• Published 12th Aug 2013
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Fillydelphia University - Tom From Myspace

You are in college. Many familiar faces are there as well. Quirkiness and Slice of Life ensues.

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1: Just an Average Day

Quick Note: I've created a "Crazy Conscience" as I like to call it.
"Your" thoughts will appear in black.
He will appear in red whenever he appears in "your" head.

You sit in the lecture hall, bored out of your mind. To your right, a girl with blue spiked hair in a white tank top is quietly snoring, her hands twitching and glowing slightly every now and again. Her twitches seem akin to the way a dog runs in its sleep, and you give a quiet chuckle. To your left, a girl whose hair is striped in each color of the rainbow and wearing a cyan tee shirt stares blankly towards the front of the room. Her wings are folded up, but it looks sort of uncomfortable. It’s almost like she’s straining to keep from stretching them. Of course, anyone who knows Rainbow Dash would also know that she hates being cooped up for too long without being able to do some form of flying. Hell, you share her pain. Being stuck without any way to give the wings a stretch can get really uncomfortable really fast.

The Doctor has been going on and on about the topic of time travel or something. Odd, considering this was usually the world’s most boring math class. But maybe it all has something to do with math. Maybe he just figured out that nobody was paying attention, and decided to ramble for a while until someone caught him. You really couldn’t care less if anyone caught him; anything that isn’t math is fine by you, and probably everyone else. You let out a bored sigh, and let your mind wander.

Hey there, old friend.

Oh Celestia, not you.

This voice in your head is...well the little voice in your head. It’s like if you took anyone’s conscience, and gave it the mindset of a teenager. You’ve thought about seeking some sort of mental help, but in the end it hasn’t proven to be anything harmful. It’s just silly and immature, but gets the job done when it should.

Awwww, you don’t like me anymore?

What is it?

I was just gonna try and keep you from being bored.

I can do that myself.

Fine. I’ll just wait here until you want to do something. But, if I may make a suggestion for your entertainment....Uhhhh, where'd I put it...AH HA! Here it is!

You suddenly find yourself thinking about Rainbow Dash. It was an extremely well guarded secret that you have a thing for her. Only you and your brain knew about it, and you’d prefer it stay that way for the time being. You start cursing out the little jerk off in your head for doing this while she’s sitting right beside you, but that isn’t too important.

You look over to the left, and feel your stomach knot a bit. Even bored and staring blankly at a wall she still comes off as incredibly hot. You take your eyes away and stare up at the ceiling. You're afraid that if you keep staring at her long enough, your wings will flare out into an incredibly awkward "wingboner". You let your thoughts wander a bit more, but can’t seem to get them off the topic.

You start going back and forth with yourself a bit. You’ve been pondering just admitting everything to her, seeing how she’d take it. Then again, that idea is extremely stupid. What imbecile would just spill their feelings like that? You’ve heavily considered just asking her out like a normal person, but by the time you work up the nerve, it magically seems to vanish when you try and ask her. It’s safe to say that you’re not the most confident guy half the time.

You swim in these thoughts for a few more minutes, still staring blankly at the ceiling. You watch a little spider creep slowly across the panel. It was moving about as fast as the class was. Except the eight legged demon spawn above you was substantially more interesting. You keep staring at it, and suddenly feel a jab to your arm. You ignore it, thinking maybe Rainbow just elbowed you by mistake. But soon enough, another jab comes. Then another, and a third, a fourth, a fifth. You refocus your attention to her, those beautiful magenta eyes of hers staring at you in the most bored manner possible.

“You need something Dash?” You whisper.

“Yeah. My friend to ditch with me.” She replies, also whispering.

“You think you can slip past the Doc?” You cock an eyebrow.

“Well...no. But I’ve been thinking up a plan.” She responds.

“And that would be?”

“Excuse me, am I interrupting your conversation?” Came the voice from the front.

