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Welcome to Fillydelphia U, the college you've been attending for a year now. This is the account of the crazy things that began to happen to you as a sophomore. Complete with love triangles, crazy roommates, and much more! Want to know what that "much more" may be? Well then pop on in and take a look. This is Fillydelphia University. Enjoy your time here.

Human for humanized ponies. They're humans with wings and the ability to use magic. Seeing as they're not really anthro with just that trait, I feel that the human tag was more appropriate.

Putting my own spin on my favorite niche of fics.

Constructive criticism encouraged and all that jazz. Enjoy!

Teen for language (At the current moment.)

Note: The cover image is the best version of the human ponies as I described. So...relevant.

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So the protagonist is a perv?

Damn it you had interdimensinal rainbow and now this why you make so many things that catch my eye. And a love triangle with trixie and dash (calling it now) dash better win. I would pick her if this really was me.

Well can't blame the guy for being born with perfectly functional eyeballs. On the other hand Nigga needs to get some shades. It'll really help with all the interactions i infer. Now some ultimate frisbee and some intoxicants and it'll be cash.

You said Flash as in Flash sentry?? Also I would like to see protagonist and rainbow sharing a room I can totally just see rainbow using every waking moment to anoy the living heck out of him/me.

3032526 I plan to make another school fic. Don't worry. You'll have your Dash rooming.

Nice. The writing was a tad confusing in the middle there, but once I got myself sorted out it was fun. Cool story, bro. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Nice cud use sumthin like more romance but good!

3032481 Agreed, but idk, I might choose Bon Bon... might...


Did she just say something?

What? She said something?

Laughed my ass off.:rainbowlaugh:

You blink, but scramble to your feet and make a break for the door. Unfortunately, you trip and take a digger into the door frame.

laughed so hard when i pictured this in my head:rainbowlaugh:

Look at you, doing things! :pinkiehappy:

Now remember to tell me when you get the next chapter up.
I'll be waiting.


Loved every minute of this story! Characters are well written and everything.:pinkiehappy:

3032776 I'm a confusing man! We've been over this!

3032869 It will come in. This was just getting characters introduced.

3033908 orright.

3032526 And yes, as in Flash Sentry. I recently saw EG and decided it would be an easy easter egg.

in a way i actualy wish i had a voice inside my head then i always would have some kind of company :pinkiehappy:

That was a nice story. Wanna see the part with AJ tho... should be fun
<mischievous grin>

I. Like. It. That's saying a helluva lot considering my utter hatred for POV stories, but I genuinely love this, please my good man, continue! Great writing!

Best one of these fics I have read. Keep up the good work sir.

Hey! I like your story and thus feel like I have an obligation to make it even better. If someone is talking, don't capitalize who, what, or how they are. For example: "Nice towel," You say as she turned red as a beet. SHOULD actually be "Nice towel," you say as she turned red as a beet.

Hope that helps!

Very good, if not just a little unrefined. Your ideas are hilarious and the pacing is spot-on. Just don't rush, work a little on your construction, and this'll really turn into something! Anyway, have a fave and like!

3036535 Ah. Thank you! That's been a problem in my work. I get confused sometimes while I work. My main focus in editing is buckling down on grammar and flow. I didn't know you weren't supposed to capitalize after quotes. This was helpful. I'll fix it once I can get back on a computer.

... For some reason I picture our hero as Sanji from One Piece, pre-timeskip, though. Can he be like Sanji? Hands in his pocket, maybe he smokes when no-one's looking, blonde, maybe with brown/black eyes? A good cook? PLEASE? PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE? No? Well, fine. That's how I'll imagine him, then. Can he at least try a cigar in his room and have Trixie go all-out on him with a 'NO SMOKING' rant? Hey, how DO they tell apart unicorn-people from earth pony-people? Perhaps a specific mark on the forehead or something?

Whatever, still following this.

3037651 I...I don't know One Piece. Also, is this featured? I can't check on my phone.

3037668 :eeyup: It is. And look up 'Sanji One Piece pre-timeskip'. it's alright if that's not what he looks like, your story. But it's my mental image of him.

3037679 Cool, I got featured again! And this time with no bitching in the comments! (Jinx in 3...2...)

And I think I'll just let the anon develop as I usually do. Sorry.

3037690 Meh. He looks like what the reader wants him to. HEY, maybe a 'what do you think Anon looks like' chapter is in order! Maybe you put it in, say, the author notes, read what people say, and put it together from there. Let's see... he's winged, that much we do know, he's definitely a male, and he's ex-boyfriend to Rarity. Wait a minute... Oh God... SPIKE? :rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::applejackconfused::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::twilightoops:

3037711 Spike is far too young to be in college.

3037752 ... Point taken. NOT going down that road.

3037768 Besides, Twi still needs a slave to organize all her stuff!:rainbowkiss:

That conscience is exactly what I am like inside my own head. It's pretty funny to see if written out. The story is funny and awesome so far, can't wait to see the next chapter.


I thought that was Anon's job, since he seems to be getting the short end of the stick in pretty much everything right now.

Well, I'm only slightly illogical, so it didn't take me too long to get it. No need to get antsy, buddy.

I like it... It could be a lot better, but I like it.

I think I'm guaranteed to have a good rest of the time until this story finishes. Well done so far my friend!

3038811Thank you.

3038397 Everything could be a lot better. But I like knowing that I am incapable of making perfection. It still gives me room to grow.

Great story so far. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

3043910 Thanks! It feels good to write another story. I feel like I'm a bit rusty with my lapse. Oh well. Every tin man needs to be oiled sometime.

3032869 It is two chapters in you cant have romance that fast then it seems rushed or mary suish

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