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You and Rainbow Dash have been friends since foalhood. Your favorite pastime? Racing. You two have raced hundreds of times. You finally beat her one day, and offers you a reward. Confused by her offer, you accept. Unknown to you, she has something she wants to confess to you. You never expected it was this....

This is my attempt at a second person fic. It's also my first attempt at Romance.

It may be part of a series. I don't know yet. Crowley has really inspired me. This is my attempt to mimic his fantastic work. I may find a way to tie a bunch of stories together. I'm not sure yet.

Alternate Universe tag because, well, I felt like it should be in one.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 188 )

:trixieshiftright: My interest has been aroused.

Go on.....

very good start, can't wait to see finished, consider this like, fav'd, and watched.

Thanks guys! :rainbowkiss:

Jeez, y'all hit me with a storm of comments I had trouble keeping up! Yeah, this is going to be a fun project. I know that much. I've just got too much inspiration from Crowley.


Yes. All this (Fan)Base are belong to me, after all.

Hm, this sounds interesting. Rainbow Dash, holding perhaps strong emotions for somepony? Tracked. :twilightsmile:

Yeauh Just Keep Doin Watch U Doin

Very interesting and definitely looking forward to seeing more. However, there's a certain grammar mistake constant throughout the story. It's when you end a speaking line. For example:

“Hey, I almost had this one.” You reply.
“Didn’t think you’d catch me Speedy.” She says with a grin.
“You deserve a reward.” She replies, flashing another smile.

If you're done speaking, but it's not the end of the sentence, then you should end with a comma (unless you're using an exclamation point or question mark, those are fine) in the quotation marks instead of a period. Then, the next word should be lowercase, carrying the sentence along.

So for those examples I pulled, it should be:

“Hey, I almost had this one,” you reply.
“Didn’t think you’d catch me Speedy,” she says with a grin.
“You deserve a reward,” she replies, flashing another smile.


Huh. I did not know that. Thanks.

Now I know. And knowing, is half the battle.



Hurry, please.


Patience. I'm already halfway done

Lets Stop Rushing Let Him Take His Time H'll Get It Done As Soon As Possible
*brofist* To Everyone
Keep On Trollin :rainbowkiss:

Please guys, tell me what you think of Chapter two instead of just "Please continue". Did you like it or not. Why?

I repeat what I believe my previous statement was.

Go on.....

I liked it. Sure, it's not the greatest story I've ever read but it's still good. You do a passable job of second person. You certainly have potential. Just keep practicing. :twilightsmile:

Edit: You're a football player? A big mudda fukka? :pinkiegasp: Do your friends know about you and MLP?

Longer chapters, but other than that, proceed with the story.

As it seems you want a genuine comment, I'll give you just that.

For the record, I am a bit of a Grammar Nazi. Didn't pick anything up while reading.

Loving it, by the way! I'm hoping to see more of this. I've been a bit of a softie for 2nd person fictions with Rainbow Dash, so this peaked my curiosity when it first came out.

Keep rocking! :rainbowkiss:


Why thank you! It's not easy. This is my first time at second person after all. I'll certainly keep practicing.

And yes. My FRIENDS know I like MLP. I met one teammate who is a fellow Brony, and five or six who don't care about such a trivial matter. It's us against the probably 20 or 30 who dislike the fact that we're Bronies. But, we're football players. So we have to be tough about it.

like it..

now give me three more chapters in 10 seconds flat.

Great so far except isnt it usally like the proper thing to do to give the female your bed and you sleep on the couch? Oh and longer chapters but i do enjoy the story.


Dude. It's fucking Rainbow Dash. I don't think she'd care.

But that's just how I perceive her character. :twilightsheepish:

657701 If she can sleep in a tree with just a pillow and blanket, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind a comfy sofa. :rainbowlaugh: She agrees.

I liked it and would like a chapter three.
Just make the chapter longer by forcing YOU to tell Rainbow what You feel... or bring in characters to make it more conflicting :heart::scootangel:


Are you all PSYCHIC!?!?!

Yeah, no. This'll be a bit short. Probably five chapters. Maybe six. The next one is where massive complications begin. (Hint hint)


You're into football, and you like MLP? We're going to be the best of friends, you and I.

What's your position? OLB? DT? WR? OT? Safety, maybe?

Great Job This Is Very Beast
Keep On Trollin :rainbowkiss:

:No Prob Bro
Keep On Trollin:rainbowwild:

Okay. The story's going to have at least six chapters by my best estimate. I don't like to exceed 1500 words per chapter. They just start dragging on after that mark. 3 is much longer than I anticipated.

"Friendship Stones"? ....:pinkiegasp: Elements of Harmony final answer!

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