The both of you silently curse. The Doctor had heard the two of you whispering. In his defense, the class was so quiet you could hear a snowflake twinkle in the wind. Unfortunately, he absolutely hated having people ignore him for something they deemed more important.

“Would you care to tell me what’s so much more important?” He asks, looking none too happy.

“Well...I was just...rambling about...how...the quantum nature of that...numeric generator couldn’t produce the effects you outlined...so...your formula there is actually incorrect.” You ramble, trying your best to keep a straight face.

He stares at you for a moment, and you stare back. You pray to Celestia that he will buy the big worded malarkey you just made up. He starts going back and forth between you and the board, then stares at the board and his formula for a minute.

“Why...you’re absolutely correct! I completely forgot to factor in the random nature of quantum mechanics! This would never work!” He says, quickly setting to work on fixing it.

You’re absolutely stunned. In fact, anyone who wasn’t a zombie was pretty stunned. They could tell you were lying; it really wasn’t a good one. You notice that The Doctor was incredibly wrapped up in fixing his formula and rewriting all of the equations that sprawled across the blackboard. You notice the prime opportunity to sneak out the back, and elbow Rainbow.

“Come on. Now’s our chance.” You nod your head towards the door.

“Right.” She says as she silently stands.

The two of you manage to get out of your seats without making a sound, and creep towards the back.

By some form of miracle, the two of you manage to slip out unnoticed. You follow Rainbow down the hall and out of the building all together, coming out into the quad. It’s a nice little courtyard with a few trees and a statue of Free Spirit, the leader of the Equestrian War for Independence and founder of the college over eleven hundred years ago.

“So where to now, pal o’ mine?” Rainbow asks, sounding substantially happier.

“You mean you weren’t thinking of anything to do?” You remark.

“Look, I just wanted out of there. I’m up for anything.” She responds, bopping you on the head.

Anything, eh?

Oh grow up.


“I dunno. Race to the cafe? Whoever loses buys lunch.” You suggest.

“You’re on.” She smirks.

“Wings are allowed.” You say as you stretch yours a bit.

“On three?”

“On three.”


“Hiya!” A bubbly female voice suddenly interjects.

In less than a half second, a pair of blue eyes have appeared two feet in front of your own. The eyes are connected to a head covered in fluffy pink hair, and the head is connected to a body in a pink shirt and blue jeans. The surprise catches you by, well, surprise. You yelp, and rocket upwards, clinging to a tree limb and shaking momentarily. You look down to see the two girls facing you. Rainbow is clutching her gut as she rolls around on the ground and laughs, and the other is waving while giggling a bit. You roll your eyes, and let go of the branch. You look at them both with an annoyed look of disapproval, but it has no effect. Rainbow is still laughing her head off, and the other is still smiling.

“Hi Pinkie.” You say.

“Hi! Whatcha doin?” She replies.

“Cutting math and going to get some food.” You say, rather bluntly.

“Neat!" She exclaims, turning to her friend.

You look down at Rainbow, who is finally regaining her composure. The two of them talk for a few minutes, and then Pinkie skips off.

Rainbow looks directly at you, “THREE!”

With that, she tears off towards the nearest food source. After taking a moment to figure out what just happened, you take off after her. You quite literally take off as you begin pumping your wings and fly after her at top speed. You wave as you pass the winged girl who thought she could beat you by running. Within ten seconds, she blasts past you. Maybe allowing for flight wasn’t the best idea in retrospect. Rainbow has exceptional speed both on land and in the air, as you have clearly seen demonstrated yet again. You pump your wings harder, accelerating to your maximum speed. It’s still nowhere close to the speed she can fly at, and you know she’s fully aware of that. She looks back at you, and sticks her tongue out in a childish declaration of victory, just as she slams into a tree and thuds to the ground.

“Ow.” Is all she can say.

Now it’s your turn to laugh. You burst into a laughing fit for the better part of five minutes, much as she had not too long ago. She pulls herself to her feet, and rolls her eyes as you carry on giggling like a young schoolgirl.

