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Dusk Melody

I am nothing


This story is a sequel to Accidents

Thirty years have passed.

Applejack and Fluttershy's twin fillies are grown mares. For twenty five years they have hated each other.
Apple Honey is the captain of the Manehatten Sharks, and has lead her team to victory after victory.
Cloud Blossom lives in Canterlot, her natural skill with sculpting has secured her name in Equestria's art galleries.
Both mares are rich and famous in their respective fields. Neither has seen the other in fifteen years. Both sacrificed a lot to get where they are today. Maybe too much.
When tragedy strikes the family, can the sisters finally put aside their differences, or do some wounds run too deep to heal?

contains AppleShy and TwiDash

thanks to Zervon Tora & WildfireRose for their awesome pre-reading skills and ideas

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You have my attention. Ready for more...

5406168 chapter two will be from Apple Honeys PoV, it'll be up soon :)

If anyone doesn't like my story, could you comment letting me know what you didn't like?

If you don't mind, can you leave a comment if you did like it so I know what I did right?

Thanks my lovelies, enjoy the story!

This one shows great promise. I wonder what could've happened.

5408951 to make the sisters hate each other or what happened in Ponyville?

5409031 What happened in Ponyville.

I like how you made Vocal sound, especially with the spot-on part where he notices... that one thing. Lovely chapter, some errors here and there with punctuation/capitalization, but still nice chapter.

Lots of little grammar errors that could be fixed easily. One that jumped out in particular was multiple uses of 'fir' when it should have been 'for'.

5417530 silly iPad autocorrect. Sorry!

interesting. tracking!

Interesting continuation of a bittersweet love-and-death story.
Could ones overcome the siblings' jealousy facing the dire circumstances?

Might be interesting!

Aaah!! Need MOAR :flutterrage: I need the next chapter! I... I don't think I can wait.... :fluttercry:

Side note: this is really good, I loved the first story, and this one is already doing just as well, so, I GUESS I can wait... But I won't be happy about it... :derpytongue2:

5482027 I apologise for the wait, chapter three will be up soon, I'm just working on 'what have we become' right now, abd thn I'll turn my attention back to this. :scootangel:

I know, I shouldnt have more than one fic on the go at once :twilightsmile:

5482899 HA! That's funny, cuz I've got two fics I'm working on and I ain't even got a single story posted, I'm like a month behind where I planned :derpytongue2:
Take all the time ya need, though I don't like reading incomplete stories, this is indeed an exeption, and I commend you for your awesomeness, you are 20% cooler, Rainbow Dash agrees :rainbowwild:

Oh wow, I really hope they can work things out. Awesome story! :pinkiehappy:

Another aeesome chappie! Can't wait to see the reunion.:scootangel:

Hopefully Cloud isn't going to quickly forgive, being beaten and abused by somebody for the longest time isn't going to allow for one to forgive an abuser.

5610548 don't worry Cloud Blossom will make her feelings known in the next chapter :trixieshiftleft:

5610548 from what I've seen in stories like this, she probably will

Really good... BUT I WANT MOAR :flutterrage:
... Yeah...

The first step to solve a problem is to know you have a problem.

More back story needed!

I like how you sequenced the flashbacks. the interplay was seamless. Good to see that the make or break moment will be without the rest of the family.

5616263 unusual to get a comment from you my friend!

There will be more back story in the next chapter. It was a conscious thing to have them alone on the station when they met, I didn't want any outside influence regarding any possible reconciliation.

5628854 Yep :twilightsmile: it's all starting to come together :pinkiecrazy:

awesome chapter, i'm still concerned about why they were needed in ponyville. I hope everything is okay with AJ and Shy

5629629 oh yeah! Haven't got around to that yet have we?

I am really enjoying this. I quite like it when someone really builds on a character, especially this well. It makes the emotions that a reader feels through reading it more genuine. The end of this chapter, specifically how they are actually trying to get along (and seemingly succeeding), especially made my heart swell with emotion, and I dare say that they were quite strong, enough so that maybe, possible, there was a slight chance that one lone tear could have somehow forced its way out of my eye, but I'm not saying that its the definite truth. What I am saying is that you have definitely got a way with words, and your character development is superb. I almost envy your abilities :rainbowwild: Almost, cuz, ya know, envy is poisonous :pinkiesick:

I also have a sneaking suspicion as to why they were both called here, but I shan't say it, cuz if I'm right, spoilers, and if I'm wrong, well that's just embarrassing :derpytongue2:

I await the next chapter with eagerness, continue on with your amazing work, and have a moustache :moustache:

“Not straight away. Took us a month or three, physio therapy for him, psychiatric for me. But yeah, we worked it out. Almost cost me my place on the Manehatten team, would’ve done too if the shrink hadn’t stepped in for me, said ah was ‘reasonably provoked’.”

Reasonably provoked...Into beating two people into the hospital, and one into Intensive care... Yeah cheating and all, but there's no justification for that there.

She really is mental.

Tartarus hath no fury like a mentally ill mare scorned

Well, simply put, this is still awesome. Still very well written.
Have a few more of these, unless I haven't given you any, in which case I say, have a few mustaches! :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

5800752 you have given me a moustache before, but this is my first time getting five in a row, thanks!

As I've said before, this is awesome! Just keeps getting better and better.

Very nice work! Can't wait to see what comes of it in future chapters! :twilightsmile:

5881637 thanks! getting very near the crux of this story, not long to go now



And so I'm off... :yay::ajsmug:

More please! Oh god, what a horrible cliffhanger! :fluttercry:

5955883 it's finally completed. :twilightsmile: enjoy :yay:

I just knew you'd deliver an awesome ending to this. Great job Dusk. I can't begin to thank you for bringing Rosie to life and an excellent job at that. You didn't need to thank me up there, but I do appreciate it :pinkiesmile: I know I'm going to need a ton of help with Wildfire Rose's back story, and you're just the person to guide me. Wonderful story once again!

Well would you look at that, not the ending I was expecting... Awesome! :twilightsmile: I feel like the end was anti-climactic :facehoof: , but at the same time, it was really sweet and heartwarming, and I think that kinda makes up for slightly-less-than-adequate reason for the suspense of the ending :pinkiehappy: Granted, I imagine skin cancer is awfully terrible, but she ain't dyin'. All together, great story, loved it, and kinda sad to see that it's over :fluttercry: Definitely one of my favorite fanfics of all time. :moustache:

5957017 and who says its over? :pinkiegasp: there is plenty more story to tell. stay tuned for sequels, many sequels :twilightsmile: will cloud and rose's date be a success? :raritywink: will they live happy ever after? :scootangel: will the manehatten sharks continue to rule the rugby leagues? :rainbowderp: how will AJ's surgery go? :ajsmug:

this story is far from done :fluttershyouch:

5957114 The possible sequels are not THIS story. THEREFORE! my statement still stands correct, for THIS story is over, even if it continues in another story, HA!... :derpytongue2:

5957124 :facehoof: you make a very good point :moustache:

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This story was well written and well described amazing job

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