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Equestria is such an awesome place. Kind natives and friendly attitudes make it hard to ever consider leaving. And an incredibly awesome cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane adds a bit of incentive to stay, too.

But, as a human who somehow wound up in Equestria (As a pony, no less!), you knew you'd have to leave some time.

After returning to the realm of humans, you plan to return to your mundane life as an average person in college. That is, until the previously mentioned cyan pegasus appears to have come through the portal as well. And to top it off, she's been transformed into a human.

Just how will this all work out? Stay tuned to find out!


Also, constructive criticism is encouraged. This is my first writing in a long time, so I'm a bit rusty.

Thanks to Nataliadsw for letting me use this pic.

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pretty good, i'll give it a shot:pinkiehappy:

Why did he have to go:fluttercry: Btw is that RD that made that thud:pinkiehappy:

:twilightsmile: Lovely story can not wait for next chapter :twilightsmile:

Dry it is probably rainbow I'm so sorry she is my favorite but she makes some mistakes forgivnes:pinkiesad2:

Sry not dry I'm a idiot


Heh. All is forgiven.

Maybe, toss a fave this way so you can find out what happens next?:ajsmug:

I will toss a fave but not through a window:rainbowlaugh:

Wow I like where this is going... Human turned pony in equestria comes back as human with pony turned human... Interesting... Fav and like.
Have a moustache :moustache:.


HOLY SHIT! SOMEONE ACTUALLY GAVE ME A MOUSTACHE! THIS IS SUCH AN HONOR!!!! THANK YOU!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by That Brony Over There deleted Feb 22nd, 2013


TWILIGHT! Stop tearing holes in the fabric of time and space! I still need to fix the other ones where your alternates ripped it! Gah, my work will never get done at this point!!


Graflaghlebarghsl. . . at least give me some time before more holes can appear, I don't particularly want reality to collapse.

Still, this looks good so far. Got an idea out of it.

That being that universes have a specific set of rules unique to them, and that conflicting rules sort of "compromise". So "Only Ponies" and "Only Humans" would result in something else. And then a few other things. Still hammering them out.


Um, well, neat! Glad I gave somebody an idea!

You’re just kinda that guy in the background; the guy who's not depressed, but not overly happy. You choose to be alone a lot of the time, and spend almost all of it in your room. You have friends, yes, but they’re not close. They’re just people to have fun nights out with.

That matches me to a T. Are you following me around or something? :duck:

UNGH. :rainbowwild:
Thank you all! This is amazing!
(We are happy. Quite happy. Happy. Yes. Quite. Happy. Don't fuck with drugs kids.)
(Or you'll end up like... Well.. I mean just look at my avatar.)

Nice story. Interesting spin on the normal HiE Fics.
$20 dash walks out naked not knowing she has to wear clothes, later on gets pissed about lack of wings?

Looking forward to more.
3 out of 5 for now. Let's see how you go.

Is this the begining or the end? Still I like.

2167905Wait is it going to be a huge flash back or will it be a pony on earth or Poe as I like to call it

Comment posted by hahawat deleted Feb 24th, 2013

well damn rainbow you couldnt just stay in your world. you had to follow him to a place were if you have wings youll be cut open by the goverment.

2170791 Please learn to spell. Also, You should check out a group called "Humans are not bastards"

"Hey Mom, Dad! Remember me? I'm your son who vanished for a couple months and then suddenly returned! Also I've got a naked girl up in my room!"


Ohh yeah, because the ACLU and a dozen other groups wouldn't be ALL over the Government if they started dissecting people. Not to mention the party opposed to the one currently in power would have the scandal of the century to play with.

Ok so theres some form of wacky time dilation between the two worlds then? Well thats super awesome. Also I demand moar.

Im loving this, keep it going, how oftenwill it be updated?

Yea British insults do sound worse :derpytongue2:
Ya pisshead

:twilightsmile: I LOVE THIS FANFIC SO MUCH :twilightsmile:
:pinkiehappy: I love the mental fighting with himself priceless :pinkiehappy:
:rainbowhuh: how often will it be updated? :rainbowhuh:

The mental fighting is making me not breath, soo much funnysss:rainbowlaugh:

Oh and nice job with the portal ref


It will be updated as often as chapters get finished.

2177673 We've got a little trick around that. Absolute bullshit, but hey... MAGIC.

2177791 As often as possible... vague but true. All I do is get the ideas going, and when Brony's stuck... yell at him.

When "I" said that, that was the exact song that came to mind.

Ooh! Figures. The first thing Rainbow Dash learns to do with her legs was to do a intercontinental ballistic kneecap into Sharpie's ballsack. Ouch.

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