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Away in the Sky

A World Without Magic
It happened out of nowhere; one day we were hailed as heroes, the next...we were outcasts. We were the subject of everyone's fears and insecurities, even the princess'.

False Accusations
Rainbow is put on trial for a rather rare crime: murder.


Eternity is a long time to have to live with yourself, and Twilight's not sure she's up to the task.

In the Snow
A mare is sent by Princess Celestia to go to Pegasopolis, the northernmost settlement of Equestria, where she should 'await official instructions'.

Rainbow on Rainbows
Twilight Sparkle comes across Rainbow Dash watching the skies; more specifically, a rainbow.


Recurring Nightmares
This story is a 'companion' to 'Lost in the War'.
Someponies have recurring thoughts, something that keeps them up at night. Some have worse thoughts than others, and when the past becomes the problem, how will Twilight and Rainbow handle their unsettling thoughts; how will they handle their recurring nightmares?

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2099213 Well, the other day while at work, I happened to think of your story, and as I thought about it, I could still remember, even over a month after reading it, a lot of the smaller details and could even remember most of the emotions from the time that I had read your story (which is to say I may or may not have teared up). That's when it occurred to me that Remembrance Day hit a very unique note for me; there are very few stories that have me going back to it so soon after having read it, let alone remembering it clearly over the many other fics I read during that time and still making me feel the emotions inspired by it.

I have to say that the reveal for exactly what Twilight used her crystal for was by far the most impactful part of the story. Where some authors may have gone into explicit detail for the memory, you went exacty as far as you needed to and wrote the scene in such a way that made it beautiful and impactful without wasting time or adding unneccessary details.

Remembrance Day was a really damn good story, to put it on a lower shelf would be doing it a disservice.

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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