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Hello!So people have bugged me about a FimFiction account for a while now and I've finally decided to get one. Anyways, I suck at these bio things so... yeah.


What do you do, after you've made the impossible, possible?

With the Wonderbolt tryouts looming just around the corner and rumors of Spitfire being able to perform the Sonic Rainboom at will, Dash is at wits end. She needs something greater, awesomer, more epic than just a mere Rainboom. After all, to perform that trick a second time would label her a one trick pony and if Spitfire could pull it off, then what was the point?

So what trick could possibly be greater than a Sonic Rainboom?

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Okay, so here it is (finally). A slice of life fic with a hint of Twi-Dash in there. Amusingly, when I first started writing this, I figured it'd be 10,000 words, maybe a max of 15,000. As you can no doubt tell from the fact that this is only Part 1, it's a lot longer than I anticipated (also why the next multichapter dark fic isn't out yet). And this is after I cut out an entire arc because the fic was getting too long. Anyways, comedy/romance isn't really my thing and it's just something I wanted to touch on and play with between dark fics.

This first section is very much a look at Dash's own personality as well as Twilight back when she was in Canterlot and how that effected her growing up. Too late right now for me to think of some proper ramblings, so here, enjoy!

What do you do, after you've made the impossible, possible?

Well simple. You make the possible, impossible. By killing off all the pegasi. :pinkiecrazy:

Woah... A fic by you that doesn't have a Dark tag on it. Weird...

just give it time. Also, knowing his other fics, i'm sure twi isnt done suffering yet.

lol, your fanbase is terrifying sir.

nevertheless, good set up, keep track

. Considering how toxic it is,

Dude. Pinkie Pie ATE some of the stuff. Obviously not toxic.

“I use dragonfire to cook everything that way I’ve got total control over it.”

My plate suddenly found itself on the other side of room from me.

I believe it was 'Bird in the Hoof" where they had Spike cooking up pastries with his fire-- right in public. If she didn't have a problem with it back then, she wouldn't have a problem with it now.

Definitely loving this.

This is a really nice story. WATCHING EYE ACTIVATED!:pinkiehappy:

1354010 1354098
I know right? Hopefully my next couple of dark fics will make up for that. I'm trying to write a light hearted fic between each multichapter dark one so that my readers don't overdose one me...

I like to think Pinkie Pie ate some refined liquid rainbow whereas in the story I'm making the distinction between unrefined liquid rainbow where the unrefined stuff is highly toxic and chemically stable. Probably could have made that clearer so that's my fault. As for Spike's cooking, totally forgot about that.

How is my fanbase terrifying?

And I'm suppose to be the dark and evil writer.

1354929 I am not a writer, but I like reading really dark stuff. I like the idea of people, (and ponies), Being pushed into dark, evil, cruel situations to test their... character? resolve? Having a tame adventure of going from ponyville into the Everfree and the most dangerous thing being a manticor attack, is still a fun read. But would be better when the situation really sets in, when an actual goddess starts actually doing goddess like stuff and people, or ponies, start really getting hurt and things get very serious. That is just me tho, and also I am a sadistic bastard that only hated Cupcakes cause the format, grammer and such was bad, not cause of the story itself. :pinkiecrazy:

=laughs= Well then my next sad fic and super dark fic should be right up your alley!


Yeah, all the things I've said in the past still apply. I like this, but Twidash just doesn't float my particular boat, and the character chemistry between everyone that's not Twilight and Rainbow Dash is the best thing in this.
To think, in his take on a slice of life fic Twilight still finds a way to get wounded. I mean this meant to be a happy story and Twilight still has to get permanently hurt.

*Rainbow Dash performs a quadruple rainboom, /cheer*
:rainbowderp: "Twilight, get out of the way! I'm gonna crash on --"
*Permanent damage has been done*

<i>Sonic Rainboom sighted over Wonderbolt’s training camp?</i> Okay, I know we've been over this before. FimFiction uses square bracktes [] for all formatting modifications. Not <>

once over to make sure you didn’t anything
I'm going to use time travel spell Starswirl the Bearded Missing a word in the middle (do, a , the, etc.)

It wasn't... it was fun growing up in Canterlot
As long as it was a certain lavender mare That should be wasn't

Now then, I've had time to read this, and it was pretty good. I liked it.:twilightsmile:

=facepalm= I thought I didn't use any italics or anything! It's left over habit from posting on dA and stuff. Changing that now. Fixing all of that up actually.

Okay, I can definitely see you've derived some elements from A Bluebird's Song and the Reading Rainbow picture by Equestria Pervalis.

And Damn did you do your sources of inspiration justice...

I'll be honest, As a lover of Twidash I've been rather disappointed with much of the new fics that have been added to the group for the last few months. Most people are treading familiar water with the whole "Oh they got together because books." and while that's easy to work from, it's stale.

