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I cook my chicken skin side down to make sure I only judge it by the content of its character.


Welcome to Fillydelphia U, the college you've been attending for a year now. This is the account of the crazy things that began to happen to you as a sophomore. Complete with love triangles, crazy roommates, and much more! Want to know what that "much more" may be? Well then pop on in and take a look. This is Fillydelphia University. Enjoy your time here.

Human for humanized ponies. They're humans with wings and the ability to use magic. Seeing as they're not really anthro with just that trait, I feel that the human tag was more appropriate.

Putting my own spin on my favorite niche of fics.

Constructive criticism encouraged and all that jazz. Enjoy!

Teen for language (At the current moment.)

Note: The cover image is the best version of the human ponies as I described. So...relevant.

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Equestria is such an awesome place. Kind natives and friendly attitudes make it hard to ever consider leaving. And an incredibly awesome cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane adds a bit of incentive to stay, too.

But, as a human who somehow wound up in Equestria (As a pony, no less!), you knew you'd have to leave some time.

After returning to the realm of humans, you plan to return to your mundane life as an average person in college. That is, until the previously mentioned cyan pegasus appears to have come through the portal as well. And to top it off, she's been transformed into a human.

Just how will this all work out? Stay tuned to find out!


Also, constructive criticism is encouraged. This is my first writing in a long time, so I'm a bit rusty.

Thanks to Nataliadsw for letting me use this pic.

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You and Rainbow Dash have been friends since foalhood. Your favorite pastime? Racing. You two have raced hundreds of times. You finally beat her one day, and offers you a reward. Confused by her offer, you accept. Unknown to you, she has something she wants to confess to you. You never expected it was this....

This is my attempt at a second person fic. It's also my first attempt at Romance.

It may be part of a series. I don't know yet. Crowley has really inspired me. This is my attempt to mimic his fantastic work. I may find a way to tie a bunch of stories together. I'm not sure yet.

Alternate Universe tag because, well, I felt like it should be in one.

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