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Dark Sparkle

Dark Sparkle is a white unicorn, a sister of Twilight Sparkle who first appeared in Zonoya717's Fan-fiction Dark Sparkle Returns in chapter 1. In this chapter she remembered the events from her past.

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The Second Chance · 4:12pm Dec 28th, 2012

So here is a description about my new Fanfic The Second Chance!

Having escaped from the terrible Rainbow Factory, H8 Seed finds a new friend, and tells him about all the horrors of this place. With him, former worker persuades the main pony in Cloudsdale to go to war against the factory, as all this is must be stopped.

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Dark Sparkle's Story! · 5:05pm Nov 23rd, 2012

Dark Sparkle's Story:

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Happy New Year, everyone! :twilightsmile:

Today is my Birthday! Yay! :twilightsmile:

Hello everyone! Just write something to show you i'm still alive! :coolphoto:

Hello guys, how are you? :pinkiehappy::heart:

Thanks for the watch!

Thanks so much for the watch! I hope my stories make up for my rambling blog posts. :twilightsmile:

Okay, but know, i wait! Just finish it as soon as you can, i could wait!

270572 I know, but, so far, I only have the ending in mind. I have to properly show the development between the two main characters.

Finish please, this is so awesome!

270566 Spank you very much. I've been thinking about finishing it, but I'm not sure yet.

Oh, okay. But i still love it, even if you canceled it! My fav story of yours is The True Psychopath, by the way!

270560 I was getting bored of it and was about to ruin what I had already written. I didn't want to do that.

You...do know that I canceled Reaching the Dark side of the moon, right?

You're welcome! Your works are great! :raritystarry:

thanks for the watch, I am really happy there are someone who likes my works at least...

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