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Tom From Myspace

I cook my chicken skin side down to make sure I only judge it by the content of its character.


I sold my site for like $600 million, and now I'm here.

"Give it to me! I'm so fucking wet!"

Scream as she might, she was not getting the umbrella.

If giant squirming logs of shit can't find true love, what hope have we?

What I'm Currently Doing While I Should Be Updating My Fics

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    Update For All One Of My Followers Who Remember Me

    Hello everyone, lazy asshole formerly known as "That Brony Over There" here. In continuing with my endless cycle of deceit and lies, I've decided to begin reworking my entire user page. After giving it some thought, I've decided that I want to give fanfiction a second shot. That means a clean start, and in order to do that, I have cancelled my two stories previously marked incomplete. That's why I've tagged what is undoubtedly my most popular work. I've been wanting to work on an idea without

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