“Done yet?” She sighs.

“Yeah. Heh. I’m done.” You reply, letting out the last couple of chuckles.

“Good.” She says as she flares her wings to take off.

“How about no wings.” You say.

“Why?” She replies.

“Because it’s not too fair going up against the fastest flyer in Equestria.” You explain.

“Alright. I’ll just beat you on foot.” She grins.


The two of you take off running. Now it’s become a slightly more even match. You can maintain good foot speed, but Rainbow can as well. It’s practically neck and neck for the next hundred or so yards. Sadly, today is not your day to taste the sweet taste of victory. You run out of steam just before reaching the finish. You find yourself walking up to a smug looking Rainbow Dash.

“Get your wallet out buddy, I’m starving.” She says, smirking.

“Yeah, yeah. Just don’t bankrupt me.” You reply.

“No promises.” She responds, holding the door.

You walk in, and aren’t too surprised to find the place empty. Whoever wasn’t in class was probably at work, and whoever wasn’t at work was likely in their room or somewhere else about campus . The cafe tends to remain empty between meal times, since there is no other real reason to come in.

“Whoa! People!” Exclaims one of two employees.

“Did you say something Lyra?” Comes a response.

“Yeah, we got customers.” Lyra explains.

“Well are you going to help them?” The other female's voice snips.

“Yeah yeah, don’t get your panties in a twist.” Lyra shoots back.


The girl that can be seen, Lyra, giggles and waves at you and Dash. She wears a bright green shirt and has hair striped in mint green and white.

“What’s up?” She asks.

“Nothing much. Just ditching class and grabbing food.” Dash says.

“You little rascal kids, you.” Lyra giggles.

“Says the freshman.” Dash quips.

Lyra rolls her eyes.

“Apply ice to the burned area.” You snip.

Dash chuckles, and suddenly snatches your wallet from your pocket.

“What’s the most expensive thing you’ve got?” She asks, immediately changing the topic.

“Hey!” You try and grab your wallet.

“I said no promises~.” She coos as she pulls it out of your reach.

“Dammit Dash.” You glare at her.

“Heh, just messin’ with ya.” She smiles, and you let your anger go.

How can I stay mad at that smile?

Easily, you pushover.

Piss off.


Shut up!


“What’ll you have?” Lyra asks.

“Everything you have!” Dash says as she thrusts your wallet at her.

“You’re kidding.” You say, facepalming.

Dash chuckles again, “Yeah yeah. Just give me...whatever. I’m good with anything.”

“Alright. One dead rat coming up!” Lyra says, smiling.

You laugh while Dash gives Lyra a death glare.

“Just get me a sandwich.” Dash grumbles.

“Make it two.” You say.

“Actually, make it six.” Dash says, smirking.

“Alright. Six sandwiches. Anything else?” Lyra asks, smiling.

You grab your wallet, “No.”

“Awwwwwwwwwww. You’re no fun.” The two say in unison.

While the two of them stare at each other, trying not to speak in unison again, the second voice pipes up again.

“Lyra, have you helped them yet?” She asks.

“Yep.” Say Lyra and Rainbow in unison once more.

“Okay, this is getting weird.” They say again.

“Stop talking while I am.” They manage to say together once more.

They begin staring at each other once more, not saying another word. The other female appears while Rainbow and Lyra have their staring contest. She rolls her eyes before she notices you. The girl is wearing a cream colored shirt. Her two tone hair is pink and dark blue, and she has light blue eyes that have taken a focus on you.

“Oh. Um, h-hi.” She says, suddenly sounding nervous.

Ooooh, this is gonna be painful.

For once we agree.

“Hi Bon Bon.” You smile at her, trying to be friendly.

