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After reading a couple of fim fics that involved humanized ponies, staying at dorms and second person narrative, I've decided to make my own.

You have just been accepted into a prestigious college, Solar University, where you meet some new freinds and make new relationships.

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You just earned yourself a favorite and a like

Nice! Are you Spanish, or did you google that last thing? Also, saw 'severe' instead of 'serve'

Faved and liked

Nice job. Can't wait for updates also I saw a "witha"

2447420 no I'm not, what part are you referring to? I do live in Tejas so, I know some Spanish

2447420 Nevermind, I'm stupid, yes I googled it

Holy shit, 99 views, I'm happy I posted this today, I'm going to have to update more than weekly

So, this story seems to be doing good, how bout following me :raritywink: but you don't have to if you don't want

This looks interesting...:trixieshiftright:
I shall be lurking. Meanwhile, you just earned yourself a favorite and a like :D

I wasn't really paying much attention to spelling/grammar mistakes, but,

Hey I'mpinikewhatsyournameyou'renewheresoamI,areyouexcitedbecauseIam

Pinike Pie is best human-pony.

damn .

" Hello there," she says.

What lovely yet unnecessary spaces right there :unsuresweetie:

She was a very tall individual that had blue, green, and pink hair. She spoke witha motherly voice.

First extra spaces, then lack of spaces. :rainbowlaugh: Interesting.

That's all I could find, so good job at that. :P

hope the admins don't go full homo again.

2448922 much appreciated, and thank you for lurking:pinkiesmile:

I love how this story is going so far! I like the twist of the main protagonist actually liking Pinkie in the beginning instead of staying away from her. Excellent work on this! I look forward to seeing more!

I really love these university school college fics but don't you think no bullying is like an obvious rule.
BESIDES almost all the university school college fics around here state there's a no bullying rule, it feels like you're copying them (Not saying that you do but it just feels that way. With the no bullying and all).
Wouldn't mind it being Rainbow as the protagonist as I understand that she has the most human-like personality and easiest to write about though it would be nice to see a change.
Sorry it's just I read a lot of stories like this one and can't help but always notice the 'no bullying' thing...

2450084valid point, something that I didn't keep in mind. Thank you for pointing that out. I have read other fanfics that were similar to this and thought that I had to put it in my story, because I thought it as necessary. I could change it to a given rule that everyone knows and replace the "no bullying rule.". If others take notice to it as well, I will change it. Until then it stays.
Sorry, no hard feelings, loves and kisses, Earl Grey, Viva la Revolucion!

2448240 You're not stupid, you can write :D. Also, if you are stupid, you are implying that at least five thousand million people are stupid for not knowing Spanish... I don't think you want to do that...

2450634 I was referring to not being able to notice what part you were pointing out. But thank you for saying that I'm not stupid:raritywink:

2451919 thank you for your input

Celeste Celestia?



I wouldn't mind waiting a week for a chapter.

Ur fanfic is going great so far and I like the shorter frequent chapters better. I like the fact that the guy sleeps in the girls dorm xD.

2453338 is something wrong my friend


nah. just kinda odd

also, shorter more frequent chapters please?

well the story is doing good so far, i wouldnt mind wait a week for a longer chapter.
and that guy is sleeping in the girls room .. with the girl he likes for roommate. You lucky bastard!!!

Viva la Revolución aquí también!!!!
ps:Yeah i actually speak spanish

2453747 Bien. Hablo ingles pero no me gusta verga.

2454500 y porque no? es útil. y cuidado que después los que no entienden se cabrean y nos mandan a la mierda así como: Speak fucking english you two. o algo asi:twilightoops:

2454564 question, do you see a pink picture next to my comments?

2454585 if you meen the profile image, what i see its fluttershy with a "deal with it" face. if you meen another image them no i don't

2454640 thank goodness, because this same picture is all over my comments on my page

2454691 really? weird. but it looks like only you can see it so its not a problem

2454716 I'm calling it a night, got the title of the next chapter

2454723 sure dude, seeya tomorrow i guess:raritywink:

2454564 Hablad inglés, vosotros dos, joder XD

2454723 Why is the main character such a pervert? Wait, thats me... So... What?

Wait some more... If Flutters has her own chamber, and all the others are in pairs... Another one is on her own, so... Trollestia...
This is going to end weird, isn't it?

ofcourse applejack has a bat:rainbowlaugh:

2454982 did you traslate that or you speak spanish?

and yeah i think its gonna end very weird ... and we are going to love it:trollestia:

2456474 I do not just speak spanish... I am Spanish! Huzzah!

2456566 Literally. IYKWIM

2456584 Giggity, just kidding, no clop!

2456707 ... If you manage to end this "immaturely" (with some sense) you will earn my eternal respect

2456832 of course it might be difficult. noone can make a college story without sex or in theory very provocative scenes:twilightblush:.

2457273 Exactly, I'm just having problems writing the third chapter. Might be hard for me to post a new chapter by midnight

2457353 well, if you need help with anything, not that i'm good with stories but i have some good idea with time:pinkiehappy:

2457273 He said no-clop! How? Only time will tell (His story will also tell)
College + no clop = Eternal Respect

2457510 this guy is living with in the girls room with the shy girl everyones love and in college!!! and 0 clop!!! i dont think its posible but who knows.

and now speaking of your math i have something to say:

EH= Cp + F x (C / [G x 6]) / %SCS

EH:Eternal happiness
SCS:Some complex story

2457582 If you want clop, you're going to have to write it yourself. Of course I would like you to ask permission first.:raritywink:

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