So for you to come out and drop this great 15k read as a sort-of-starter for what's to coming blew me away. You've done a great job at first-person RD narration, even if sometimes some more fancy vocabulary slips in like "opt". And words do not begin to describe my love for the scene between the two in the hospital. Simply, awesome.

You have me hooked. Please, continue.

Spelling errors I noticed:
“Here are the fact, you like facts right?” - that first fact should be facts

"She must be good enough to be Princess Celestia's protégé then!'" - She must not be good enough

I agree with Vurtax!

You have a great story going here. I am really liking it after some of the Twidash stuff lately.

Looking forward to more!

P.S. Only complaint I would have is Celestia came and went pretty quickly. Would she not wait until Twilight was awake to check on her? Seemed a bit odd to me.

I didn't want to drag it out any further so I dind't bother including Celestia too much in there

So is the whole fic written already or just the first part?

Either way, amazing start.

The entire thing is written up to a point. I cut so much out of it that I'll probably post up what I've written as a 'complete' fic and then add chapters on later between my larger projects. I mean, I cut out at least 10,000 words probably so yeah.

Holy..Shit, that was epic! Liquid rainbow radiation? GENIUS! Magic barrier? GENIUS! TwiDash? MOAR GENIUS!
Love this story, look forward to more twidash and more chapters!!!!!!! I NEED MOOOAR!

I wouldn't say it's genius, but thanks for the compliments


I am going to SMACK YOU... Can't you take compliments towards your RAW talent??? :ajbemused: Learn to be ambitious, to be unpredictable, to be random, to be... PINKIE!!! Stop being so humble dammit! :rainbowwild:

Okay, so some of you may have noticed the complete tag (if it still says incomplete then I forgot to change it) and wish to yell at me for ending it like that and you may feel the temptation to cry for more. Well good news, there will probably be more. It's just this fic was never meant to be this long and I want to write my other stuff that I'm more interested in. The reason it's labeled complete because in my mind this is complete. This is one concise, entire story detailing the gradual build up to a date where we got to explore Twilight's past, what Dash wants and what drives her, and what awaits in the future. There will be more to this fic, but I just feel that it's complete (or at least this arc is). So, when will I probably pick it up again? Probably once I'm done with my next multichapter fic, but don't worry, that shouldn't be longer than ten chapters and I'm hoping to release it in about wo weeks time. All this will probably be repeated in the blog post I'm going to write up as well.

Normally I'd do some ramblings where I give my thoughts on each section, but there are so many sections and it's so massive I don't want to do that again. So hey, lucky you, less reading.

It certainly feels complete. You'd need some new plot if this were to continue; continuing it solely to show them dating happily would be kind of lame.

My only real complaint about it was that there really wasn't enough uncertainty regarding whether or not she would actually be able to break the magic barrier; you showed that it would be difficult, but there was never any point where I was worried about her failing. The romance was good, though, and I suppose the fic was more about that than anything else.

You could also really use an editor. A few silly mistakes are inevitable in a large fic, but there were quite a few in this one.

I actually had an entire third arc set up that I cut out because it was getting too long. I'll be repurposing it for the intents of continuing it and so forth.
Yeah, your right. Looking back on it now, she was basically guaranteed to break it so I suppose I could have had more tension there. The main focus was romance, but a bit of uncertainty would have definitely added to the fic.
I do have an edittor. Just not for this fic. It was too long and not really something I was totally focused on getting polished up. It was a side project that I wanted to write to stop people from overdosing on sadness and dark themes. If it's missing spaces (again) I'm going to be so very annoyed.

A good ending to a nice story, i feel it was kinda rushed with the training but its ok as everyone just wanted to see the trick, i also like how there is no kiss with twi and dash as it does make it a bit clichéd also the idea of the shadowbolts not being evil for once is very nice
this is a very good read

ponyfic critic rating: It The Perfect Fic

1384880 Nope. No missing spaces this time, although there are a handful of sentences that are missing words, or don't make sense the way the words are arranged.

And just saying, but this fits pretty well into the world of that thing I'm editing for you..

for me, the end is complete ,you don't need to show what will happen, we can work that out

a good story, a warm end, and as always, nicely done

The training was rushed was because I wasn't sure what to write for it. So instead of making stuff up and getting it horribly wrong, I just decided to cut it down slightly and condense it.

Really? Damn. I'll admit to editting the second part less because reading 30,000 words multiple times gets dull in the end so I probably ended up skimming sections. And yeah, it does, but it's not the same universe. I may be evil, but this is meant to be lighthearted and happy.

I'm just more annoyed that I cut out about a third of the fic and I really want to write it in. That's all

... I'm sorry, but I find this really unreadable. Applejack was acting way completely out of order, Spitfire performing the Sonic Rainboom as well... then the entire Shadowbolts and Luna...

