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On a winter morning in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash throws a snowball at Applejack.

Things escalate quickly.

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On a winter morning in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash throws a snowball at Applejack.

Things escalate quickly.

I can imagine.

This was a blast! Loved it and no clue why this didn't win!



I thought Ponyville's weather worked by schedule... :rainbowdetermined2:

Great story. :twilightsmile:

Rainbow Dash is a Norwegian Blue?
The more you know...

A truly awesome story. :)

"Okay, this is awesome. I usually don't like reading stories over 3000 words, but this one was entertaining and amazing the whole way through!"


I thought Ponyville's weather worked by schedule...

I figure the 'forecast' in Equestria is just how the local weather teams let the rest of the townsfolk know what they're going to be getting over the next few days. So they can plan picnics and whatnot.

As opposed to where I live, where it's pretty much just a guess. :rainbowwild:

A great, lighthearted but still intense story about stuff we all have done! :twilightsmile:

This is my favorite MLP fanfic. I loved it. :pinkiehappy:

That was very amusing :twilightsmile:

You should make another snowball fight Fic but with OC's instead (imagine so many cool ponies that everyone made of themselves!) I would definitely go on either team!

If SFM starts working again, I will animate this.
If not, I may draw a comic. Either way...

My month will be spent.

This is best the funniest story I have ever read! GO TEAM ARMY! :ajsmug: :heart:

The best way I can describe this story is just... fun. Like, I didn't once feel like I was reading a story more than 10k words long. And when I was done, I had no regrets spending the time that I did to read this story. I walked away from my keyboard with a smile on my face.

Thanks again, 8686. Stuff like this is why you deserve more attention.


...and a Monty Python reference at the end. This has to have been the most enjoyable story I've read in a while. It reminds me of a good kids movie- fun for everyone, but with enough references and subtle adult humor to make it enjoyable for even the cootiest of coots. Have a mustache, my friend. :moustache:


Wonderful job! It was a joyful read.

You really captured the feel of innocent play with friends as a kid. A bit of nostalgia there.

Loved it.

Thanks for all the smiles I had

Rebels ftw!

4638498 When SFM is up again, post a blog with a link to it, or a comic...

I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd want to see that, video or comic. :raritywink:

Even as the countdown began, Celestia dropped to her knees and rolled onto her back, just behind and to the left of the overturned applecart. Spreading her broad wings forcefully back and upwards, she caused a wide mound of snow beneath and either side of her to pile up to one side of the wagon.
Another stroke of her wings and the pile grew slightly taller. Then she moved a little more to her left to repeat the process, extending the length of the snow pile further. Twilight dropped to do the same on the right side of the cart while Applejack and Rarity set to compacting the newly piled snow such that it was slightly sturdier.

Well that is clever!

you know, there is an easy way for this to end. presumably the RRs are quite close to Sugarcube Corner, which i presume is also covered in snow. all it would take would be one good shot.....

That was AWESOME! :rainbowlaugh: it had some :rainbowlaugh: moments, a few :pinkiecrazy: ones, DEFINITELY some :rainbowdetermined2:.

Either way, this is a one chapter masterpiece! i give it :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: out of 5

Just the refreshing (+20%) cool read you need on a hot summer's day.

Keep calm and start a rebellion. :rainbowwild:

Great read, and a fun one all the way through. It didn't even feel like over 10k words, which is not something most authors can do. Good on ya. You've earned a like and favorite.:heart:

This is so funny! I felt bad for Derpy though.:fluttershysad:
But she still got a chance to play, so that's good!
I would've been on Rainbow's Rebels with all my favorite ponies!

“Richard-the-tunnel!” interjected Apple Bloom with some authority, putting an end to the argument.

Ha! That really set me off.

Fantastic fun, and almost too cute for its own good.

That was amazing! I loved it! Oh and listening to this at the same time made it all the more better. :twilightsmile:

Again, fantastic job my friend. You definetely deserve a moustache :moustache: and a cookie. (Sadly, they do not have a javascript here for a cookie... so instead I'll make it a :heart:! Yay for snowball fights)!

This...this was an excellent way to kick my morning off. The story was fun, amusing, heart-warming, and all around very enjoyable. I couldn't stop grinning for most of the story. Thanks for an awesome start for today my friend. :pinkiehappy:

~ Super-Brony12

An incredibly adorable story and just the break from the hot weather we needed.

Nicey done!

Celestia really should have seen Luna's sudden but inevitable betrayal coming, shouldn't she...?

I really enjoyed this!!!!! Many thanks for adding some serious fun to the site - thumbs up and favourited :)

Is this based off a poll on EQD?

That got wildly out of hoof in the most amazingly awesome way imaginable. I can be a tough audience, but I laughed like crazy at some of these moments, and the sheer badflankery backed it up beautifully.

Also: For the rebellion! FOR FREEDOM!

Here's wishing I could like more than once. :pinkiehappy:
Sent from the Isapie

Like a commenter below, grins from start to end. :pinkiehappy:

"Oh, yes, I must say, it was quite a lot of fun helping App... er, I mean, it was but my sworn duty to assist in putting down the Rebellion! Though my deaths were such that you could have called me Die-mond Mint, I myself laid waste many of the enemy forces!"

It's wonderful! Next time, Derpy will remember to put her coat in the right place. Speaking of her, when she said she saw her friends Time Turner and Minuette and Rose- That wouldn't happen to be a reference, would it?

On a side note, I actually voted for that on the poll..

This was a wonderfully funny short story! :pinkiehappy:
I know I would be on the rebel's side. :rainbowlaugh:

That was cute, and great fun to read! :D

Although into her head, unbidden, popped a mental image combining the concepts of ‘Rainbow Dash’ and ‘flanking manoeuvre,’ and, well, it wasn’t all bad.

What are you thinking, AJ? :ajsmug: :rainbowkiss:

Applejack gritted her teeth. “They’re gonna surround us!” she seethed.
“Technically, in military parlance, it’s called a flanking manoeuvre,” corrected Twilight.
Applejack did a quick double-take in Twilight’s direction. “A what?”
“A flanking manoeuvre,” repeated Twilight. “They’re going to flank us.”
Applejack just stared for a moment. “Well that sure sounds like somethin’ we don’t want happenin’.”
Although into her head, unbidden, popped a mental image combining the concepts of ‘Rainbow Dash’ and ‘flanking manoeuvre,’ and, well, it wasn’t all bad.

Dat Flank, huh, Applejack? :rainbowlaugh:


That was AWESOME!!

Sequel. Now.

I have so many things to say about this fic an all of them are good.

Needs to be in everyone's favourites, or at least their read it later lists.

Can you write another story?

Many years later, an alien spacecraft from Umchuck 12 visits the formerly inhabited planet of Equestria.

They find naught but a desolate wasteland of giant snow balls cratering every inch of the planet.

Sticking out beneath one, a skeleton of one inhabitant was found. Apparently, with the last of its strength, it had carved a message into a slab of rock with its own broken purplish horn.

When translated, the message read: "Never should have invited Discord to join in..."


Come to the dark side, her expression read, we have cookies!



Dark... but hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

4644175 Dark comedy is best comedy, but tricky to get just right. :trollestia:

How utterly delightful, though out of season. The best part was naturally the adorable derpyness, or possibly the derpy adorableness. I also like the tunnel, especially as dick was the only one that was never used.

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