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So have you heard, young fillies and colts
The tale of blood and rainbows and bolts?
They say that it is a fan-made poem
For one to read in the dark of their home

He owns not the original story, they say
But he hopes that many will read this someday
And you, the reader, he does presume
Will comment and rate it fairly-thank you!

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My first sort-of fic, Fimfiction!:yay:

Tell me what you think.:pinkiehappy:


P.S. For those wondering, the cover pic is Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Looks kind of ominous...

Okay, so honestly, there wasn't supposed to be more than one poem. But when I tried to submit it, my computer told me I needed 1,000 words to do so... :facehoof:

So this is the result of that. It may not be as good as the original poem, but at least it has an original plot, so there's no chance it'll get removed! Alternate endings are posted all the time, right?

Anyways, enjoy!


I know this story might not have as big an effect on the readers as it did on me, but writing that last stanza just felt incredibly depressing. :applecry: I don't know why.

Anyways, these last two parts, born of the 1,000 word minimum of Fimfiction, actually turned out pretty good. But if they aren't as good as the original poem, (first part) then whatever. I just hope you guys like it!


1236640 You had better make a damn good story.


You made a damn good story.

1248951 Wow, I love this. Rainbow Factory is basically what sealed my fate as a brony. While I know this would never happen in AuroraDawn's canon, it was still really beautiful. When reading the original, I liked to think it had a happy ending... we'll just have to see what Pegasus Device brings!

I has always been impressed with good poetry; needless to say, you have my praise. You created wonderful imagery with this poem, thank you. :raritywink:

I want to thank everyone for reading my poem. I didn't think I would get anywhere near this amount of views and upvotes. So I want to say, to everyone, thank you. You're awesome! And have a nice day!


Thanks :pinkiehappy:



Thanks! But what, if I may ask, is Pegasus Device?

So Dashie is saying the poem......


I can see some of the verses being part of the actual song too


That's a pretty hefty compliment... :rainbowderp:

Thanks a bunch!!


I personally love Rainbow Factory. The song and the story.
And this poem is right up there now in that group of love of stuff :pinkiehappy:
This poem captures the mood of the story perfectly, and is rather creative.
Well done, my good sir :moustache:

1384126I thank you x infinity for your praise!!

Also, as a side note, and for anyone who is interested, I am currently working on another collection of poems to upload! If were lucky, I should have it up for the end of next week, so look out for that.

Have a nice day!


I LOVED IT! :pinkiehappy: You better be jumping out of your seat right now because I am rarely impressed with poetry and I thought I was gonna leave halfway through, but I didn't. Because IT WAS AWESOME!:rainbowdetermined2:
( holy rainbows batman)


Holy Rainbows Batman...My God...I've heard stories of such a compliment...but I always thought they were fabrications...mere tales of longing and wonder...but now...now I see that I was false...
Much thanks to you, good sir. You...you have proven the impossible.:moustache:


>> dashie76

*ahem* I am a girl. But thank you, and you're welcome! Im glad that I have enlightened you to this reality!
Now. Please. Keep writting and continue to be awesome.
(Can I get an Amen!)


Amen, my lady!
I'm so sorry, I couldn't resist...:fluttercry:
Also, I have another poem fanfiction up on my account if you're interested. It's called Poems of Ponyville - Volume I. Read it!


Nice poem! Though it reminds me of PMV awoken, a lot

im more of a romance reader but this epicly awesome :rainbowdetermined2: also im am now scard of rainbow dash due to the name not from the story


PS, The last stanza made me cry :fluttercry:

Why?! Why did Rainbow Dash have to die!?
AWESOME story!:rainbowdetermined2: UPVOTE!

1761048I'm SO HAPPY you like it!:rainbowkiss:
Also, Pegasus Device is out. Perhaps a sequel is in order...muahahahaha!

1763666 I love poetry and this is combining 3 things I love:
Rainbow Factory and its epic downfall in a bloody form.:yay:

1763903You like Rainbow Factory, huh? Have you heard the news? AuroraDawn posted the sequel! It's called "Pegasus Device," and I just read it! It's EPIC.

Long live the ones fight for freedom to end that god-forsaken factory!!!:flutterrage::twilightangry2:

One error it's the prequel not the sequel awoken is the sequel:ajbemused:
But that story inspired me to make one!:twilightsmile:
And that story is epic!:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

1890425I'm glad you like it and that it inspired you!:pinkiehappy:So Pegasus Device is a prequel, huh? I wasn't aware that there was a canon sequel already...I'll look on AuroraDawn's page.

1892762Its not on his page go google search awoken:twilightsmile:
Or search it on this site:rainbowkiss:
I did got inspired to make this story from yours!!:pinkiehappy:
Search the story on my page called
The story behind the Pegasus device!!!:pinkiehappy:
It'll be really nice if you read it and comment about it!:derpytongue2:

1895698I'm so touched that I inspired someone...:fluttercry:I'll totally read it!
Also, I shall now search Awoken...

Nice poem bro :coolphoto: be sure to check out my first fanfic when it's finished it's called My Little Saw PLEASE READ IT :fluttershysad:

2041224I'm glad you like it! Hmm...I'm reading Eljunbyro right now...well, I suppose I could find time to read it.:pinkiehappy:

For once we have an amazing Rainbow Factory related fic! :pinkiehappy: Good work, my fine sir.

2265888Oh, God, no more Gutterloo please...:fluttercry:
I'm glad you like the poem! And yeah, the battle wasn't really mentioned. But I wanted to focus more on the emotions of Rainbow Dash, and with the war, it would be tough to do that. But I might add a chapter...

P.S. The image won't load...:fluttercry:

I Pinkie Promise that when I decide to become a music artist I shall animate this and sing it.

2795038My purpose is fulfilled. Thanks for liking it!!:pinkiehappy:

Love the Rainbow Factory premise. Really enjoyed this.

3228584Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.:pinkiehappy:(On a side, note, I'm in the middle of reading The Secret Life of Rarity at the moment.)

3228641 'course I favorited it. I liked it. Surprised that they were able to kill Celestia. That was a bit weird, but whaddya gonna do? You enjoying Rarity?

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