That's not even taking into consideration just how it reads. It just feels... horrible, constantly jumping around. No flow...


Luna mocking on her sister was hilarious. How can you complain about that? Authors interpret the two sisters however they damn well please most of the time; why constrain yourself to anything when there's only a single episode worth of Luna to ignore if you'd rather her have a more entertaining personality. Besides, all we've seen from the show is that she's still learning to fit into the modern world, I wouldn't be particularly surprised to see her doing something weird like that in S3 episode.

I didn't find it hilarious. I found it completely out of place. Even with all the different takes of Luna, that is one I don't see happening.
Doesn't change that the story was quite badly written...


How is it out of place? She acts like a kid in Luna eclipsed, too.

She's still a princesses through. Dancing like that and mocking her sister... yeah I just don't see it working.

Besides, that's only a minor complainant. The story's just not good on a whole.

Lovely story, but you need to find someone who can thoroughly go over the spelling and grammar in it. I found several places where there were missing words, or the wrong word used. Unfortunately, I didn't make any notes of them, so I can't point them out right now.

There's also a few scene shifts that are a bit too abrupt, and you often have a problem with showing time passing. That is, it's often hard to get a feel for if it's been hours, days or weeks between scenes.

I did remember one easily found error though:
"hundreds of thousands of dollars"

Might want to change that to "bits".

From time to time, the characterization was a bit wonky as well. Dash and Twilight was usually on track, and those were the important characters in this story, but others did act a bit odd now and again. I really have to agree with Fury of the Tempest as well. Lunas acting there at the end? That's way too immature. Even if she's more playful than Celestia, she passed quite a few lines on what would be appropriate for a head of state.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading it even if it's not perfect! Keep up the good work, and I hope to see it continue.

I actually do have an edittor, I just didn't ask him to edit this fic because this was more something I wrote on a whim for fun. I know that I should have gotten him to edit it since I am posting it up, but I got lazy and I just wanted to get this out so I could focus on my other fics properly.

Yeah, one thing I was debating was adding in a countdown timer of "x days/hours/whatever till Wonderbolt's Audition" to show passage of time. In the end I actually simply forgot to put that in and yes, I do forget to put stuff in a lot.

Finished reading this last night went to sleep before commenting (Fixing that now), Anywho, just thought the whole "Breaking the Magic Barrier" would have some sort of fallout similar to the boom of a sonic boom. Magical Distortion is no joke especially when it near a whole crowd of onlookers. Other than the dangers of breaking barriers i liked this story quite a bit. The unrefined rainbow was an interesting concept though it begs the idea where do they get it. Captain of the Shadowbolts was a nice twist and i loved the idea of Luna taunting Celestia with it. If this ever does receive an addition i will surely return to check it out. Great Job :twilightsheepish:

Thanks! I deliberately danced around the issue of breaking the magic barrier because I'm not good at physics and I knew if I tried to explain it, I'd end up getting yelled at.
I imagine the unrefined rainbow is a mixture of natural chemicals or something. I dunno. Maaaaaaaaaaagic

Why is it you've been watching me since I got on this sight, but I never noticed you were such a capable writer yourself? I was honestly leaning back almost once a minute thinking "What a great line" over and over again. You absolutely nailed Dash's mind set, perfectly.

I enjoyed this. A lot.

Please give me a minute while I squee in a corner somewhere.
Thanks. I always get such a boost when one of my favourite authors decide to drop me a line or fav a fic of mine. It's just such a boost you know?

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! Getting Dash down was the hard part because I wanted her to be relatable and someone Twi could fall for, while keeping her in character. My prereader (y1) really helped in that regard so I can't get all the credit, no matter how much I want to.

"in hospital?"

When did Twilight become British?

Well I'm from NZ so I tend to use British phrases and spelling so that's probably my fault.

Congrats! I'm featuring you on my page! (That sounded a lot better in my head)

You- I- Wha?
You are awesome. Seriously. Like, wow, you are beyond awesome. Thanks so much! Maybe I can critique your stories in return or something? Draw a pic? I dunno, just feel like I should do something in return.

If you want to, I'm not going to stop you, but I did it because you deserve it. I didn't get a whole lot of recognition for my stories for a long time, and you're a great writer yourself. It's not much, but it's all I can do to help out.

Like I said, you're awesome. Well next time you post up a fic I'll remember to critique for you or something since my drawing skills suck.

havent read yet but i will sn. i just had to ask about the blasted cover picture. i keep seeing these diffrent twidash pics with twilight`s eyes bandaged. is their a story out their dealing with these pictures. (especaly the pic of dash reading to eye bandaged twilight)

Well the pic Dash reading to blind Twilight provided the inspiration for this fic and the cover image here was drawn by a reader after they read the fic so I don't know?

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