continues to begin.

>tfw still on Eljunbryo
I hear sleep is overrated anyway

It begins anew!
I wonder what Luna will make of the past months events... :scootangel:

Just like old times, eh?

Not a whole lot to say yet. Beautiful description, though. I'd almost forgotten how flipping good you are at that. :rainbowwild:

her fuzzy blue belly.

Methinks somebody wants to give RD a belly rub.

I love these chapters. Nostalgia infusion!

I'm wondering where all the people are. Isn't Xona to the East of Ledomare?

Context clues from Innavedr would suggest "Frantic Company/Companions."

Wow, great start! As much as I enjoyed Eljunbyro and Innavedr, it's nice and refreshing to see the story go back to its roots, with its beautiful descriptions and sense of wide-open wonder. Strange, though, that Rainbow is flying apart from the Noble Jury. But maybe she just craved some nostalgia as much as we did; some fresh air and time to think. And think she does, it seems. This universe's version of Dash's ability to introspect is one of my favorite things about her. Not quite the impatient pegasus she was in her innocent past.

Also Luna! Boy is she in for a story. And I bet she'll be happy to see Dash with some new friends. :twilightsmile:


I think you're onto something with sjot. But I have an alternate theory of the first part: óðr can also mean "voice" or "mental power". Don't know if that's it, though. We'll probably see some thematic elaboration somewhere down the road.

She gets to be alone and with friends at the same time as she flies over the landscape, measuring their progress as they fly eastward to her north.

Yesh Yesh Yesh Yesh How the hell do you pronounce Odrsjot?

On a side note, it seems to be the fate of any sequel to have less ratings of any kind. I guess the design kind of forces it, but oh well. Going east!

And Luna, perhaps?

AEIO...U...7 other letters?


I've been pronouncing it "odors-yote" (odors as in smells). But then, that's based on my very limited understanding of Old Norse.

3133750 I say OWE-der-show.

Looking forward to this...

Hooray for ye olden chapters!

Though, it makes me wonder what happened to the rest of the Noble Jurists...

"Behold the abode of my dear frantic animal companions" was too long :rainbowwild:

More Lavendar light, eh? Noble Jane, perhaps? And from the looks of it, she seems to have just restocked on supplies from it.

Onwards and Eastwards!

So, the entirety of Innavder was less than a month. Damn, that was a lot of ass kicking in such short of a time. And I hope that we can have a team picnic with the rest of the team soon.

I once guessed that it might be A E I O U Y and then either repeat or reverse. Unfortunately, this means we won't be able to use Zabadudabu.

It begins to continue..:rainbowderp:


I hope not -- that was how the big dumb object flew into limbo.

My reaction seeing this story online:

Where is the Noble Jury? What's the significance of that place? How do ponies manage to fight with swords? No shortage of mystery!

Aw yeah!

Really freaking great start with this thing, going back to the series roots with just plain beautiful moments, and then we run straight into Luna, I was just starting to wonder how long had it been since the last time, heck, it was back in like the middle of Eljunbyro, right?

I'm guessing the crazy lavender thing is Ms. Nancy Jane, wonder how will they know when to join with Rainbow once again. Or how will they join, how far does Rainbow have to stay from that thing anyway? Probably not as much as she is right now, but I'm guessing it's still a... relevant distance.

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen in this one... Though I won't mind if we stay with this kind of chapters for a while, I kinda missed them.

The writing's a bit flimsy this time around, but I appreciate the idea. The whole mixture of Innavedr's informality with the purple wildlife description of early Austraeoh comes across as a little uncomfortable.

I'm nowhere near this chapter, but obligatory.

So does anybody actually know how any of the story names are pronounced?

I love the picture for this one. It looks more like a fantasy landscape than the other ones, right out of Lord of the Rings.

Rainbow Dash has spent almost 750,000 words flying east...

:raritydespair: I wanna read em all but I just don't have the time! :raritycry:

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