It has been painfully obvious to many many people that Bon Bon has had a crush on you for over a year now. She isn’t very good at hiding it. In fact, she is absolutely terrible at hiding it. But hey, a halfway decent looking girl likes you. It’s not that bad, right? But in retrospect, is friendzoning her really fair? Maybe. At least you have a backup if things don’t work out with Dash, right? You lean on the counter while she starts trying to flirt with you.

“So, umm...you buying some food?” She asks, clearly trying to make small talk.

“Yep. That’s why I’m here.” You reply.

“Cool.” She says, nodding for no discernible reason.

“Yeah. So...how’s business?” You ask.

“Huh? Oh, it’s good.” She replies.

“Only good?”

“Yeah...it’s been kinda slow.”

“I could tell.”

She giggles, and you smile awkwardly.

Dear Celestia, this is so awkward that it hurts.

She turns around to help Lyra make your food, and you suddenly feel as if someone is staring hatefully at you. You look at Dash, but she seems normal. You look at Lyra, and wind up catching a glimpse of the angry look she was shooting your way. You look back and watch as Bon Bon purposely knocks something onto the floor. She bends over to pick it up.

Nice view, eh?

Damn straight.

“That’s not where her eyes are buddy.” Lyra says as she pours a water bottle out onto your head.

You bolt up and shake your head a few times before staring blankly at Lyra. You can hear Dash laughing in the background. Lyra glares at you once again before shoving the bag with your food into your hands. You notice that Bon Bon is struggling to contain her gigglefit and also blushing slightly, knowing you were just staring at her backside. It was a pretty obvious plan, after all.

“Have a nice day.” The toothpaste headed cashier hisses.

You begin to leave with Dash, but don’t make it to the door before a fork encased in a gold aura nearly grazes your head and stabs the wall. Lyra fired a warning shot, and you got the message loud and clear. Don’t talk to Bon Bon if Lyra is within two hundred yards, or else you’re a dead man.

You and Dash head outside and fly up to the roof of your dorms. There are maybe two or three others with wings milling about on the roof just because they can get up here; freshmen mostly. The two of you eat while carrying on a conversation about the Wonderbolts. You’re not entirely sure how it came up, but Dash knew how to maintain the topic. Her dream is to be a part of the ultra talented flying team, and she can gush about how awesome they are for hours on end. You know this well, as it was one of the first real conversations you had with her. Now that you think about it, you’re still not too sure how you became such good friends. You just talked about the Wonderbolts for three hours, found out you had a class together and BAM! Instant friendship: just add water. Maybe it had something to do with being across the hall from her room and just seeing her all the damn time. Maybe you're just over-exaggerating how you became friends. It doesn't really matter anyway, you're happy enough to have her as a friend at all. It keeps you from just being "That guy over there".

The two of you finish eating and head inside via Rainbow’s window. You take notice of the stetson sitting on one of the beds, and figure that Applejack, Rainbow’s roommate and best friend, either left it or is currently somewhere in the building. You hear Dash yawn, and look over to see her stretching her arms over her head.

“I’m gonna take a nap. See ya later tonight, maybe?” She asks.


Oh shut up.


“We’ll see. Just drop by whenever. You know where the key is.” You answer.

“Alright.” She smiles, and pushes you out of the door.

Typical Dash.

You head across the hall to your own room, and yawn. A nap does sound like a good idea right about now. You take the key to your room from its hiding place and unlock your room. As you push open the door, it seems to hit something that. You notice the edge of a suitcase poking out from behind the door, and are confused almost instantly. When did you get a roommate?

You push the door open the rest of the way, and slam it shut to announce your presence to whoever had just shown up here. The bed that once sat unoccupied on a far wall now had a duffle bag and two suitcase on it. Covering them slightly is a purple cape coated in silver and gold stars. On top of said cape sits a ridiculous looking wizard’s hat of the same color and design.

What kind of weirdo did I get?

Just as your mind finishes that thought, a girl steps out of the bathroom and stares straight at you. You look up, and lock eyes with her almost immediately.